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Announcing Fuller Wallet Media Podcast

FWM 1 | Fuller Wallet Media PodcastWelcome to the Fuller Wallet Media Podcast with hosts Julie Houston & Gem Rinehart. Join them in this special first episode as they share their mission and purpose behind the podcast. They give sneak peeks on what you should anticipate in future episodes from topics to guests. Before that, get to know your hosts and get valuable advice as they share their own stories as well. Stay tuned!

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Announcing Fuller Wallet Media Podcast

I’m Julie Houston, the Founder of Fuller Wallet Media. I’m excited to announce that we now have a show, Fuller Wallet Media Podcast. I’m going to be co-hosting with my co-host, Gem Rinehart. Gem, give some background about your history and your experience.

To be honest, I am completely new in this space as a whole. Real estate and marketing are new to me. I come from collection and sales management for several years. Improving the bottom line is what I’m most familiar with. With the pandemic, I know a lot of companies closed down and people lost their jobs. It affected everyone. I was one of those people. With that being said, I was lucky enough to have a connection with Julie and started working with her. Getting into this space is so new to me but everything is so interesting. I love learning. I’m loving the space as a whole.

Let’s talk about how much you’ve learned in a short period or leaps and bounds.

The list goes on and on. I’m learning about real estate, how many types of real estate there are, wholesaling, lease options, and fix and flips. It continues to blow my mind every day. I love it. Honestly, there’s no other way to explain that.

FWM 1 | Fuller Wallet Media Podcast
Fuller Wallet Media Podcast: Regardless of what area or what chapter you’re in, in your life, this can completely change where you are currently.

It can literally change your life by surrounding yourself with the right people.

I was communicating that. I had somebody come over to give me an estimate on windows. These windows that I have are from 1978, so everybody can hear it and I can hear out. I’m like, “I need some windows.” Personalizing our conversation, it didn’t feel so awkward. He wanted to know my story a little bit. I gave him my insight into what I’m doing, where I came from, and the company that I had given all my loyalty to on nights, days, weekends, whatever the season. I was there. Long story short, the relationship with that company ended. Everything happens for a reason. I’m a strong believer in that.

The next chapter led me here with Julie Houston, with whom I’m extremely blessed. Explaining that, I love the space that I’m in because everybody is so positive. They are looking at, “We have an obstacle. Everybody is coming together. Let’s figure out solutions and ideas.” It’s like, “Yes.” You crave that. There are so many problems in the world. We don’t hear enough solutions. Being in a space where you are surrounded by people who are coming up with nothing but ideas, with solutions to the problems at work that work.

You hit the nail on the head solution, which is why that’s a sidetrack. I love what you shared because you are right in the direction of what Fuller Wallet Media is about. We want to bring the best and top business professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, multiple avenues, and niches of actual experts on our show who’s sharing, what’s working, and what’s not working. We are literally going to be raw, candid, and pull back the curtains.

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This show is going to be a candid show for everybody and all professionals and beginners that want to own their own business, or don’t know where to get started or how to even market. You could listen to one thing, one person says, and it could change the whole trajectory of your life. One thing, that’s all it takes.

I’m excited to even be part of this. Regardless of what area or chapter you are in your life, this can completely change where you are. Somebody familiar with owning your own company, who’s already an entrepreneur, or somebody who’s getting their toes or feet wet a little bit and you don’t know which way to go, this is so exciting to be part of. It’s given me a wide range but pivoting at the same time. As you said, 1 little nugget and 1 little is all most people need.

I’m going, to be honest. I watched one little motivational video that was a fitness video. I hired a trainer that’s training me. They are incredible. The company is Life Renu. The training is exceptional. These trainers are the real deal. Aside from that, though, I share this to say, I watched one video and it was maybe a 10, 12-second video. It literally changed the way I wake up in the morning and start my day. This one little video was the one thing I needed to hear and see to know, “I could do this.” It motivates me. I watched that video every day.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t but I do. I’m going to give a shot out my trainers, Jackie. Sarah Fawcett is the Owner of the company. Her videos are so motivating. I highly recommend you check them out, so as not to go off track from Fuller Wallet. One video changed how I wake up and start my day. I get out of bed and the first thing I do is drink my water, take my supplements, get out to my gym, and start my day. I feel tons better. That’s one area in my life I’m focusing on now my health and my fitness.

FWM 1 | Fuller Wallet Media Podcast
Fuller Wallet Media Podcast: It doesn’t hurt to always educate yourself a little bit more. every day. The more we can educate ourselves, the more we grow.

With that being said, sometimes people don’t know how to take that next step. Health, fitness, meditation, becoming one with yourself, not trying to take away from Fuller Wallet at all. It’s something that I have been wanting to focus on too but I’m like, “Where do I start? How do I start?” Every relationship that we have and everybody that we are going to be interviewing with that could be that one thing, that one step that you didn’t know how to take. They are showing you, educating you, and opening up to provide you with that one thing that you need. That’s why I’m super excited about this.

I am too. We have some great guests already in the pipeline. I’m excited about that. We are going to have some great diversity on the show. We are super excited about the guest lineup we already have to get it going. Keep an eye out for our upcoming episodes because it’s about to get raw and candid. You might learn something that could change your life.

Bringing it back from the beginning, it doesn’t matter where you are in your life or what walk of life you came from. Most of us started from the bottom or are still at the bottom. This could help anybody and everybody that’s what makes me so excited. I’m excited, not because I’m going to be able to be involved in this but because how many people this is going to affect is what I’m super happy, eager, and excited for.

Let me tell you something. My background isn’t the best. I don’t have a normal growing-up childhood story. I had to do a lot on my own. I lived in my car at one point and got my food at the food bank. I’ve come leaps and bounds from reading a lot of books, listening to interviews, and following certain people. It opened me up to a whole new world that made me realize, “I can do whatever I put my mind to,” whether it’s investing in fitness, Bitcoin, whatever your thing is if it’s knitting blankets for babies. You can do anything you want to do and you can be successful at it. That’s what we hope to bring with our show.

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I feel most people these days, it’s like wake up, work, and that’s okay. At some point, you want to take control of your life and be your boss. You tell yourself how far you are going to go.

To be able to pay your bills or have some extra money. The cost of living has gone up a lot. It doesn’t hurt to learn new things and always have a backup too. I’ve taught my son that. My son has helped with the real estate business. He knows how to get on the phone or walk the houses. He has something he can learn as a backup. He wants to be a lawyer and go to law school. If that doesn’t work out or something happens, he always has something to fall back on. It doesn’t hurt to always educate yourself a little bit more every day. The more we can educate ourselves, the more we grow.

Investing in yourself is the biggest thing. I feel now is the best time to take that action and take control. There’s no better time than literally now. This is the day, the age, and the time that takes control. I came across a saying it says, “The most successful people have libraries.” I want to say exactly how it said it. I’m probably not going to be on it all the way but it says, “The most successful people have libraries or millionaires have libraries but the people who struggle have big-screen TVs.” It’s like, “What are you going to invest your time? What are you going to invest your money in? Is it going to be you?”

Is it going to be that TV? The problem is we all have the same amount of time and opportunity. It’s taking that first step. We are going to get into that more with the guests that we have coming up on our show. We’ve given it a little bit of a sneak peek of what’s to come. Do you have anything else to add, Gem? What are you thinking?

I am so ready to help get connected with these people and help people learn and see the opportunities that they have. That is what I’m totally for.

That’s our goal. We want to bring as much value as possible to our readers. That’s definitely the plan with the Fuller Wallet Media. Keep an eye out for the next upcoming episode. This was our little sneak peek release. Gem, any other words for everyone?

Obviously, for our next episodes, I’m so super excited and can’t wait.

Me too. We will talk soon. Make sure you follow our YouTube channel. See you soon. 

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