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Branding Your Business Online And PLAN For 2023 With Connor Steinbrook

FWM 21 | YouTube Marketing

In this digital age, physical flyers and postcards don’t mean anything against digital content. Combining audio and visual materials gains the most engagement nowadays, making YouTube marketing a crucial factor in brand building today. Julie Houston and Gem Rinehart explore this strategy with Connor Steinbrook, who built his real estate business around YouTube. Connor explains how to establish credibility and get the attention of your target audience through well-crafted video content. He also discusses the power of repetition in personal development, creating healthy habits that ultimately lead to a successful mindset.



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Branding Your Business Online And PLAN For 2023 With Connor Steinbrook


We have our special guest, Connor Steinbrook. We are blessed to have you on our show. A lot of our readers might not know who you are. Let us know who you are and what you’re into.


What I’m most known for would be our organization. I’m in the top 40 ranked eXp Realty influencers in our company. I’m known for Wolfpack Organization. It’s an over 2,200-agent real estate organization that’s spanning almost every American state and Canadian province in multiple countries around the world. I’m on the agent side of the business. I run the largest organizations that come from the company.


eXp Realty is the brokerage. On the investing side of the business, I came up in investing space first. I was a full-time real estate investor for about 6, going on 7 years before I got my real estate license. I came up with wholesaling houses, flipping houses, buying rental properties, creating notes, and owner financing space. I did mobile home deals and land deals. I did a lot in the single-family space.


At the beginning of my business, my story didn’t go well. I went $100,000 in debt. I made a bunch of bad mistakes. I rented some contractors who stole from me. Partners stole from me. I have a bunch of marketing mistakes and educational mistakes. I cracked the code for internet marketing. I want young entrepreneurs to understand is you can build businesses with your work ethic, personal initiative, and time efforts, not your dollar efforts because of technology.


I was $100,000 in debt. I ran out of money. I was sweeping floors from minimum wage to keep my websites up. I was building YouTube channels by watching YouTube for free. I was taking those YouTube channels and linking them to the backside of my websites that I was building out for free, and I was watching how to build WordPress websites on YouTube, to give you guys an idea of how powerful YouTube is.


I was linking those YouTube channels to my websites and it built the number one house acquisition website in North Texas. That’s when I started doing a bunch of deals. I created my YouTube channel, Investor Army, which is pretty much a channel on overall real estate investing pretty much start to finish, and all the exit strategies. That channel took off and became the biggest real estate investing channel in Texas. That was how most people knew me.


That channel is what put me into the national, international footprint when I joined eXp Realty, where I had a big umbrella network across the country that everybody started pouring into work with us. That’s a roundabout of what I do. On the investing side, I got Investor Army. On the agent side of the business, I’m doing eXp Realty and Wolfpack Organization.


It’s so much to digest, to be honest. You’ve done a lot. Let’s start from square one. I know you said you started in real estate, but before that, what were you doing? What initially even sparked your interest to get into real estate at all?


I had a weird path in life when I looked back at other people’s life trajectories. I started out normal. I went off to college in 2003 and I was getting a Business Marketing degree. I’m out of Dallas, Texas. I went to the University of Oklahoma and I was getting a Marketing degree. I ended up majoring in online poker because when I was a freshman in college, a similar thing that’s happening with my real estate brokerage with the eXp, which is the technology built to the metaverse and eliminated brick and mortar. The online poker world did the same thing.


Casinos used to have poker but time intensive way to do it, meaning moving the chips around and dealing the cards around. It was a slow game. When they put poker on the internet, it accelerated the rate at which you could play a hand. I had a not traditional background when it came up when I looked at other people, the way they came up in their life, and the path they took.


When I went off to college in 2003, I was out of Dallas, Texas, so I went North a little bit to the University of Oklahoma. I was getting a Business Marketing degree. A weird thing that happened at that time was technology infused into a brick-and-mortar business model, similar to how we grow our eXp Realty brokerage.


The online poker world happened. It used to be that when you play poker in a live setting, it was time intensive. You could maybe play 200 hands in an eight-hour day. It’s slow to get cards and get the chips in. When online poker happened, I was a freshman in college. There was a guy named Chris Moneymaker. He was an accountant out of Tennessee. He put $40 into a website if I remember the story correctly. He won a satellite tournament into the big main event and then he won the big main event tournament and made $2 million plus.


Every college kid in America’s head exploded. I said, “I got $40 from my mom this month. I can put it into a poker site and maybe turn it into a fortune.” That’s what I did. I took small amounts of money, $20 here and there. I was putting them into these poker sites playing for pennies, tens of dollars, then hundreds of dollars, then thousands. I worked my way up to the top of the online poker world.


For eight years, I was a professional online poker player. I played poker for a living. I was one of the top online poker players on the internet. On April 15th, 2011, there was a day called Black Friday. If you look at the internet, it was a day when the US government had regulation issues on how they were tracking these websites or how they were taxing and regulating them. They shut them down overnight and I lost everything.


That’s what led me back home with my parents. I gambled off all my money. I made some bad decisions. I should never come to the Blackjack table and the crafts table. If you guys are in a bad spot emotionally, don’t go to the casino because it doesn’t make it better. It makes it worse. I moved back home with my parents. It was not a good experience. I spent two years playing for me and waiting for online poker to come back the way it was. This was a tough time in my life.


At the moment, this was the worst moment of my life. Looking back in hindsight, it’s the biggest blessing that was given to me because this was a moment where I found myself where it got bad. I was almost to the point of suicide. That’s how bad it was. I lost my entire identity. My entire world disappeared. I went from having a great life to nothing and no other way of creating an income. I was lost at this moment. I was like, “What I’m doing right now is not working. I need to do something radically different in my life to change.”


That’s when I started looking into other people’s backgrounds. What are people doing to create wealth? I started going on the internet and going down self-development. I came across Napoleon Hill and Think and Grow Rich. I came across Napoleon’s old black-and-white recordings. That led me to Earl Nightingale, Bob Proctor, Jim Rohn, and Les Brown. I went heavy into self-development. As I was going down the path of self-development, I was learning from a lot of great thought leaders.


I was also reading great business books, traditional books like Rich Dad Poor Dad, and other books that are good fundamental business books. That’s when I came across the understanding of residual income. Even though I had a great life before, I had one income stream. It was an active income, meaning I had to trade my time to create that income. I said, “This is not working because if I was tired, sick, or didn’t feel well or I was losing, it would impact my income and also as all on my shoulders.”


FWM 21 | YouTube Marketing
Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!


What I realized was that the mistake I made was that I had one income stream, so I’ll never have one income stream again. The second thing is that I was doing it all on my own, meaning all the risk, stress, emotion, time, and effort was on me. I said, “I’ll have some component of duplication in my life going forward, employees, teams of agents, multiple rentals, multiple YouTube videos.” I started learning about leverage and duplication, other people’s money at this time. I realized that the way that you create wealth is not through active income, meaning time-traded income is created through equity models, and residual income models, meaning equity.


If you buy a stock and it triples, you don’t put any time in to make it grow. It expanded without time allocated to make it grow. Same thing with rental property. Buy a rental probably several years ago. Did it grow? I realized that wealth is created through equity and that you have to have as many equity positions as you can because it can expand without your time expanding it. That makes sense. It increases the lifespan you have in this world and the amount of time you have in a day because you’re not trading your time to grow the equity position like you with an active income.


The next thing was I wanted to build residual income because as I was going through this educational process, I realized that if I build a residual income that’s already coming in month to month, I only have to build it once and I have my time freedom and my money freedom. That’s when I was looking at all the different things I could do. At the time, the best thing in my mind was that I wanted to go buy rental properties. I was watching those flipping TV shows, flipping houses. I wanted to flip houses, but that wasn’t my goal. I wanted my freedom and residual income I wanted to be able to go to the store, shop, and not have to worry about looking at price tags. I wanted to have a great income, but I didn’t need everything.


I just wanted the pain and stress to go away and to have a life that I could live in comfort. I figured it out after that. That’s what led me to the path of real estate. The thing I did was I got sucked in one night to one of those infomercials and into one of the stage gurus. I put up $35,000. I went to three events and got hit by the big one. I put up all the money. I didn’t do well with a lot of things they were teaching me. A lot of stuff was stuff that I probably wouldn’t do now. I thought a lot of that was outdated. I made a lot of mistakes. That’s how I started getting into debt a little bit. I put up too much money for education.


The second thing was that I started doing lead duration strategies that cost money, not time. That was one of the biggest mistakes I made early in my career in business. I should have been doing more strategies that generate leads off time efforts and not dollar efforts because that’s what put me negatively going backward. I should have started out with social media networking and things like that.


That’s how it all played out. I went to the educational school and then I realized that since I had no money, the only way I could educate myself now was to do it through YouTube. That’s when I started watching all these old channels with Sean Terry, Cody Sperber, John Cochran, and a lot of these old channels that were already off the ground when I was starting out.


I was watching those channels and they were so normal to me. They’re normal guys like myself. They were successful. They weren’t some big stage gurus or someone on camera. It was just on YouTube, which is a lot different now. That made me understand that I can do this, too. That’s what led me down the path of getting on YouTube.


That’s when YouTube took off for me. That’s what brought all this podcast and things like this that we’re doing here. That’s how it all happened. Background of poker, where government regulation led me to want to build residual income and real estate investing was the way that I saw was the fastest way to do that first. I had all the headaches and hiccups along the way.


How did you build your real estate business with YouTube?


Lots of different ways. For one, YouTube creates attention. YouTube is going to be a marketing channel for you. It’s the same thing you’re doing with a traditional postcard. “What are they doing right here? This is the postcard. They’re trying to catch my attention.” What is the video doing? We’re trying to catch people’s attention. The reason why I gravitate towards YouTube for marketing purposes is because of the communication conversion.


There are three different ways that we communicate. It’s going to be the body language communication, what we’re doing with our body or facial mannerisms, and how we do things as we move around. We have the tonality of the words that we say, the actual motion behind the words we’re saying. You can get the same script to someone, the exact same words, but it’s going to be delivered differently.


Let’s say you had a clone. Two of you had the same movie role, but only one of you got the movie. You had the exact same script. The difference is who delivers it with the best body language and the most emotion and the strongest tonality in their voice. When you’re in communication, it’s a transfer of energy and belief to someone, not words that they’re hearing. When people leave a conversation that’s successful for sales is because they remember how you made them feel, not what you made and what you said.


Communication is a transfer of energy and belief to someone, not the words they are hearing. People who leave a successful sale conversation remember how you made them feel, not what you said. Share on X


The last part is the script, the actual words being said. Traditional marketing works, but there’s no nonverbal body language communication and there’s zero tonality in this. There’s no emotion. If you are a great closer, you’re great in sales, and you’re great at communication and the ability to influence people, why take your powers away and start marketing to people through static posts on the internet, billboards, and things like that?


I’m always a believer in trying to do things on video or at least on audio form communication so that they can hear the conviction of the voice of myself or my agents, whoever’s trying to talk to or sell to or whatever business we’re in. The other thing it does is it creates a credibility side of the business for conversion rates.


Let’s say we’re going up against the same homeowner and once again, I have a clone and every single thing is the same. The only difference is that one of us has a big YouTube channel on the internet and the other one has no YouTube channel and no website. What are they going to do? They’re going to go on the internet. They’re going to find out that clone one has a big YouTube channel. They can look into me, see if I’m a felon or a bad person, or come off cross shady.


The other one has nothing to be found on the internet. What are you going to do as someone who’s trusting the biggest transaction of your life with someone that’s already a stranger to you? You’re going to go with the one that feels the least like a stranger to you, which is the one that has the biggest credibility position on the internet. When you’re on camera, what you guys need to understand is the psychological effect behind the scenes is the way that we grew up. We grew up with televisions. Most kids now with cellphones, video games, and things like that. I remember I was like 7, maybe 8 when Mario Brothers came out.


You had a cell phone. One of those big old bricks. Think about how much technology’s changed. We used to carry cell phones in briefcases and they went to big bricks and then we went to those ones that didn’t even flip open and then those ones that used to walk on the table, those key ones. The evolution of technology is changing rapidly. What people need to do is change their marketing strategies rapidly with it. By being on camera, the conversion effect is different than if I showed up to your house from a postcard, showed up from your house from a cold call, or something like that because you have the celebrity status for the rapport building leverage on them.


John Smith’s going to the property that sent him a postcard and here comes Connor because he is on YouTube or here comes Julie, whoever’s on YouTube. They’re seeing politicians, famous movie stars, and famous athletes. When we’re watching TV, when we put someone on TV, we’re putting them in a hierarchy position of credibility.


Anytime you have a microphone in front of you, if you’re on a magazine cover, if you’re on-stage speaking, if you have a podium in front of you, if you’re on camera, if you’re on YouTube, these are all things that you can increase your credibility. You may know Max Keller and some people that are doing books and stuff like that. That’s another credibility position. People are doing marketing. Instead of having postcards, they’re creating little pamphlet books and things like that so that they’re on the cover of the book or on the cover of magazines.


Increase your credibility by having a microphone in front of you, landing a magazine cover, speaking on a stage, or uploading your video on YouTube. Share on X


Once you guys start thinking about credibility conversion, YouTube is going to be a strong way of doing this. There are lots of different things that YouTube does, but it gives us the ability to target directly whom we’re trying to get in front of. Let’s say that I’m trying to buy a house from someone in foreclosure. I can go onto YouTube how they have a keyword search bar at the top and I’m going to stand in the shoes of the person I’m trying to get in front of. Let’s say it’s 2:00 in the morning and I’m trying to get in front of someone that’s going through bankruptcy. You’re going through a foreclosure. What would they type into YouTube? How to stop my foreclosure? Solutions for my foreclosure.


You’re standing in the shoes of whom you’re trying to get in front of if that makes sense. They’re going to type that in and YouTube is going to suggest ten different videos or a selection of videos. They’re going to show you what’s called an impression. It’s a combination of your thumbnail and your title. Let’s say one of those videos has 20,000 views on it. Those 20,000 views are an aggregate of the entire macro marketplace. That could be from Florida views, from California, or from the other side of the world. We don’t want to spend money on these types of leads.


We want to target the exact market that we’re trying to target. We can set up YouTube on these different platforms and different social media platforms. We can run ads or target a video like this so that only people in Dallas Fort Worth or the area where I’m trying to generate leads, which will show my advertising video if they click that video. Let’s say there are 20,000 views, if you click it and you live in Florida, you’re going to see a different video. If you click it in California, you’re going to see a different video. If you click it in Texas, where I set it for my DMA or my marketing area, you’ll see my video pop up.


Now I’m choosing whom I put my video in front of and I’m also filming it in a way where it’s the “I found you” feeling like it just happened. When they come across that video and you film it in a way, “This is Connor Steinbrook, I know you’re looking prior for a solution to your foreclosure issue. What I do is help you find the solution on your own. If not, I can give you a couple of solutions where I can help you fix your problem for you. If you want to have a conversation with me to show you how you can do it on your own, go to my website right there.”


You’re always trying to give them how to do it on their own because they’re never going to do it. That’s why they’re calling you because they don’t want to do it. That puts you in front of them if that makes sense. You’re now getting in front of the person who’s typing into YouTube, “I’m trying to stop my foreclosure.” Someone who’s trying to stop a foreclosure if you send a postcard may not actively be trying to get it. This is someone who’s taking the action to go to YouTube.


Magically, a video pops up as if it was made for them because it was made directly for them. It was made in a way that it stumbled up, it came up in front of them organically, but it’s supposed to be like, “This is a sign from the world that came in front of you.” You’re going to be able to target the people you’re trying to reach to the exact person, the exact avatar.


You’re going to have that credibility position and you’re not going to have all that rapport-building time where you’re at the property trying to go through that process. You’re going to save a lot of time, and a lot of money, and you can grow a lot faster, and scale a lot faster with that as much risk. You should be doing YouTube.


FWM 21 | YouTube Marketing
YouTube Marketing: You will not have that much rapport-building time when you’re at the property trying to go through the real estate process. You should be doing some form of YouTube content to save a lot of time and money.



He is a master at YouTube. He’s like a ninja.


So much information.


You can watch it on YouTube and rewind it. That’s the other benefit. I thought about that. Think about how many people are putting money into paid ads, radio ads, television commercials, or something like that. If you pay for a radio ad and you listen to someone like myself who talks quickly, guess what happens? If you didn’t write it down and you missed the number, how many times did that happen that you listened to a radio ad and you’re like, “What was that number? What was that website?”


It’s gone unless you hear that ad again. That’s expensive for them to run. Whereas if you come across a YouTube video, you can slow it down, rewind it, and watch it again. There are many benefits when you start digging down into marketing and looking at the relationship between dollars spent and time spent to get it out there and also the emotional stress of creating that marketing.


Everybody should be doing some type of video marketing. People should be thinking of video marketing and YouTube gets tied to video marketing as the most prominent platform if that makes sense. More it’s video marketing, being on camera, and having your face be seen. Let’s say I say the exact same words to Julie on a phone call, but then we do a conversation on Zoom where she can see me and I can see her.


We can see the conversation. We can see if one’s losing a train of thought in the conversation. We can see if one’s frustrated. We can see if one’s excited. It’s the difference in communication. You got to be on camera because if you can’t look someone in the eye, they can’t trust you. If they can’t trust you, they won’t buy from you or join you in an opportunity.


You’ve thrown many pieces of information out there. I hope our audience has been taking notes for sure. I’m digesting it all. I don’t have a pen and paper, but I do have the ability to replay this. I would be doing that.


If you don’t have a lot of money in your business, you think about things a lot differently because you don’t have money to waste. Now that I do, to be honest, I waste money in spots I probably shouldn’t have because if I make a mistake, I can eat that cost. As you grow faster, you start taking on more risks with your money to buy back your time.


In the beginning, you don’t have any money, so you take risks with your time. When you’re coming up, risk your time, not your money. When you flip over, invert that, and risk your money and not your time. For example, I had a video guy helping with something and he was trying to give me a pitch, “I don’t need you. Go for it. It’s $2,000 a month. Do it. I’ll look at it once it’s done.”


Instead of trying to research the company, look into them, and go through all that process and go back and forth on Zoom, I’m going to be more in for the expense of my time after we even get to the first one. I’d rather hire you and you show me what you have. If it doesn’t work, we move past. It’s like you want to go faster and do more things quicker when you have your money. People get what I’m saying. That’s the mentality you have as you scale your businesses. It will invert as you grow.


Why do you think that moving forward into 2023 is a requirement to use YouTube in your business marketing?


It’s interesting that you say that. I tell people it’s like a requirement for water in your body. Do you want to live in the next week? You need to drink water. The reason why I believe it’s a requirement is that you saw this happen in different historical patterns and ways of other introductions of technology and things like that over time.


Let’s look at websites. When I was first starting out in the business, I’d get calls from homeowners. They’d be like, “Where’s your website? Can I go check out your website?” I didn’t have a website. This is a similar thing to a social media follow or YouTube. At the time, it was almost identical. Let’s say I was a clone and I had a website that was driving people to it, and this other one was sending postcards with no website to drive to. It’s doing the exact same thing, but one had a place where the homeowner could go look me up on the internet.


We saw this happen years ago. In the beginning, it was $30,000, or $40,000 to put a custom website together. It would take forever and it’d be a nasty process. Over time, as more people realize you have to have a website, you started seeing more third-party companies come up to build websites. Now, who doesn’t have a website? Somebody at least has a Wix website. In the beginning, you stood out by having a website when nobody else did. Now everybody has a website. If you don’t have one, how are you doing that when you can get one relatively inexpensively?


That’s the same thing that’s going to happen with a YouTube channel, a personal brand, and a social media following in the next few years. If the homeowner goes on the internet, even if they liked you, even if they trust you, but they can’t find you out there on the internet and they can’t research you, you’re not going to have the same conversion rate.


FWM 21 | YouTube Marketing
YouTube Marketing: If a homeowner cannot find you online, you will not have the same conversion rate even if they liked you.



If you’d put the time in now, in the future, you have this built behind you when you get in those conversations. The ones they’re doing right now are the ones that are ahead of everybody and then everybody in the future is going to have it. The ones that don’t, they’re going to be out of business for the most part because where things are going to move towards is people are going to come home and they’re going to be like, “Siri, I need a real estate investor by my house,” or whatever it is.


They’re going to need to suggest one. Where do you think these suggestion platforms and recommendation platforms are going to pull information from? They’re going to go and pull it from the internet and the names that are having the highest keyword searches, meaning how many times your name is searched on the internet, and how many times your videos are watched. They’re going to pull this information. Everything’s coming from a digital search.


Most people are starting from the internet first when they’re looking at the house or when they’re looking for a house or an agent or an investor to work with. I’m not saying direct mail and things don’t work, but the more you move towards a digital footprint, not just for lead generation, but also the conversion for the credibility side, it’s the smartest thing for you to do long-term.


The reason why I say that it’s like water for your business is that if you don’t drink water for long enough, you’re going to die. If you do not do something like this, building credibility, and following through your personal brand and internet over a period of time, at some point in the future, it’s like not fueling your body with enough nutrients, food, and water, and your business could die. It is a harsh way of saying it, but it’s true. It needs to be said in a little bit of upfront and an abrupt way to get people outside of their denial that they need to do this.


It’s like my dad when he had his flip cell phone. He wouldn’t get an iPhone. He fought it forever. He had the same cellphone forever. It’s like, “Finally, I got it.” The same thing happened when the car came out. There were people that wouldn’t give up their horses. Finally, the last ones were like, “We’ll give up the horse,” unless you live in Fort Worth Texas. I saw a horseman at Burger King one-time years ago.


They still ride horses in Texas.


You’re going to see cyclical ways in the business of new trends and you want to get on the front edge of trends because that’s where the money is. You don’t want to be on the backside trend. If you’re always on the backside trend in which video marketing is moving from the front side to a middle ground where it’s mainstream now, you don’t want to be on this side. You at least want to be on the front side as the primary early adopter stage or in the middle, just not on the back side because that’s when it’s too late for that.


Technology is growing quickly and moving rapidly and you have to stay in tune with technology and marketing and how things are growing quickly. Every day, things are getting developed more quickly. That makes perfect sense to stay on top of it. You’re giving so much valuable information.


What you guys want to look for new opportunities is what’s called the echo effect. There’s an echo effect in multiple different ways. Ed Mylett talks about the actions you take now will show up in your life 60, 90, or 180 days later. Let’s say that I’m trying to get in shape and I’m going to eat the right things for the next several days. My body’s going to look different in the right way. If I eat the wrong things and I’m in good shape and I eat hamburgers and everything, in 60, 90 days, it’s going to show up later. I’m going to look not the right way. It’s going to be a lag of effect. There are a couple of other echo effects.


I have a video on my Connor Steinbrook channel. It’s got the thumbnail with Ed Mylett’s picture on it. Do you want to watch this? I give two other echo effects. The one I want to talk about here is that when you hear things in the marketplace like an echo, Uber, eXp, or Google when you’re at an event in Florida, but then you go to California, you hear something else, that is an echo effect of something that’s not familiar to the ear yet.


Let’s say it’s some type of a new click funnel. Anytime you start hearing this, you want to put your attention on the attention because that means that a lot of people are looking at this. You want to look at it aggressively. Not meaning you need to go aggressively to do it, but at least slow down to find out what’s the echo effect of what’s happening. That’s how you’re going to find new trends.


The other thing is if you guys have children, they are trendsetters. They are the ones that are constantly on the internet. They know every little thing. It’s also because adults don’t go to school. That’s work for some people. Kids go to school and all they do is talk to each other. All they do is any new social media app. They’re always bringing that information. Watch your kids and listen for the echo effect. It’s going to help you stay on the front edge of a lot of trends, at least with the digital stuff and internet stuff.


I’m guilty. I own a content marketing business. My son is in charge of all of the TikTok and manages all of it. He knows what he’s doing.


They’re experts on it. That’s why that generation’s going to make a fortune by learning digital marketing and going and finding the people that are 40, 50, 60, and up to have businesses that were built for technology to social media and doing it for them. That’s where I’d be focusing if I was younger like you, guys, if you’re coming up.


FWM 21 | YouTube Marketing
YouTube Marketing: The younger generation will make a fortune by learning digital marketing and doing the hard work for much older business owners.



Tinkering out social media that you grew up with, finding older business owners that did not grow up with the internet, that didn’t grow up at this traditional understanding of it, and then partnering with them and bringing a skill set that they can trade their money for because they’ve been in business for years, decades, and they’re successful, but they don’t have time to go learn this. When you understand time versus money and money versus time relationships, you understand how to increase sales and whom to go to talk to as far as an avatar of a person that’s going to be the most likely to work with you for your business model and also buy from you.


Even the younger kids, like my niece, are always on stuff on the internet. I’m always looking at what she is looking at and what they are looking at. I’ve got a couple of nieces. Are they on something more than something else? If there’s something that’s sucking them down the rabbit hole, it’s sucking their friends down the rabbit hole, and when all the kids are down the rabbit hole, kids have parents and then the parents notice and then the parents start talking. That’s how it all plays out. It’s a good way to stay in talk trends.


How could you leverage YouTube for real estate?


Lots of different ways. We went over a couple of them, but one thing you can do with paid strategies is the expensive repeat marketing or repetition marketing like a postcard that you’re going to mail out every month or every quarter. It’s the same expense. Whereas in digital marketing, you can run campaigns with retargeting where the repeat marketing campaigns are lower in expense.


You can do this with a postcard or something else, but it’s a lot more difficult. You’re not as likely to drive someone into an email list as you are from putting a video out and having someone go to this description link below and give a free five video minicourse or something like that where you can have getting people into an email list.


It’s not just the three-targeting system following up. You can call to action to drive people to Facebook groups or mastermind groups that you can have extended detention from based on one-touch marketing. You took the time to pay for 1 ad or 1 video that you put out. The ability to drive people into a much easier way to capture their data and information.


Julie’s an expert in funnels and getting people into email lists and things like that. It is a lot easier to do through video marketing than it is through traditional putting a flyer on someone’s door and hoping they opt into the email list. It’s not as likely that they came to your video. You’re going to have a lot easier ability to generate the traffic on the front end and then a lot more ways to take that traffic and put it into a way that you can continuously stay in front of that person for a lower expense over a longer period of time in the future.


FWM 21 | YouTube Marketing
YouTube Marketing: Digital marketing is a much easier way to capture your target market’s data and information. Use this to get people into your email lists instead of traditional methods like putting a flyer on their door.



You are the YouTube expert, that’s for sure. You have given so much information. Not only that, it’s inspiring because of where you’ve come from. Your hustle is strong. Where you came from and you climbed back up. Look at you now. That alone is an inspiration. I know for me for sure, but I’m positive it’s an inspiration for our readers and the people who are already working with you. I personally want to say thank you for your time and the knowledge that you’ve already given us in this short call.


I appreciate you guys having me on the show. It’s good for people to understand it. A lot of times, when I was coming up trying to become successful, I’d look at successful people from the outside. Unless you had some high-performance person from inside your life, like your parents were top business entrepreneurs, Olympians, or professional athletes, sometimes when you didn’t grow up with some high-performance person and close proximity that you saw it happen and realize they’re a normal person like you.


Sometimes we celebritize or dehumanize the people around us that we see in these big houses and the Lamborghini driving by. We look at them like, “How did they get there? Is it even possible for someone like myself who grew up in a normal middle-class family, and didn’t have a lot of money coming up? Did that person cheat? Did they get an opportunity from their wealthy parents? Did they have a lucky idea at one moment that came up and they invented something and it popped into their mind? They didn’t try 10,000 things like Thomas Edison.”


You’re starting to think about ways people around you that are doing better than you. Did they do it by getting lucky or doing it in a different way than you did? You can almost talk your way out of believing that it’s possible for a normal person to start from completely nothing and build something large. When you hear that story from someone like myself, not only that came from a normal upbringing that became successful, that helps but also, even more, the fall from grace to come back like a phoenix rising from the ashes.


People love the comeback story because many people right now, especially with the pandemic, are needing to come back. A lot of them lost their jobs. A lot of businesses were hurt. Many times, when people see a story that you tell where it’s from a starting point to an ending point like a movie, they find themselves in the story that you’re telling in the middle of the movie where they’re on rock bottom. That’s why people love movies too. They like the comeback. That’s the inspiration side for them. Also, the belief side is that if that guy can do it or she can do it, I was born in this world too, like them. I have a heart and mind. I’m a human like them. If they figure it out, I can figure it out too.

I want you guys to know that you can, but you’re going to have to work on yourself. You need to become more valuable to the marketplace. The way you become more valuable is you create skill sets. You learn to speak a second language, speed read, do digital marketing, and learn funnels. Think about a superhero or a video game character. I tell people, “If you drink a magic potion or powerful mushroom, you are gaining skill sets.” In business, you get paid for value, not time. In the job world, you get paid for the time. If I do a job, I get a check.


In business, you don’t make money unless you create value for the marketplace. If you’re not making money right now, it means your skill sets are not high enough. It means you do not have a big enough value for the marketplace that people want to work with you yet. You need to create value for yourself. You’ll do that by going through self-development.


Once you become valuable to the marketplace more than others, your replacement value is directly related to your income. Someone like Julie, who’s got many skillsets within the marketplace, is going to be hard to replace. How are you going to replace her? Finding someone that has that same skill in your business.


Once you become valuable to the marketplace more than others, your replacement value is directly related to your income. Share on X


Let’s say you’re going to hire someone or you’re going to do this yourself in your business. You either have to pay someone or learn it yourself. If you guys are struggling to make money right now, think about what skill you can do. Can you learn digital marketing? Can you learn to read faster? Think about that. The more value that you create in yourself, the more you’re going to get paid by the marketplace.


You’re reading my mind. Do you want a little secret? Should we tell him?


You tell him.


I’m writing a book about my journey. I’m completely the opposite of you. Not a normal family, but it’s called Less Than Zero. It starts from the beginning to where I’m at.


Your story is crucial in business. Why would someone listen to someone if they can’t resonate with their story? We have what’s called confirmation bias, meaning we’re going to confirm this narrative of how we see the world up until when we get limited information. You’ll get 1% or 2% of information and then you’re going to go apply it to whatever your life experience is.


I’m not political whatsoever, but for example, whatever Trump’s house got rated, the confirmation bias for both sides, because I have friends on both sides. I try to stay out. That drives me nuts. Anyways, one was, “He deserves it. I knew he was doing up to no good.” The other side was on the flip side, “They’re doing this for politics.”


It is whatever bias you have towards the world. You’re going to fill it and confirm that bias based on filling in that information. By seeing someone on stage that you don’t know their background, you’re going to confirm the bias of how you see the world. What if you are thinking, “They got lucky. They scammed someone. They cheated someone.” You’re going to put that attachment to that without knowing their story. You’re going to talk yourself out of your own efforts to become them because you don’t want to do it in the way that you thought they did it because you don’t know how they did it.


“I swept floors for years. I washed dishes. I struggled on my first business, almost made it, then it fell out, and then I had two children that set me back.” You hear people’s stories. Now you know whom you’re talking to. Now the connection comes from you to that person because you see their story and see yourself recreating their story. That’s why hearing people’s stories help. It gives you the ability to find where you are in their story, apply it, and try to make that comeback in your life. Also, a lot of self-development.


When people hear this, people understand this with their physical bodies. I don’t think they understand as much as their mental side of things, which is growth through repetition. We all understand that if we go to the gym, we do a lot of repetitions over a sustained amount of time, a year, or in the gym five days a week, our body’s going to change because we’re pushing against repetition and resistance.


On the mindset, you can grow your mind, your strength, and your skillsets like you can your body. If you’re constantly doing repetitions on education or on teaching yourself certain skillsets, you’re building your body but you’re building your mind, the six-pack of your mind you could say. A lot of young kids and a lot of people coming up in business give up after college because they don’t think they can become more. They’re like, “I’m not smart enough. I don’t know enough for this.” You can figure it out. You don’t know because you haven’t figured it out yet. That’s what you need to go and do. It’s not like, “I got a bad break in life.”


They don’t teach them that. Some people just settle.


I see this a lot more commonly when I became more successful and had a lot of younger kids coming up and talking. They don’t believe that they can do it. They don’t believe that if they put the effort in that they’re going to get there. They believe that where they are right now is the base of their intelligence and skillsets and that there’s no improving and bettering themselves, but they understand with their body.


You can say, “I can go to the gym over and over,” but what if you read books over and over on this skill set of communication? Do you think that in twelve months, you’re going to be a better communicator? If you’re a better communicator, do you think you’re going to get into more conversations and close more conversations? If you close more conversations, you have more conversations, do you think your income’s higher?


You need to start helping people understand that. You’re not where you need to be now to be the person that can have success tomorrow. You’re not that person right now. How do we get what we want in the future? We change our actions in the present. We do it in a radically different way through repetition. It’s whatever you want.


The only way to get what you want in the future is to change your actions in the present and do it in a radically different way through repetition. Share on X


If you want to be a baseball player, show up to the baseball field every day and swing a bat. If you want to be a golfer, show up to the golf range every single day and swing a golf club. If you want to be an entrepreneur, show up every single day. Put information through your mind, like hitting a golf ball of repetition on skill sets that people win in businesses that make millions of dollars a year. Feed yourself this type of information over and over and watch what happens over time.


You’re going to move towards the information that you process through your mind and apply it in the physical world, meaning what you’re doing in your business. It’s important because people don’t see that they can become better. That’s what personal self-development does for many people. For some people, it goes right over their heads, and for other people, it clicks and it becomes a lifelong pursuit of being the best we can be in all we can be in every year of our life.


I’m going to make a confession. I don’t know how we came up with this random ad for some retreat where it’s a bunch of entrepreneurs, professionals, and professional athletes have been there. It’s like you go to Costa Rica for a week. It’s a whole program that you go through. There’s a shaman involved. There are all these different professionals involved. I was interested in getting more info on it because maybe I’m at that point. Maybe I need to go through this right now. I’m being honest.


It is important. You’re going to have your physical body, then your mental mindset and then your spiritual side of your life. These three things need to go hand in hand. Your physical body ties to your mental state. Your mindset ties to your physical body. Let’s say that your physical body is not well. How’s this going to affect your mindset? Let’s say that because you sit all the time, you’re having chronic pain issues in your hip and lower back like a lot of us do, and alignment issues because we sit at a desk.


Let’s say that because you’re eating the wrong things all the time, now you’re having acid reflux. If your body’s not well, what does your mind do? It puts its attention on the chronic pain or on, “I’m tired because I’m not sleeping well. My body feels dragged out because I’m not eating the right vitamins.” If our body’s not feeling well, it affects our mental state. It makes us frustrated, anxious, and upset.


Guess what happens? You’re taking up time, taking up stress. What do we do to kill these thoughts? We kill it with pleasure to the flesh, drugs, alcohol, or reading. We’re going to figure out whatever we’re going to do to kill it. Flip it around. If our mindset’s not right, what is this going to do? It’s going to go both ways. You have to work on your mindset, on your physical condition, and then also depending on your belief system, your spiritual side, things dialed in.


I don’t tell people what to believe, but I believe what I believe. I don’t believe I accidentally randomly showed up here, whatever we’re in this consciousness state that we’re in. Something had to come before me to create me because I understand there’s a past, a present, and a future. Once you start looking at things off the three-time horizons, that’s how I looked at the world. The world changed a lot because it hit hard for me one day when I was reading books and I was going through self-development.


What made sense to me was that somebody at their present moment in their life years ago, let’s say Napoleon Hill. He wrote a book in his present that stayed in the past of the world that we all live in that I can come across in my present even after he’s passed away and take the information that he wrote in his present that was left in the past that I consumed in my present that I apply in my present that will change my future.


When you start thinking of things like this and you start looking at the way the world works and what you are and who you are and you start looking at how your body is a molecular structure controlled by your electron switching station, which is your brain, you can have your conscious in your unconscious mind, you start to understand how results happen.


You hear people talking about the law of attraction and all this stuff. You have the law of vibration. The law of attraction would be secondary to it. It’s not like people think. It’s not like you’re going to say, “I want $1 million,” and you think about it and you’re going to attract $1 million. What happens is that what you focus on, you move towards. If you’re constantly thinking, “I want to make $1 million. What am I going to do to make $1 million?”


Start a business. You’re constantly focused on your business. It’s not like I’m going to sit here in my room and think that I’m going to have a $1 million check come to me. Sometimes they say, “The secret’s not how it works,” but whatever you focus on, you’ll move towards. That’s how the law of attraction works. Let’s say I’m focusing on I want to be a golfer and I’m not thinking about baseball. Do you think I’m showing up on a baseball field or at the golfing range when I’m thinking of it? We move towards what we focus on.


If you want to be high-level in business, do you want to watch Netflix? Do you want to go out to party with your friends on the weekend? Do you want to do what people there winning in business do? You focus on the activities that people win in business. I’m reading a book, not drinking a beer. I’m not saying you can’t have fun in life, but if you’re serious and you want to grow a big business, sacrifice is necessary to get there quicker than later.


I can relate. I work out seven days a week, but I am training for a competition.


The sacrifice is there. You have to understand that growth is uncomfortable, but you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable in order to continue to grow, maintain, and reach those goals that you have for yourself. You have given so much good insight, suggestions, and advice, all of the above. Speaking with you has been great. I want to say thank you.


You’re more than welcome. I had fun.


This episode with you has been amazing. Guys, I hope you’ve been taking notes. I have been taking notes over here. I want to say thank you.


Thank you so much.


You guys are more than welcome. When I come on shows, I try to give stuff that I don’t think people often hear so that it can trigger thought processes and then hopefully push them toward similar people that I follow. I can’t be everywhere and you can’t learn everything from one mentor. I tried to tell people a lot of times who I followed and where I learned certain skill sets. The main ones, I’ll leave you guys once again. The online mentors that I came across when I was broke were Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Earl Nightingale, Brian Tracy, and Jim Rohn. I moved into the modern-day thought leaders like Tony Robbins.


I saw Tony. I worked with his son, the MLS, the PBDs, and those types of people I follow now. If you made it all the way here, it means you’re seriously trying to better your life. I want to tell you that you’re doing the right thing right now and you need to stay consistent with this. You need to understand that on your self-development path if you’re aggressively doing this for 3 or 4 months and you got in great shape with your physical body and then you stop doing the things that you got to get there, it’s going to fade off. Your body’s going to go back.


Another thing that people don’t understand about self-development is that it’s not that you’re going to read a bunch of books one time and it’s good for life and you’re good. I worked hard for 2 to 3 years on myself and then I’m carrying this education. You know this because go take an algebra test right now. If I passed high school, hopefully, I couldn’t do it right now. You can’t remember the things that you learned. Repetition is the key to success in anything.


Constantly going over, repeating, and ingraining things into a habit form an unconscious mindset. Once you have everything unconscious, meaning things are done through habit, then you don’t have to make as many decisions throughout the week or throughout the day. Know that through aggressive education and repetition of the right information, you will change how you think, which will change how you move and act in your life, which will change the attitude that you have towards life and the attitude towards everybody around you and their attitude towards you.


That’s when relationships get built for businesses where people cannot trust each other and work with each other. That’s when long term, you’re going to have success. It’s all going to start now though. Make the sacrifices. Do the things that are not fun to do. Do the needed things, not the wanted things. You guys are going to change your lives. If you continue on doing things that you want to do, not the things that you know you need to do, you’re going to show up in a few years, probably in the same position you’re in. If not the same position, a much worse one. Unless you do the right things, there’ll be a better one. I’ll leave it with that.


Thank you so much.



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