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Crushing Motivated Leads For Investors With Bryan Driscoll


Most investors see what’s happening in the market and become scared to invest. Bryan Driscoll, an incredible marketer, explains that there will always be motivated leads no matter the current market. You just have to know how and where to look. In this episode, he shows how he is crushing it at finding motivated leads and shares tools that investors can utilize to find highly qualified and motivated ones. Bryan covers Facebook leads, ads, driving for dollars, and more! Tune in to this conversation and hear great advice from Bryan, whether you are new to the investing game or not, to find deals and take your business to the next level!

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Crushing Motivated Leads For Investors With Bryan Driscoll

I am super excited. We have Bryan Driscoll with us, who is an incredible marketer. He’s got an incredible background and extensive experience in the marketing world and lead generation. Bryan, welcome to the show. I’m excited to have you. Why don’t you tell our audience a little bit about yourself?

Thanks for having me. 

I’m so excited you’re here.

A little background on me, I got into digital marketing many years ago. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Upwork. I was on oDesk before it turned into Upwork. I started there. I was doing small SEO stuff for people. I got good at it and started dealing with national and international big eCommerce types of companies and big health insurance companies. That was going well. I had an agency.

I then bought my first real estate properties and investments several years ago. I saw the wholesaler’s fee and I’m like, “This is crazy.” I started marketing for myself here in Pittsburgh to get deals to purchase. This space is wide open. There’s no one doing a crazy good job. We switched focus and only specialize in generating deals for real estate investors.

Is that what you’re focused on? 

Yeah, that’s all we do. We’re getting off-market motivated seller leads.

I have to ask. With the economy and the prices, are you seeing any change in your business? Are you still getting highly qualified and motivated leads?

We’re getting highly qualified leads. There are always motivated people, like someone who inherits a home and they don’t have the money to fix it. What I do see, though is I see investors, depending on who they’re listening to, are getting scared, which I don’t think they need to be. A lot of people are like, “I need to see what’s going on with the market here.” Who knows?

I know. We don’t know. You’ve been around enough. Were you around before the first in 2008? Were you investing then?

I wasn’t investing then. That one was severe. I don’t see this being the same. With the interest rates going up a little bit, how is that going to affect the market whenever there are a ton of people that want to buy and not enough people selling? The supply and demand aren’t like they were then. Nobody wanted to buy then, so houses just sat. You lose 50% if you’re in Arizona or Florida on what your house is worth.

When dealing with the seller, try to find out their motivation and find a win-win. Click To Tweet

It’s the same in Texas. It’s crazy. It’s out of control.

We’ll see. It’ll be a good ride. It’s always a good time to buy as long as you buy right. 

I agree. Anything low purchasing, we do buy homes. We’re buying and holding or we’re doing terms, owner financed.

That’s all I do too. I only buy in one ZIP code. I buy where I live.

It has to be something we could see, personally walk and go through. I know I’m in a rural area, so a lot of it has land. I want to see it. We want to ride all the land. Who knows if it’s five acres and there’s a hole in the back of the property that you can’t use? In your background, you did a lot of SEO work and various marketing things. Now, you’re doing the motivated leads primarily. Is that correct or are you still doing other things?

No. We do motivated sellers. We use SEO, Facebook, and Google pay-per-click. It’s still the same marketing strategy. It’s just a lot easier. I’m used to marketing to rank for shoes or baby food for national brands that are competitive. It’s a lot easier to sell my house fast in Arizona or Phoenix. There are twenty players competing for that versus the entire world trying to sell shoes.

That’s true.

It’s a lot easier. Most people are using Carrot website. I’d say 80% of the people, which we can go in and crush. I use a Carrot website myself, but if you make contents unique on them for the SEO side, you can rank well.

I had a Carrot website.

You can do different things like that. 

What would you suggest or share with investors that might be something they’re missing the ball on that you’re seeing and you’re implementing in your business?

FWM 12 Brian | Motivated Leads For Investors
Motivated Leads For Investors: Be direct with your messaging.


Here is what I’d say for real estate investors, people on marketing, or even with courses. Number one, be direct with your messaging. A lot of people have real estate investors say, “I get a home valuation. Find out how much your house is worth,” which will get you a whole bunch of garbage leads. We found you need to be extremely direct. Sell your house fast in your ads. Send them to a website that explains we’re investors. We’re not paying top-dollar, then give them a long form to fill out with 10 or 15 questions, not just 3.

The big thing that makes a difference, too, is after they fill out that form, we send them a text in an email, asking them to book an appointment for us to give them an offer. That’s been a huge game changer in the investment business and even with motivated leads because sometimes, people are scrolling around 2:00 AM. If you give them that option to book, it shows how motivated they are. It gets them to quit looking at the competition because they found what they were looking for.

That makes sense. You have a pretty dialed in process. What are some other suggestions or tools you might say to somebody starting out that has zero experience? If they’re getting into real estate investing, what are some primary focus points for them to start at and maybe to get to where you’re at with what you do and the services you offer?

If I was telling someone starting out in digital and they wanted to do it themselves, I would tell them to start out on Facebook because it’s probably cheap. Facebook has two different ways to market. You can do Facebook lead forms and Facebook conversion ads. That is when somebody clicks the ad and it goes to your website. I would tell anyone starting out not to go with the cheap leads.

I find that the Facebook lead forms for this space usually get you garbage leads and people that aren’t qualified. Push them through the website. If you’re testing on your own, there’s a button you have to click inside of the Facebook ad manager. Make sure you opt for the special ad or special interest category. In the real estate space, you have to opt-in there due to discrimination. It takes away some of your targetings. Did you know about that one?

I didn’t know that.

In real estate employment or credit, you have to opt-in to the special interests or it pulls your targeting away. You can’t upload lists. You can’t target based on age or sex. You have to do broader. If you’re advertising in a real estate space and you don’t do that, they’re going to ban your account. We get a lot of people that are like, “I tried doing it on my own and my account’s banned.” It sucks when your account’s banned because it’s hard to get another account.

I’ve been through that.

That’s a big noob mistake there on that side. Always opt-in. If you’re not familiar with Facebook, you’re not going to know even what that means.

There are so many social media platforms that so many people are using. I don’t even know how to use half of them. I have to ask my son. I’m like, “How do I use this TikTok?” He’s like, “It’s so easy.” I get it. Do you find that the demographics that you work with are pretty young and seasoned investors also?

Usually, we work with seasoned investors. I don’t take on noobs. We’ll point them in a direction and give them some help. We like to deal with more seasoned guys. The reason is they know how to close deals. If somebody’s new in the business, we can send them as many leads as they can handle, but they probably can’t close them. They don’t know what to do yet.

Make sure if you're going to work with somebody else that your goals are aligned. Otherwise, it's going to keep tearing. The amount of money we can make isn't worth the stress of fighting all the time. Click To Tweet

They don’t have the people, places, and processes in place yet. I’ve experienced that myself as well, so I understand exactly what you’re saying. The seasoned investors do have an advantage with their experience. They understand everything. They understand the process of getting the leads and closing. That’s like night and day for a lot of people.

Even for new investors, one tip I would give is when you’re dealing with the seller, try to find out what their motivation is and find a win-win. I know a lot of these new guys go trying to lowball people and make crappy offers. Talk with who’s selling their house because they have an issue. Maybe they inherited a house. Maybe it’s a hoarder’s house. Find out that they’re embarrassed to sell it on the market because they don’t want their neighbors coming through. You can then figure out something that works for both of you versus going in and trying to pitch. If you work on the relationship part of that side, especially for newer people, that’s great.

I couldn’t agree more. The relationship is a huge factor in it. I’m rural. I’m out in the country, but honestly, most of the homes I bought in my area are all from relationships and getting to know the sellers. There was a property that we bought a few years back. I never stepped foot in the house. A hoarder lived in it. It was on a half-acre. It was a commercial and residential zone. We were scared to even step foot. We had a waiver if anybody wanted to step into this house. I was like, “I’m not going in. It might fall on me. I don’t know what’s in there.”

I never stepped in the house and still sold it. I owner-financed it and it was sold in less than a week. It was all due to building a relationship with this woman and getting to know her, her pain point, her history, and her background. That’s how it all worked out. I have to agree with you in the sense that a lot of newer investors aren’t taking the time to build relationships or get to the people that are looking to sell their property. They’re low-balling.

It’s tough because houses are all the same. They’re all bricks, frames, and whatever they are, but every single seller is different. That’s the thing to spend the extra couple of minutes and ask the questions. Don’t talk too much and try to find out. If you care what’s going to happen to them, you can find a win-win if it makes sense. You make money and it solves their problem.

I agree. You’re not investing anymore, correct?

No, I still invest. I just buy and hold.

That’s cool. You do it in your local market. I assume you’re using your platform and your system and having success with it.

I do. I buy junker houses in my ZIP code. We go in and fix them. I do the BRRRR Method. I buy them WITH cash, put $30,000 or $40,000 into them, then I refi out, hold it as a rental, and pass them to the property manager.

There you go. You got it dialed in.

It took a while. I used to manage them myself. That was crazy.

FWM 12 Brian | Motivated Leads For Investors
Motivated Leads For Investors: If you give them that option to book, it shows how motivated they are. It gets them to quit looking at the competition because they found what they were looking for.


I bet. Here’s a question I have. If you could go back years ago, before you started doing marketing and getting into this whole new world, knowing what you know now, what would you have told yourself? What would you have done differently?

I’d tell myself, “Don’t drink.” That’s probably a big one. I got into a lot of trouble from drinking. I would probably say that, but also, look at the people you partner up with. I partnered up with people before and they went sideways sometimes. I’m an aggressive person. I hustle hard.

You’re from the Northeast. That’s why. I’m from the Northeast. I’m the same way.

You know how it is. We’re trying to go in. I’d partner up with people and we didn’t have the same goal. I would say back then, “Make sure if you’re going to work with somebody else, make sure your goals are aligned because otherwise, it’s going to keep tearing. The amount of money we can make isn’t worth the stress of fighting all the time.”

I couldn’t agree with you more.

Also, don’t drink.

Tell me. You have some pretty high accolades though. I was reviewing your background. Were you featured in Forbes at one point?

Yeah. I’ve been on Forbes Inc. I’ve been around for a long time, especially in the digital space. Most of the guys I talk to are like, “I’ve been doing this for a while,” and it’s four years.

I know. I get phone calls from people that are like, “I’ve done three real estate deals and I have a course.” I’m like, “Okay.” I’ve done more deals than they have and they have a course. I’m like, “Okay.” Everybody’s an expert since COVID.

I know. I saw that. For me, you got to fail a lot. From doing it for so long, you have to learn in this space. There’s no rule book. You have to fail and learn what works and what doesn’t.

That’s for sure. If there was a rule book or an outline, life would have been so much easier way back. Unfortunately, there’s not. It’s sad to hear that. What else can you tell me about some of the methods and tools that you’re using and having success with your motivated seller system?

Successful people will help you. They want to help people be successful as long as they're not being taken advantage of. Click To Tweet

Here’s what I’d say. For any investor that’s out there trying to do marketing or even looking at a company like ours, number one, work with people that are investors themselves. Understand the difference between a motivated seller versus somebody that just wants to sell their house because there’s a huge difference. If you’re going to advertise on Facebook, be very direct in your messaging. Don’t try to go for cheap leads. Go out with extreme direct messaging. Make sure you have a Facebook pixel on your website. If you don’t know what it is, Google it.

If you’re going to do Facebook ads, Facebook’s algorithm and their whole platform are based on behavior. What a Facebook pixel is, for anybody that doesn’t know, it’s a piece of code you put on your website and then you’ll have different events. For example, on your homepage, you might have a Facebook pixel with view content. It means somebody looked at your website. Once they fill out your form, you’ll have an event called lead. The difference is you can segment. You send 100 people to your website. If five people fill out a form, you have 5 leads and 95 people who didn’t. You can retarget them, which is like when you’re on Amazon and you see a pair of shoes.

They pop up.

You can do that. Even more importantly, once you get enough people to become a lead, you can tell Facebook’s algorithm, “I want to find more people like this.” Since they have that data, they can use all their data points on people and try to get your ads in front of similar people, which drives your lead cost down. I see a lot of people, especially starting out, running Facebook ads and not having that code on their website. It’s not going to work without that. It’s the same with Google pay-per-click. You have to have the Google pay-per-click tracker. Those are a couple of things on that side of paid marketing.

Thanks for the feedback. That’s a good golden nugget for those that are coming up in the real estate world. That’s huge. A lot of people don’t know how to do that. One little minor change could change the whole process of your business.

They could, big time. Even for seasoned investors, do you want to spend money or sweat? You can do it yourself. A lot of the seasoned guys are like, “I don’t even want to learn that stuff.” Make sure you find someone that can because, like anything in life, you’re either going to trade money for it or are you going to trade sweat for it by doing it yourself? Text messaging works. Cold calls work. Bandit signs work. Mailers work. There are all of these different ways to get deals. You don’t necessarily have to be in a digital space. Bandit signs are super cheap depending if your borrower lets you put them up or if they find you. You can also do driving for dollars.

That’s how I started, driving for dollars. That’s exactly how I started and did my first couple of deals. It was driving around and finding the properties.

That’s a good way too. Their software is DealMachine. You go on and pop in front of somebody’s house. It has an app on your phone. If you type in the address, it sends them a postcard. It skip traces them right on the spot.

DealMachine is a great one. Have you ever tried LandGlide?

I haven’t.

It’s amazing. It is when you’re driving. It’s a map. When you’re driving, you could drop pins and then export all the vacant properties, land or whatever you find. It pulls up all of the information on the property. It’ll tell you the owner’s name, the legal description of the property, the size, and everything.

FWM 12 Brian | Motivated Leads For Investors
Motivated Leads For Investors: It’s tough because houses are all the same. They’re all bricks, frames, and whatever they are, but every single seller is different.


I’ll check that out.

It’s an app from the app store. It’s $10 a month. It was the best $10 a month I’ve ever spent in my life when I first started out. It was low cost. Before that, I used a hunting app because it was free. It still gave me almost all the same information, but LandGlide ended up being a little bit more beneficial. I still have it and use it. I love it.

I like those kinds of apps because even when I’m driving around, I’m like, “I see that vacant house over there.” It’s going to be super easy. You can come back and check it out later.

That’s what I do. I’ll drop a pin. If I’m driving around and throughout the week I see things, at the end of the week, I’ll pull an export list to my email. I’m like, “I have all the information.” All I got to do is type up some letters or write up some letters, pop them in the mailbox with my due diligence, and take it from there. It’s a tool I still use. It was what I used when I started out. There is a lot of good software out there.

There are so many ways you can get deals. Everyone’s going to say their way is the right way. Everything’s going to work if you do it consistently.

Some people do direct mail. I spoke with somebody and all she does is direct mail. She’s like, “All I send is direct mail. I get all my properties via direct mail.” I’m like, “That’s nice.”

It all works. Some are cheaper. Some are more expensive, but they all work. I see new people coming up with excuses on, “Why not to do this stuff?” That’s a big thing. They’re like, “I got to research this. I got to do this.” I’m like, “Do it. Do one thing and keep doing it.”

If it’s working, keep using it. It’s not broken, why fix it? What would you suggest for our newer viewers? I know we talked about affordable software and different things. If somebody is starting out, what would be your top 3 or 2 tips or suggestions that you would tell them and wish you had known when you first started investing? I’m curious.

The top thing I tell people is, number one, go fail. Go do a whole bunch of things and fail at it. I failed a lot. It sucks. It sucks whenever you fail big. One thing also when you’re starting out is if you don’t see that light at the end of the tunnel, I would always tell myself, “Try one more time.” It’s not like I got to try it to hit $1 million. I got slapped in the face, so I’m like, “Let’s try one other thing.” That’s an easy way to think it through. Networking is huge. Get around the right people. If you’re around a bunch of scumbags, then you’re going to turn into a scumbag. Hang around with people that make you feel a little bit uncomfortable, they’re smarter than you. 

If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.

If you can get around people that are successful, even go help them out. Go work for them for free. People that are successful will help you. They want to help people be successful as long as they’re not being taken advantage of. Genuinely go try to surround yourself with these people. Be around them and try to give them value. They’ll let you pick their brain. That’s one thing I would recommend.

Anything you can think of you can achieve if you're strong enough to keep doing it. Click To Tweet

Also, don’t drink.

I have never heard anyone say, “I went out boozing and that changed my life for the better.”

I love it. For our viewers, if they’re interested in connecting with you, they’re going to be able to connect with you if they want to speak with you further at FullerWalletMedia.com/MotivatedLeads. Brian is available. If you want to reach out, you can do so at that link. Before we close out, I want to know. You’ve been doing this for years and I’m in a similar niche as you. Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Do you ever look ahead and define what you want or where you see yourself?

In the next five years, I want to own the industry in this space. I don’t want to just do digital marketing. I want to be a true source for real estate investors. Everyone’s competing on, “We do this. We do mailers. We do CRMs.” I want to come up with solutions. For example, we do digital marketing. We normally offer retainer-based marketing that people pay a monthly fee for our services. Half the market doesn’t want that. They want to pay per lead.

They don’t care about brand or anything, so we launched something that’s similar to that that we can do paper lead also. Also, a lot of people don’t know how to get that appointment or manage a CRM, so they’re piecing all these things together. What we’re trying to do is we’re building what works for us here in Pittsburgh and offering it to people. I want to do global domination in the real estate space in five years. That’s the goal.

I love you for that. I love that your goals are that big.

You got to think big. 

That’s huge. Manifesting, looking at the future, and setting goals, a lot of people miss the ball on that because their mindset isn’t in the right place. They’re too worried about the next wholesale deal or the next whatever. They’re so consumed with where they’re at that they don’t project 5 or 10 years from where they could be.

That’s true too. My other company is called Think Big Marketing. I like thinking big. For people starting out, though, it is true. Think big. Let’s say you’re starting a business and you want to do a deal a month. You set your goal at a deal a month. You’re starting to wholesale. That’s fine. What if you shoot for five a month and then work your KPIs back from that? Even if you fail, you’re still probably going to hit three.

Think bigger than you can within reason. Don’t be saying, “I’m going to do 1,000 deals a month,” right off the bat. If it takes you 40 calls to get a lead and 10 leads to get a sale, then you can work the math. You’re like, “If I want five of those a month, all I’m going to do is force myself to do more work,” which is going to give you that output that you didn’t think you could get anyways. Hang around with smart people because they’re going to push it as well. They’re going to show you what you can do.

I agree. Who would be somebody that maybe was the most influential in your life and your career? I would love to know.

FWM 12 Brian | Motivated Leads For Investors
Motivated Leads For Investors: Understand the difference between a motivated seller versus somebody that just wants to sell their house.


I saw Ron LeGrand. I don’t know if he’s necessarily influential in my life, but he was the person that got me into real estate. I went to one of his seminars back in 1998. I got his course. He got me into real estate on that side. My dad was influential. He pushed me hard, which built the drive in me. I was also hustling and trying to hang around with the right people.

Did you ever have a mentor at one point?

No. I beat to my own drama. I’ve tried working with mentors and I don’t like it as much.

I was curious to know that. Me neither, I haven’t had a mentor yet.

I like thinking outside of the box.

I could see that. I love that you think big. That’s outside of the box because most people don’t have the courage to even think that big.

That’s true.

They have self-limiting beliefs and things of that nature. It’s almost mind-boggling to me that people don’t realize that they have so much opportunity right in front of them if they only take action.

It’s true. I’m sure you read Think and Grow Rich. If you can think of something and you can imagine it, you can do it. It might be hard. You might not be able to do it the way you think you could, but anything you can think of, you can achieve if you’re strong enough to keep doing it.

I agree. What would be a few takeaways for our viewers that you would want to close out with? Give three takeaways that are critical. I know do not drink. We’ll count it as a half.

If you’re starting out, go out and do something. Don’t sit around and keep sitting around making excuses, “I’m not ready yet. I need to get my contracts. I need to get this.” Go find a house. You can find a house even if you’ve got to a door knock when you see someone’s grasses up to your knees. Go out and do something. When you find that deal, you’ll figure out how to sell it.

You don’t have to worry about that part. People will JV with you. Mainly, you got to push hard. Push hard, so you’re making mistakes and failing. As long as you only make that mistake once, you’re good. You got to make that mistake to learn. Otherwise, you’re going to keep doing the same thing you’re doing all the time.

Thank you so much for that. I want to thank you for being with us. If you want more information about everything that Bryan and I discussed, you can go to FullerWalletMedia.com/MotivatedLeads. Is there anything else you’d like to add in closing?

We’re pretty good. We covered everything. I would say go out there and get it.

Go out there and get it. Don’t drink.


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