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Julie Houston is an entrepreneur, leader, media expert and has been in the real estate marketing world for over 10 years! Every week Julie Houston and her team will meet to educate, discuss, and identify the best methods being used by the most successful entrepreneurs in the marketing world today!!! We bring together the highest professionals for honest candid conversation, covering the topics ranging from what is working best as well as what you do not see is being done behind the scenes. Get ready as we dive into solid content that fits multiple industry niches, by having a variety of incredible guests and intricate discussions.

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There have been great changes across the different social media platforms, like the rise of Meta, TikTok changes, and the transformation of Twitter into X. How do these changes affect the digital marketing space? In this episode, Brian Davidson, the Co-Founder of Matchnode, explains the changing social media advertising ecosystem across the different emerging platforms. He also mentions how digital marketing in Twitter/X is a complete disaster compared to Meta, which is leading the way.
Let’s get into the design space in real estate today! Because in this episode, Elizabeth Sickels, the cohost of the Indiana Short Term Rental Alliance, delves into the furnishing and design space in real estate and shares why you should screw gray paint. Her expertise radiates in this episode as she offers tips on moving forward in real estate. With her experience in furnishing and managing, she provides insights into how you welcome and attract
In a world competing for attention, making your business stand out has become increasingly difficult. Good thing we have an expert in today’s episode who unveils effective PR strategies, techniques, and tips. Renée Warren, founder of We Wild Women, talks with Melanie Davidson about achieving media wins. She dives deep into using the Authority Booster Intensive to consistently win media coverage and strengthen your brand. She also shares insights on perfecting your pitch and building
Wealthy people don’t save money. They invest. In this episode, Stephanie Walter, the Author of Shattering Money Myths: The Way How Wealthy Invest, shares her insights on how wealthy people become wealthy through investing. She emphasizes the value of diversification in the different realms of investment methods and options. That is how most wealthy people think! She also shares how she founded Erbe Wealth and what her company focuses on. Join Stephanie and understand how
Your story holds the power to transform lives and establish you as the trusted authority. Join host Julie Houston as she sits down with the renowned author and publishing expert, Cliff Pelloni. In this episode, Cliff discusses how to become a trusted authority in your field through the power of writing and publishing your own book. From the start, Cliff emphasizes that everyone has a story to tell and that their unique perspective can make
Growing up exposed to motorcycles, Chris Kiser found his passion which led him to build his bike. Eventually, this connection fueled his dedication and expertise as a talented racer. His talent did not end up with racing, however. It instead aligned with his entrepreneurial spirit and desire to make a positive impact. Chris shares how he founded NipSlip, a cause to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer. Through his racing, fundraising, and upholstery work,

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