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Julie Houston is an entrepreneur, leader, media expert and has been in the real estate marketing world for over 10 years! Every week Julie Houston and her team will meet to educate, discuss, and identify the best methods being used by the most successful entrepreneurs in the marketing world today!!! We bring together the highest professionals for honest candid conversation, covering the topics ranging from what is working best as well as what you do not see is being done behind the scenes. Get ready as we dive into solid content that fits multiple industry niches, by having a variety of incredible guests and intricate discussions.

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Are you dying to get your first deal but don't know where to begin? Are you wondering how you can do it? You're in for the treat today! In this episode, Jay and Annie Adkins, the authors of Vision Focused Life, talk about overcoming incredible odds to get your first deal. They also share the top three ways to find deals in today's market without money. Grab this opportunity to learn how to get your
For Part 3 of Team Solo Cast, we have Jaff Virtucio, Julie Houston’s right-hand man for more than ten years. Joining Julie, as well as Matt Palmquist and Melanie Davidson, he talks about his responsibilities in podcast production, mainly in booking guests and publishing content. Jaff also shares his best advice for those people who want to start their own podcast.
In this special episode, Fuller Wallet’s Director of Sales Melanie Davidson is put on the hot seat. She shares her responsibility in bringing in business and guiding clients through their services. She discusses why sales is all about helping people identify their problems and find solutions instead of simply closing deals to earn a profit. Melanie also talks about her career transition to sales and the benefits of working in a hybrid workplace setup.
Cultivate passive income through apartment investing and secure your financial future with a powerful and tangible asset that can generate wealth for generations to come. In this episode, John Casmon, the founder of Casmon Capital Group, delves into creating passive income through apartment investments. John shares his personal journey from corporate executive to successful real estate investor and discusses how investing in apartments can help secure your financial future. He breaks down the dos and
What is the point of all these assets if all that we gain from them goes to taxes? How can we even grow and preserve our wealth? Diving deep into this timely topic, we are joined by Brett Swarts, the founder of Capital Gains Tax Solutions, to talk about capital gains tax and how we can defer it to become financially free and more! Brett has discovered a way to defer capital gains tax without
Year after year, we are only seeing technology move at a rapid pace, getting better than ever. The latest revolutionary product we’re seeing that is taking everyone by storm is the AI chat bot, ChatGPT. While AI has been around for a while, this latest craze is only showing us a glimpse of the future of technology. Here to dive deep into this topic is Oscar Garcia, a consultant, coach, speaker, and host of The

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