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Julie Houston is an entrepreneur, leader, media expert and has been in the real estate marketing world for over 10 years! Every week Julie Houston and her team will meet to educate, discuss, and identify the best methods being used by the most successful entrepreneurs in the marketing world today!!! We bring together the highest professionals for honest candid conversation, covering the topics ranging from what is working best as well as what you do not see is being done behind the scenes. Get ready as we dive into solid content that fits multiple industry niches, by having a variety of incredible guests and intricate discussions.

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We are bombarded with so many financial products and advice from many so-called financial experts that it can be disorienting to truly understand our finances. Without noticing it, money is being funneled out of our pockets. It is time to take matters into our own hands and find financial freedom. In this episode, we welcome special guest Eunicia Peret to discuss wealth empowerment. Eunicia shares the story of how she became focused on helping others
Doing something new may scare you. But if you can harness your fear and use it to grow, it becomes a beautiful thing where you take a shot outside of your comfort zone. Today, Kezia Garcia, a rider with an entrepreneurial spirit, shares how she blazes through her passions in racing and doing business. She and Julie surprise each other after knowing they had similar stops for their honeymoon. Put your helmet on and suit
The unknown is scary to most people. But sometimes, you must muster all your courage to dive into it even if you’ll never know what lies ahead. In this episode, Marissa Romero, a top YouTube expert, shares how she redefined productivity and how stepping away from work changed everything for her. She explains why working harder and longer does not always entail productivity. Marissa also talks about her new YouTube channel. Get in touch with
A few years ago, the question would have been, “What can AI do?” Today, it seems to be, “What can’t AI do?” In this episode of Fuller Wallet Media, we learn that coaching is certainly one of the things that AI can do. When Alaric Ong built his AI coaching platform, the purpose that he had in mind was to help entrepreneurs have a way of scaling their operations and growing their business without having
Conventional financial advice states that you should put your hard-earned money in banks to keep it safe and let it grow. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t lead to a smooth cash flow. It even results in relinquishing total control over your own money. Melanie Davidson sits down with cash flow expert and anti-financial advisor Chris Miles to discuss how to free up cash from financial institutions and put them in more

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