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Long Term Wealth Strategy With John Humphrey And Jerry Conti

FWM 5 John | Long Term Wealth Strategy

Looking for a passive income investment for long-term wealth? We might have just the thing. Today’s guests are LinxSTR’s Founder/CEO, Jerry Conti, and Partner/CSO, John Humphrey. They are revolutionizing property management in the short-term rental space in terms of efficiency, security, revenue generation, and profit potential. How? By investing in and using IoT technology. Join Julie Houston and Gem Rinehart as they chat about this exciting new venture and what makes Helium hotspots a genuinely passive source of residual income, or at least as close to it as you can get. Tune in to find out how you can invest and earn money through Helium.

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Long Term Wealth Strategy With John Humphrey And Jerry Conti

We have our guests, Jerry and John. Thank you so much for joining us.

Thanks for having us here.

John, you have an incredible background. Can you tell us a little bit more? I know that you have been a seasoned author and entrepreneur. You are known as the revenue generation expert.

That’s the moniker. That was hung on me years ago. I come from New York. I have been out here in California for several years. I went to school in Boston and got out of school and went into consulting in the pharma industry and the medical device industry. I did that for several years. The day that it all changed was I was sitting in a big boardroom meeting at Johnson & Johnson. I was negotiating this $50 million contract with all these people arguing around this big board room. I said to myself, “This is the stupidest job I could ever have in the world. This is ridiculous.”

I saw people yelling and arguing with each other. I said, “I don’t want to do this anymore. I want to be an entrepreneur.” My dad was an entrepreneur his whole life. My wife and I packed up right after 9/11 in 2002. We were living in New York at the time, and 9/11 changed Manhattan. We got in the car and went where there was no snow. We decided to go all the way to San Diego. That’s how it all started. I started my first business and met this guy, Jerry Conti, my best friend, who’s also a transplant from New Jersey out there.

I’m a Jersey girl.

Over the last several years, Jerry and I have been building education companies and consulting businesses. Now we are onto our latest venture in short-term rentals and building this thing called the Helium IoT Network. It has been a whole lot of fun. We are serial entrepreneurs. We are also here to inspire other people to be entrepreneurs and take control of their own financial destinies.

You guys have incredibly strong backgrounds. Jerry, please just give us a brief overview. Tell us about you and your background. How did it all start?

Unlike John, I grew up in a family business. My grandfather had started a company in 1906. It came through Ellis Island and landed in a little town called Maplewood, New Jersey. I started a construction company, Conti Construction, and my dad ended up taking it over. His son from a first marriage took it over, and now it’s a multibillion-dollar enterprise.

Everybody’s got their own thermostat when it comes to when they want to cash out or do whatever. Helium is a long-term play. Click To Tweet

It’s an incredible American story from an Italian immigrant. I ended up working for the business. As a young kid, I worked through the summers. Since the age of fourteen years old, I’ve always had that entrepreneurial spirit. I’ve done everything from delivering newspapers, selling lemonade on the corners, and caddying for golfers at Baltusrol golf course. I’ve shoveled snow. I’ve done everything to make money.

I bought my first home at the age of eighteen years old. I have never stopped. I ended up in that corporate position with my family’s business for a while and got with John. I was like, “I don’t have any ownership in this.” Even though my family started it and had a great career, I’m making $100,000 a year in my mid-twenties. I felt like, “I needed something more.” I had that entrepreneurial bug and wanted to start a business.

I now have had six educational companies that we have started. John and I have been part of most of those companies together. In 2018, we started an incredible education company in short-term vacation rentals. I started a company called BoomSTR, which is all focused on marketing, short-term vacation rentals, and a division of BoomSTR is what we call LinxSTR, which is the Helium Project that you guys are familiar with.

We want to dive into that.

Can you tell us what you do with LinxSTR? Tell us a little bit about Helium and the method.

How did this even develop?

I mentioned a company called BoomSTR, which is a company I started during the pandemic. The company that John and I had was called LuxHomePro, which was an education company. We also had a holdings company called LuxHomePro Holdings, where we acquired 24 long-term leases within the Phoenix Metro Area and ran 24 short-term rentals with our students, which was a cool thing.

I started to realize in that situation that one of the biggest challenges in managing short-term vacation rental homes is marketing because if you are not getting your leads outside of Airbnb, Vrbo, Booking.com, Expedia, TripAdvisor, all these OTA sites, Online Travel Agencies. If you are not getting bookings from them, what do you do? Where does your business go?

In our situation, we were getting a lot of bookings from them but the day we did it, the day they either kicked us off of a platform for whatever reason and choose a good enough reason, we were completely out of revenue. When you have a $10,000 payment on your vacation at home, a lease payment that you are making every month, that’s challenging.

FWM 5 John | Long Term Wealth Strategy
Long Term Wealth Strategy: We call it the plug and pray model. You’re going to plug it in and pray you’re going to make money.


Without going to the cigar bar and meeting somebody to get a $10,000 booking, meeting them in a networking event, real estate conference or something like that, you are pretty screwed. I started BoomSTR to solve the problem of being able to be limited in your ability only to be served by these OTA sites and to create your own direct booking site with your enterprise software with your marketing.

Most people suck at marketing, end the story, and we just happened to be good at it. We build a system to do that, and even to this day, we support that project. As I went for bigger funding because we put a couple of $100,000 into this business, got it off the ground, and developed four products for the business, I went out for bigger funding and came across this unique technology.

On my team at that point, I had a retired engineer for several years. This technology came across my desk by the same guy that introduced me to John several years ago, which is ironic. He brought this technology to me. He was Tony Robbins’ business partner for several years and I’m like, “This is what I have been looking for.”

We were looking for a technology that would allow us to work with property management companies in the short-term rental space, Airbnb hosts, real estate developers, people with large blocks of housing projects, commercial buildings, and even retail establishments or hotels. We could put our device on anything.

I looked at it and had a pretty core team at the time, with some high-level managers and consultants on my team. I said, “Let’s break this thing down and look at this.” It took us six weeks. Four executives were full-time breaking every aspect of this Helium opportunity down to see if it would fit with what we were doing at BoomSTR. The answer amongst all of us was an absolute yes, but there was an elephant in the room. The challenge in the room was how do we get the product.

This was back in October 2021. There were about $500,000 to $1 million of these devices on backorder. I was like, “How do we get the device if they are all on backorder and there’s a six-month waiting list?” That’s when I get creative. I have always been known as the strategic partner expert, somebody that can put bigger deals together. Strategic deals, I do it all the time. It’s a natural talent of mine, putting people together and creating a greater impact.

There were only seven manufacturers who were approved to make this device for Helium. I said, “Let’s reach out to him.” I told the team, “Let’s hit the phones.” Out of the 7 that were approved at that time, 5 of them wouldn’t even take our phone number. They wouldn’t take anything. They were like, “We are too back-ordered. We can’t even take your order.”

The sixth guy was like, “I can sell you three units.” “What am I going to do with three units?” We wanted to place an order for 400 units now. Granted, these things are about $600 a piece. I’m sitting there like, “That’s not going to work. The last company that I called, I started to build a relationship with and got my team involved. After about the fifth call of inquiry, he was an engineer himself.

I said, “Are you just looking to sell the product to those who want to buy Helium or are you looking for a partnership?” That’s when we formed a deeper relationship. We have no waiting time. We have the ability to access up to 20,000 of these devices from the manufacturer, which gives us a competitive advantage in the marketplace. I said, “We placed an order straight away for 400 units. It was great. Now we are up to 765 units.

It's really incredible what IoT means in today's world and how we're creating smart homes and smart technology throughout the globe with this unique opportunity we're in front of. Click To Tweet

We are super excited about the vision that we put together but we realized there were some other holes in the system. I will let John speak to some of those holes that we uncovered with what most people are building out a Helium network. I will turn it over to you, John, and maybe jump in here and share some ideas.

One of the things that we found out straight away was most of the manufacturers out there were providing equipment that you bought, took it home, plugged right into the router box, and that was it. It was like a little tiny device. It was small and had a little tiny antenna on it. What happened was the box was working and doing what it was supposed to do, which was finding other boxes. The problem was that the transmission was low because the antenna was small, and people weren’t making any money doing it. They were like part of the network but weren’t earning what they thought they should be earning.

That’s when we said, “We have to build a better mouse trap.” The whole process works. It’s like having the first-generation iPhone, the iPhone 14 or the 13, whatever is out now and having something super powerful. That was the difference. What we looked at was we said, “Every box that’s out there, we called the plug and pray model,” whereas you are going to plug it in, pray and make money. That was it was.

We saw people all over the internet posting stuff about, “This doesn’t work. This thing is a scam.” Now they have about 900,000 hotspots that are live on the network. It is about 250,000 in the US. It’s going to take about two and a half million to complete the United States network. We are about 10% into the build.

We built this souped-up box that goes on the side of the house that has an external antenna. We professionally install it, and now you are going to earn the results. Jerry and I were looking at this going, “This is interesting. They are going to build a worldwide network. They are going to provide equipment to people who know nothing about technology at all but this is going to be the fate of the technology that’s going to come in the next several years.”

Think about living where you are and imagine if your internet had to be relying on people who knew nothing about tech, and that’s how well the network was going to be in your area. It wouldn’t work. We decided to be that super-premium tech company that all we are going to do is make sure that your boxes are going to be up and running.

They are going to be making money. We know what’s going on with the network. We are going to be ahead of the curve. We are going to make sure that we can babysit. Whatever you are going to be doing with the network with us, you have a company that’s helping you do this, rather than being an amateur looking to jump in and try this. That’s what the big difference was.

It is a build within the box, as well as you dedicating yourself to all of your customers that makes you different than everybody else.

Correct, because we are not a manufacturer. What we do is every one of our customers is also a partner. This is what makes us a little bit unique as a company. You don’t just buy equipment from us, and we say, “Good luck. Have a great time.” That’s not how we do it. You are going to invest in a partnership with us when you get started, meaning we are going to share in the revenues that come from your box.

FWM 5 John | Long Term Wealth Strategy
Long Term Wealth Strategy: The bottom line is that we have skin in the game just like you have skin in the game.


Why that is important to customers is when they become partners with us, there is a vested interest for us to make sure that your hotspot is successful. The bottom line is that we have skin in the game like you have skin in the game. That’s going to be for 20,000 boxes that we are scheduled to install over the next several years. Our company at LinxSTR is 20,000 hotspots. Now 20,000 out of 2.5 million in the United States is small but that’s still a $200 million business, and that’s going to be a big enough business. Jerry will be able to get his boat by then, his big yacht. That’s what he is looking for.

You are living the life in this great trailer. Look at him.

I happen to be on a glamping trip now.

He’s glamping for sure.

These are all lifestyle businesses. We love lifestyle businesses. That’s why we love vacation rentals. Jerry and I have always wanted to be in businesses where people have a good time being at our business. That’s why Jerry and I can never be attorneys or anything like that. Anything that’s heavy that is not our parcel at all. I don’t need people calling up with their stories and disasters. We are not into that. We are like, “Do you want to come to one of our homes and have a good time with your family? Great. Do you want us to set up your hotspot where you make money and don’t have to do anything? Fantastic.” We love as hands-free as we can.

I can picture that. I get that vibe.

The only thing that can help somebody achieve that a vacation lifestyle is a passive form of income, either residual incomes that you make off your rentals in the real estate space or passive income that comes in from a box that sits on your house and makes H and T every day without you being there.

That’s what I want to dive deeper into.

That’s the key. Time is limited. We only have many hours and minutes of a day. We need to be as productive as we can in that timeframe looking at leverage opportunities. John and I have a big vision of around 20,000 boxes. Our first goal is to get the first 3,000 out. That’s a good milestone but that’s a significant business. Anybody that’s reading this blog they are like, “ How can I get involved? How can I build a little network?”

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If you had 10 or 20 boxes, you could create an incredible passive income, and it’s a long-term play with what we are doing. It’s not this short-term set it up now and cash it out tomorrow. It’s not that play. It’s more of a long-term play. We are mining tokens and holding on tokens. We want to hold them for about ten years. When Helium hits $1,000 a token, we will have tens of thousands of tokens already in our wallet, and the value will go up. At that point, we could decide if we wanted to sell or not.

Everybody got their own thermostat when they want to cash out or do whatever. Helium is a long-term play. We saw that they raised $400 million. Most of that money has come in through smart money from institutional investors that most of us wish would invest in our businesses like Andreessen Horowitz. It’s one of the most successful VC firms in the country, for sure, if not in the world.

They put a couple of $100 billion behind Helium. Mr. Wonderful has invested in Helium. There are a lot of big, smart money billionaires coming in and putting money behind it. I love looking at opportunities and getting involved with things that smart money is running to. It has been an incredible journey for us. This has a little outside of what John and I have done in the past together. In the early ‘90s, with Conti Construction, my family’s business, we ended up putting up about 1,000 cell towers when the cell phone was created. They had the cell phone before they had the network.

Do you guys remember the commercials like, “Can you hear me now?” Back in that time, the phone was there. Motorola created the phone, and it was operatable. It’s the same thing here. There are billions of devices that exist for the IoT network but there’s no global network for all of them to work at. You can have a small little hotspot and IoT devices in your home but there’s no global network. You can’t develop products for the street like these little scooters that run around your neighborhood. That’s all IoT based.

When you go into a parking lot at a mall, and it says, “Eighteen spots left.” That’s IoT or those little meters when you are ready to park your car outside, and you take a credit card. That’s IoT. There are billions of devices that are already in existence. There are an estimated 75 billion devices that are being born for a network that doesn’t exist. What we are doing now is building the network but the next thing we will be building is the 5G network. That Helium is coming out with for cellular.

After that, we are going to offer up some consulting around the IoT, product development, engineering, and the consultancy side. There’s a huge opportunity with LinxSTR that’s in the early stages of our company. We are super excited about the pivots that we had to make during the pandemic that brought us to building a community of entrepreneurs, mostly in the real estate sector, that want to generate not only passive income and learn great investment strategies of the rich in real estate. Being able to get their piece of the railroad that we are building, this digital railroad that we are building across America, get a piece of it, even if it’s six boxes. We call them boxes, hotspots, and IoT devices.

I don’t know a better way to teach your kids how to start a business than investing in the IoT in this next $1.5 trillion industry. It’s incredible what IoT means in nowaday’s world and how we are creating smart homes and smart technology throughout the globe with this unique opportunity that we are in front of. We happen to be in front of it in an extremely unique way. We are not part of the asses of the masses who are doing it wrong. We are part of the better who are doing it. That could make it work. It takes money, team, technology, and capital to do that.

John looks like he wants to say something because he’s a numbers guy. What’s a scenario for somebody that wants to invest in 1 or 6 boxes? What would the ideal scenario be?

There are two ways to play with us at LinxSTR. One is you can purchase the equipment and the revenue share of what your Helium hotspot would do. That’s becoming what’s called a premier partner with us. Boxes are about $3,000. That includes shipping, installation, ongoing maintenance, everything, as long as you are going to have your box. It goes on and on.

FWM 5 John | Long Term Wealth Strategy
Long Term Wealth Strategy: There are billions of devices that exist for the IoT network, but there’s no global network for all of them to work at.


There are no additional fees. It’s not recurring. Every year you have to pay some charge. It’s one and done to get it set up. By investing $2,997 in your hotspot, you get 50% of the tokens. We are at a web share and partner with you. We have to approve your location. We have an approval process because not every location is actually equal.

You are the strategic partnership expert. That’s where it clicks in. That’s noted because I was like, “That’s where this comes in, which is huge.”

We want to partner with people. The whole point of the network is the people’s network. We could have gone to a couple of investors, got a crap ton of money, bought all the boxes ourselves, and went out and did it. We wanted to partner with people. This is the opportunity for everyday people to cash into something big.

You could become a premier partner. We will set it all up. We analyze your property. I’m going to date myself here. Jerry knows this person but do you remember who Ron Popeil is? Have you ever heard of Ron Popeil? Ron Popeil was one of the great infomercial guys of his generation. He was around several years ago and used to sell all of these products. The one thing that he used to sell was this rotisserie oven.

He used to spray paint his head. He had one of the greatest lines that I ever heard that we use all the time at LinxSTR. Whenever he demonstrated that chicken roaster thing, he would take the glass thing and close the lid. He was in front of the studio audience, and would go, “What you are going to do now is you set it,” and everybody would go, “Forget it.” It was freaking genius that little one-liner because everybody would do that.

That’s what LinxSTR is. Once we install this at your property, there’s nothing for you to do. We are going to set it. You are going to forget it. Once a month, you are going to check your crypto wallet to see how many tokens are put in there. All you are going to do for the next five years or so is watch the amount of tokens grow. That’s it. That’s the first way you can play with us is to become a premier partner.

The second way is that you can become what’s called a host partner, which is a one-time fee of $495. You could submit as many locations as you want. We will put all of the equipment on there. We will install, do everything, and you will get 15% of the tokens. You are getting less tokens but you also have less financial investment upfront.

That’s geared more for property management companies, people that are in real estate. We have people that submit lists of 500 or 1,000 properties to us all week long. We analyze all their properties first. We come back with a proposal, and that’s how we are building thousands of locations by doing that. What Jerry and I originally got into this because we are like, “We got all these vacation rentals. Why don’t we put this box on all of our vacation rentals and make more money?” It’s another revenue-generating passive revenue source. That’s what we do.

I would also say that this is also an opportunity for people to truly have a backup to retirement because think about it. If you could set something on your home and forget about it for ten years, and all of a sudden, Helium is at $500 or $1,000 a token, and you’ve got 500 or 600 tokens sitting there. You are going to go, “This is a retirement thing for me.” This is $600,000, $700,000 to $800,000 I can cash in like a retirement down the road. You can do that. That’s why people are jumping into this because I don’t know too many places where you can invest $3,000 and have it turn into a lot of money over several years without constantly investing your money.

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That’s popular these days. A lot of people are looking for alternative ways to invest their money if they have the money. It’s also a great product for somebody working paycheck to paycheck, to even consider looking to build some commitment for their financial future. A lot of people aren’t taught anything about wealth. They don’t teach that in school. They say, “Go to college, get a degree, and find a good job.”

My niece got into NYU, and she’s starting there. It’s $80,000 a year to go to college.

I’m not surprised. It was cheap.

What could you do with that $320,000? You can go out and start a massive business.

I have a Master’s degree, and honestly, I think back like, “Why did I kill myself all those years, and I end up where I am now as an entrepreneur?” Several years ago, it’s now shocking to me how much money I could have saved because I’m like, “What the heck?” Nobody teaches you that. They don’t ever give you that direction.

I was around those days. I’m in that age range. I grew up in an old-school household. That’s not how we were raised. It was always, go to school, get a good job, and be a nice man or whatever. My father was an entrepreneur but it wasn’t instilled or anything. He eventually sold the company and worked for someone else. That was it.

From the time I was in fifth grade all the way through high school, I had to wear a coat and tie to school every single day. It was drilled in my head that the only thing worth living for was going to a good college or getting to the best college. That’s all I was programmed with. That’s all your friends, and family friends talked about. My son may not even go to college. School is not his thing. He’s got other things that he’s good at. He’s not an academic. That’s okay because he may start a business or do something. He may still go to college.

For me, it was like, “I want him to go to Stanford, go to my alma mater, get a college scholarship or play sports.” I don’t care now. I’m like, “I would rather him be more financially literate and be able to create money than be an academic if that was going to be the case for him.” We are in a different world now. We have a lot of clients. Jerry will tell you that. The parents don’t know so much about this. They get their fifteen-year-old on the phone with us and know all about this stuff. They know all about cryptocurrency and NFTs. They are in this whole thing. They are trying to explain this to their parents.

They don’t live in a linear world anymore. It’s non-linear for them. They are like, “Why can’t I make a million dollars in a year with no talent. I can do that. Everybody can do that.” That is not a big deal for them. There’s not like they’ve got to do a whole lot of something first for that to happen. They are surrounded by that.

FWM 5 John | Long Term Wealth Strategy
Long Term Wealth Strategy: Helium is an opportunity for people to truly have a backup to retirement.


What Jerry is talking about is creating residual income. You hear this all the time. I don’t believe in passive residual income because as much as Jerry and I have loved to do the passive residual income, it’s still not that passive. There still has to be stuff you have to tend to. This is as close as you are going to get, simply because there’s nothing you are going to be able to do to that Helium hotspot on your house to make you more money.

You can’t do anything. It’s completely hands-off for you. The Helium hotspot is going to do what it’s designed to do, which is to beacon, witness, signal out and receive signals. That’s it. There is nothing you can do. The good news for Jerry and I is that people won’t sit around and tinker with it. They will set it up and let the magic do its work.

I’m the type of person that loves that. I’m like, “Set and forget it.” If I could do that for half my day, that would be a dream come true. I do invest in houses too. There is some passive income but at some cost or some term, there’s always something else involved. I’ve heard people go for the passive and forever cashflow. They refer to storage units or something of that nature. I’m thinking, “You still have to manage it. You still have renters that don’t pay or whatever.” Is that passive? It sounds like the same day-to-day real estate headache that I deal with already. I don’t want to do that when I’m 60.

When we got into short-term vacation rentals, it was at the right time in the right place. In the Arizona market, it was easy to rent an older home from somebody that was having trouble selling it at the time. We looked for properties that were on the market for fifteen months but weren’t selling. The primary reason was that the kitchens were outdated. People who wanted to buy a house didn’t go in and spend another couple of hundred thousand dollars on the renovation on top of the high cost of what the individual wanted at that time.

Now the market is changed since then. When we got involved in 2018, we had a great solution for somebody to say, “Let’s take your house and turn it into a vacation rental over the next 12 to 24 months.” We will prove the cashflow and bring an investor in to buy the house because now it’s a business.

As we did this 24 times over in partnership with our students, we realized after a while, “There’s so much work to running a vacation rental.” We’ve systemized it. We probably did the best that anybody could ever do as far as systematizing and automating it. What was interesting about that whole process was IoT. This technology that we are building now played a significant role in helping us automate the property. Everything from keyless entry, smoke detectors, cameras, and noise detection systems are all working off of IoT.

All these devices that you need to automate a property, especially when you’ve got 5 or 6 different groups of people coming into that house in the course of a month. It’s a check-in, check-out. You are in the real estate space but you are also in the hospitality hotel business because you are checking in and checking out people.

It was awesome to see how this technology could help develop more of a smarter home that can pass data. We weren’t even using it to the degree that we could use it now, as IoT comes into neighborhoods. In that whole Scottsdale area, the network was quite built out into a place that’s where you see scooters on every corner in Scottsdale because the data could now pass up to the IoT network.

Helium is already taking on quite a few clients that they are selling data. The coolest part is that if you are the owner of the network like we are building up this big network or our customers or investors are, as that data passes through that network, we get paid on that as a third payment stream. That will come out as that network grows and matures throughout the years. I know a lot of people in the short-term rental space, we cater to that community well, and we love those people because they are hard-working entrepreneurs that want a cashflow business. You wouldn’t typically get into short-term rentals unless you wanted a good cashflow.

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What’s interesting about this is if you want to put a device on your short-term rental, and I’m speaking to all hosts out there, homeowners in the STR world, you can go to your competition. In Phoenix Metro, you probably don’t know this but there are about 7,000 vacation rentals that we had in our group. Your competition is not in Sedona if you are in Phoenix. Your competition is right down the street. You have vacation rentals on your own block and around the corner.

You could put one on your house, check out those other houses, reach out to those hosts who manage those properties, and build your own little network with your own competition. You can build your IoT network amongst the competition that’s in the short-term real estate. You can earn money off of those homes and partner with those other people in your neighborhood.

These are the ideas that you could do in the short-term rental space. Everybody knows everybody after a while. You know who’s having the run the party and getting everybody in trouble down the street. You got to keep an eye out for your local competition in the short-term rental space. We are here to help. We are here to work with people that see the vision as we see it and what’s coming with IoT. We are in front of one of the biggest trends that we have ever been in.

I feel like in my entire career, several years as an entrepreneur, I’ve always seemed to be in front of trends that happened. We built education around personal development. I was involved in healthcare coaching education when becoming a health coach was a big deal. We got into Amazon selling. We built an education platform for Amazon sellers and short-term rentals, and the list goes on. It has always been interesting because, at certain times in the history of my career over the last several years, we seem to be always on the front of something explosive, and this is the biggest one thus for me personally. I believe that to be true for John as well.

We are going to share some more information at FullerWalletMedia.com/LinxSTR. They can go and get more of an overview of everything we discussed. It was such an honor to have you both on too.

We appreciate you guys a lot. Thank you for having us.

Thank you guys so much. It was great having you on. Again, FullerWalletMedia.com/LinxSTR. Before we close, what would be each of you your best tip to somebody, any entrepreneur, either starting out in general?

Whatever you do, however you want to generate money, wealth or create income for yourself, make sure you love doing it. Make sure that if you are in a situation now and don’t love what you do and working for a career, it’s paying your bills and stuff like that but don’t love it, not completely passionate about it. You are not excited to get up every morning to do that thing that you do. That’s a signal that you are not on your purpose and path.

I’m not saying that you are going to love every day that you are working. There are days that I’m extremely frustrated and I’m sick. That comes with the business. You are dealing with people. We have a great staff here now and a big company that we are building. It’s exciting. It could get you frustrating at times too. I’m not saying that but your purpose and whatever you are trying to accomplish in your life, make sure you love it so that it doesn’t become work. It becomes more of a passion project that you are excited about getting up every day and doing.

FWM 5 John | Long Term Wealth Strategy
Long Term Wealth Strategy: You can build your IoT network amongst the competition.


John, what would you say?

I would alter this a little bit and say to myself years ago when I was becoming an entrepreneur, “Say yes more to things in life.” I was sharing this earlier on another podcast, and they were asking me this question, “What would you tell your younger self or yourself becoming an entrepreneur?” I said, “I would say yes more and fail at things more. Be okay with failing.”

What I mean by that is I grew up where I had a fear of failure because I had so much pressure on succeeding that I took myself too seriously. If I look back, I could have said, “I should have said yes to many things.” I was worried about everything rippling into my future. Now that I’m on the other side of it, and I’m not a young guy anymore like in my 20s. I’m like, “I should have said yes, a lot more.” I would’ve had a lot more experiences.

Sara Blakely is the Founder of SPANX. Her famous thing, which I love, is they ask her how she was raised and how she succeeded so much in her household. Growing up, her dad made it a game that who could fail the most at things throughout the week. That was the game in her house. At the dinner table at the end of the week, her dad said, “What did everybody fail at this week?”

Failing was fun. It meant that you weren’t going to be good at everything but go try everything, and that was it. She had no fear of failing in anything. That’s why she became successful. She didn’t have that fear of failure at all. Failure was fun for her. That means that she did something. I said, “That wasn’t how I was raised.”

Thank you both. That’s awesome.

Thank you, guys. I appreciate the time.

Thank you so much, Julie and Gem. You guys are awesome. Thanks for having us. We are super excited to be working with you as well. For everybody reading, Julie and Gem kick ass. You should hire them. They are worth the waiting gold.


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