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No Holding Back… The Girls Share It All With Kathy Kennebrook

FWM 3 | Direct Mail Marketing



There are many ways to kill a chicken. The same can be said about finding and closing deals. But the best way? According to Kathy Kennebrook, direct mail marketing is it! Kathy is an investor, marketer, and author. For today’s episode, she joins hosts Julie Houston & Gem Rinehart to educate us on the benefits of direct mail marketing when it comes to targeting and finding highly motivated sellers. Find out how she does it and more ways you can get high-quality leads by tuning in!

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No Holding Back… The Girls Share It All With Kathy Kennebrook


We have Kathy Kennebrook with us. She has been an amazing investor and marketer. We are honored to have you on the show, Kathy.


I appreciate it.


Gem, you had a question. I know you said something earlier. You’re like, “I have a question I want to ask Kathy.”


For a lot of our readers, they don’t know you. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about your background and where you come from? Just so the readers can get to know you a little bit better.


How did you fall in real estate?


I live on the West Coast of Florida in the Tampa Bay area. I’ve been investing in real estate for several years now. It’s amazing, time just flies. Previous to that, I had spent several years in the financial sector. I was working in the banking and barter industry. Tons of miles on my vehicle, 50 to 60 hours a week, I had two kids at home at the time, trying to coordinate all that was terrible. My husband was working for a national food distribution company. He was working in the freezer section. He was sick more than he was well. We knew there had to be something better, but we didn’t know what that was going to be.


One night I was up listening to one of those late-night infomercials. One of my customers happened to be the person who ran our local real estate club meeting here on the West Coast of Florida. I called him and said, “What do you think about this real estate investing stuff?” He goes, “Come to one of our meetings and make that determination for yourself.”


We started going to some meetings. We started going to some seminars. One thing led to another, and we ended up buying our first property. I got into the whole direct mail component early on because while I’m a big-mouth extrovert and all of that, my husband is like the other side of the coin. The opposites attract.


We were trying to figure out a way to make it more comfortable for him to work with motivated sellers. We figured if we could get them contacting us first, not only would we make a better deal, but it would be more comfortable for him. What we found out was everybody else had the same deal going on. The direct mail started to take off, and we started doing a ton of deals.


After several years of doing targeted direct mail and doing a bunch of deals, our first deal netted $55,000. That’s when we quit our jobs and went into this full-time. Another guru out there heard what I was doing and got me in the training area. I’ve been training for several years all over the country and across Canada. I’ve been training everywhere. I train both in marketing to find highly motivated sellers, and I also train on profiting from buying, selling and leasing vacant land. Those are our two real niches. We’re going to be talking about houses and multifamily and all of that. That’s the condensed version.


What stuck out to me is that mothers struggle in families out there. You said that you were in a situation when you were like, “Something has got to give. I have to do something different.” You took that leap of faith to get into the real estate industry. You are that example of it can be done. You have to take that leap of faith, and you’ve got to do it.


Especially for women too. Our industry is predominantly male. Every client I work with is a man. I don’t have any female clients that I represent or work with. As a woman, to build a business as much as you have, that’s a huge accomplishment from nothing, from ground zero.


The other part of it for both of us, for my husband and for me, was my dad retired when he was 65 and had the whole retirement party and the gold watch that was on Friday. On Sunday, he died of a heart attack. My husband’s father died in his late 50s from an aneurysm. We sat back and said, “Are we going to wait until we’re in our 60s to start doing our lives?” That’s part of what motivated us to move forward and do something else because I didn’t want to wait until now to start. We’ve been semi-tired for several years already.


The sad part is that that’s the story of many Americans.


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I had the biggest fear. I grew up in a different household independently since I was a young child. Growing up, all I remember is people in their 60s and 70s, even now, still have to work because they can’t afford to retire. They’re 67 and 68, and they have to get up every day and work. I remember thinking, “I don’t want to be 50 years old and not have a plan for my future.”


My husband is a little older than me. I don’t share this often. This year 2022, I’m 42 and he just turned 60, but he is active and everything. We buy houses. He works on the houses. We booked our dream vacation because I said, “I don’t want to wait until you’re 70. I want to enjoy life now. We’ve worked hard to this point. Let’s go.” We’re going to do our dream vacation this coming January 2023 for our anniversary.


I’m 64 this year 2022. I feel blessed to have spent most of the last several years. We have a vacation home. We traveled a lot. We worked with some charities that we like. That’s important to us. We have some grandkids. I’ve gotten to be at the birth of all of them. A lot of people have no time clock and no, “Can I take three days off?” All of that is nonsense. I get to do what I wanted.


That’s what a lot of people are looking for. They just don’t know how to take that step and take that leap of faith.


Sometimes, hearing someone saying how they started from nothing, one thing you said in that whole explanation could be the one line that one person needed to hear. Since we talked about how you dove into the industry, why don’t we talk about the market and what you’re doing now?


We’re still doing a lot of direct mail marketing. I go to my mailbox, and I get a lot of direct mail. I get from other investors and stuff. When I got done chuckling, I had a guy that wanted to buy my PO box. That was too good. Where did you get that list from? What I do is very targeted. We send a targeted message to specific types of sellers that we want to reach.


I use a response mechanism in the body of my letter that tells that seller exactly what information I need in order to determine if there’s a deal there. They’ve sent me copies of their warranty deeds. They send me their plat maps. They’ll send me two-page letters that tell me everything about the property. They’ll send me photographs. Why? It is because I ask them.


You get these goofy people that are sending out these generic, garbage postcards, wasting good marketing dollars, where they could be spending a lot less and a lot more targeted audience, and getting a response in buying houses. A lot of investors are sitting back there going, “The market is terrible. There’s nothing else there. The prices are high.” Not in my world. We use specific targeted lists, and we hone those lists even further to reach the most highly motivated sellers within each category. Nobody does that with me.


You’re not asking like your targeted areas and stuff because I know that’s your little niche. I would never want to ask that. My question is, do you stick with one particular area or do you nationwide do this?


No. In my particular case, I go out about an hour and a half from where I live for houses and vacant land. I’m buying vacant land four hours away from where we live because it’s rural. It’s a different market. In my local market, we go out about an hour and a half max only because it’s easier for us to control.


That’s what we do. We stay in our local market.


We stay in a localized niche. I’ve got more deals than I can handle in my local market niche.


The last two deals I got were from my mail lady who knows me. She brings me deals. It’s all about relationships in small cities. For me, my mail lady calls me away. She’s like, “I have a property now.” I bought two houses from my mail lady.


Not only do I have twelve different direct mail campaigns, I target twelve specific types of sellers that are out there. We also have 24 other marketing techniques that we also use. In my system, I have samples of all of that. You’re saying about talking to the mail lady. One of the other things that we do is work with local auction companies. The auction companies that sell stuff on Friday night, those type of auction companies, where they’re getting their stuff is from errors who are consigning it in because they’re emptying this full house, and now the house is left. The auction company will call us and say, “I’ve got this lead for you.” Those are free leads.


FWM 3 Kathy | Direct Mail Marketing
Direct Mail Marketing: You get these goofy people that are sending out these generic, garbage postcards and wasting good marketing dollars where they could be spending a lot less on a lot more targeted audience and really getting a response in buying houses.


You live in a similar area as I do. One I got in with was the water department lady. Me and her are BFFs now. We’ve rescued dogs together. She gives me a list of vacant houses that haven’t had water on in over 6 to 12 months. I give her requirements, and that pulls me into a targeted list in my area. I know we’re dropping a lot of nuggets here for a lot of people. That’s how I got some of the other leads we got. I get them from the water department lady. I drive through and say, “Hello.” We know each other. She is friendly in text. I feel like a lot of it is relationship building, whether it comes from when you first connect or even personally.


A lot of the vendors and folks we work with have been in our business for several years. You’re saying, “Code enforcement.” We get a ton of great leads from code enforcement. Everybody is scared of code enforcement. That’s ridiculous. From the woman’s point of view, I’ll tell you that code enforcement likes cookies.


In a small town, the fire department, everybody like baked goods. I do that too. I walk in, I introduce myself and I’m like, “I’m a small local buyer. If you know of anybody selling their home or see anything, I pay a referral fee.” My mail lady got her first referral fee, and she was like, “I’m finding more.”


Even our rehab crew brings us deals because they know that more deals mean more work for them. My roofer brings me a house probably 3 to 4 times a year. It’s not every day, but these are free leads that are coming into your pipeline that you don’t have to work for.


The lady at the tiny country breakfast joint, we usually go on Saturday because they’re closed on Sunday. It’s a big church area in Texas. We go for Saturday breakfast. She knows what I want. She’ll be like, “I drove by a property on a county road 2352 on the right-hand side. I haven’t seen a car there in six months. It’s overgrown.” My waitress that I know is sending me leads every Saturday.


Another thing that we do, I’ll send a wholesale buyer out to take a peek at a property that we got under a contract that I want to flip to him. We don’t flip a lot anymore as far as wholesaling. I don’t wholesale because I’ve gotten old and greedy. The wholesale buyers, what happens with him is they’ll go over and take a look at the property. He calls me back and goes, “Here are 3 or 4. I’d like you to take a look at these. Let’s see if we can get these under contract.” Now I have a lead.


If I get it under contract, I have a buyer. There are many ways out there to find good deals that nobody else knows about and nobody else is working on. It is the same with direct mail. We have twelve different types of motivated potential sellers that we work with all the time. We usually have 3, 4 or 5 different direct mail campaigns going out.


Can I ask a question about your direct mail? I won’t ask what it looks like, but I want to know. Does ugly usually win over pretty? I’m curious. I have found through research and direct mail that I’ve done with a company that ugly always did better over the pretty.


Are you talking about the letter?


Yes, for the direct mail that you sent.


With direct mail, we use a personal letter. The response mechanism is in there, and no industry jargon stuff like, “I can take your house subject to the mortgage.” They wouldn’t have any clue what that even means. We keep it personal. We give them multiple ways to respond to us. We’ll give them an email address, a phone number and a fax number. People go, “What?” The old farts like me still like fax machines. I still get about an 11% to 12% response rate from my fax. When that stops, I’ll quit but until then, no. We give them a phone number or fax number, email address, mailing address, and website. We give our sellers five potential ways to contact us. That’s why you need a dingy little postcard because you’re not giving your seller anything.


I always do handwritten.


Ours are computer-generated, and we use a good font. We use paragraphs because it’s easy for the seller to read it. We do repetitive mailings. We do the same letter every time to the same sellers because they go, “I remember these people.” I can’t tell you how many times we get a call from a seller or an heir, “I found two of your letters in my dad’s desk drawer. Are you still buying houses?” They hold on to our letters until their situation changed and they needed us.


I had to have them once with a letter. When I first started, I had no money and no mentor. I didn’t even know anybody in this industry. This was pre-educational space. I saved up every single dollar I had. I had gotten married to my husband. I still paid my own bills. I’m an independent woman. He goes, “I think you’re crazy for buying this little beach lot for $5,000.” I was like, “No, I’m going to have beach property down here.”


What you do has to be targeted. You've got to reach an audience that's going to respond to you. Click To Tweet


Every penny I had, he was against. I bought that lot, and I said, “I’m going to get these two lots next door.” I wrote a letter to the owner every month. I said, “I bought this lot next door. I spent every ounce of my savings. It’s my dream to have a place down here.” I’m sure he got hundreds of letters. He called me back out of the blue and said, “I get your letter every month. For some reason, your story keeps sticking out.”


He agreed to sell it to me on terms. I ended up owning 55% of that neighborhood down the road. I’m turning around and selling the lots with owner finance because everybody wants a beach house, but they’re like, “I can’t afford a second mortgage,” so they start with the land. That’s how it started for me. It was little by little. It was handwritten letters because I couldn’t afford to do anything else.


We do both like with the vacant land that you’re saying. We have a vacation home, and it’s up in North Florida because we kayak. Ichetucknee, Suwannee River, we’re all in those areas. We ended up buying another home in North Florida. It’s about four hours from where I lived. That’s what happened. We bought our piece of land, and we were getting ready to build a house. There were two acres next door to us, and I wanted those other two acres. I started handwriting letters to the guy. Every month, it’s the same thing, “I would like to add this to the piece of property we have. When you’re ready to sell, I’m ready to buy.”


About 7 or 8 months later, he contacted me back. He goes, “I’ll sell it to you, but the only way I’ll sell it to you is for $1,000 down and $100 a month until it’s paid because I’m not paying capital gains. That’s the way we’re doing it.” That’s what we did. About 8 or 9 months later, I paid him back in full and made him mad.


One thing that stuck out to me is handwritten letters work.


Handwritten letters are probably the most economical route you could go as a new investor until you become more experienced.


How much more personable can it be to take the time to write it out?


The reason that we went away from handwriting letters later was because it’s easier for them to read it. All of that part of my business is automated. I don’t do mailings anymore. We have people for that. I have two stay-at-home moms who handle all the direct mail campaigns. They sign our names to the letters. They’re hand-signed, but they are computer-generated copies with a specific font and size font. We usually use 12 or 14. It’s a little bigger, and they can read it. There are paragraphs in between, we’re separating our thoughts, and it’s easy for them to read. We have that response mechanism in there that nobody else does.


When I get a response back from a seller, it’s pre-screened when it hits my desk. I’ve already got most of the information I need in order to determine if there’s a deal there. If you’re a shy person or a newbie investor and you’re not quite sure what you’re doing yet, you’ve already got most of the information you need to decide if there’s a deal. Nobody does that with me. It blows me away.


I’ve always loved you. You crush it. You were a big inspiration to me. When I first came across you years ago through someone else that I was working with, I was always inspired. I always followed you and watched you, especially being a woman and coming from nothing to now. It shows people that it’s possible, especially with women.


I’ve trained a ton of women. I love that part of the business. It’s amazing when I go into rooms to teach. That’s all I hear, “There are never any women. It’s always these guys. We love your story. You’re personable and you’re easy to work with. You answer our questions.” It’s a different arena. Ladies, there are a ton of deals out there. To be truthful with you, Julie, sellers like working with women better. There’s no testosterone. There’s no competitiveness between you and the seller. It’s a lot warmer and fuzzier. Women get a lot better response in this business. I do about 90% of the negotiation.


I do 100% in this household.


We occasionally run into that situation where the good old boy attitude, “You should be in the kitchen washing dishes.” Hubby takes those. I don’t deal with any of that because they don’t like me. We’ve got in the more rural areas, our handy people, the people that work for us and do stuff for us and work on our house, will not talk to me.


Sometimes I’ll walk out. I never want to pull his man card or anything, especially when it comes to negotiating or anything. I’m like, “Please do not speak.” I’m 100% because he doesn’t know. My husband was a plumber his whole life. He worked in a trade. He’s not fast with the computer. He needs help when he has to do a Facebook post. That’s okay. He grew up in a different era. When I went to communicate years ago, we went to meet, and the guy was like, “Are you willing to put money down?” I’m like, “Of course, I’ll drop money at the title company,” but my husband is starting to take his wallet out.” I was like, “No.”


FWM 3 Kathy | Direct Mail Marketing
Direct Mail Marketing: What definitely makes all the difference is letting them already know you and who you are, what your interest is, and answering all of those questions already.


Women have a huge advantage seriously in this business. The guys do great, but the women have a huge advantage.


We’re more personable, and we’re more adaptable.


Empathetic and all of that.


We’re improving the neighborhood. We’re helping out families like somebody passed away, this property is sitting there, they can’t afford the taxes or whatever the situation is. It’s, in a sense, a business of doing good too.


Kathy, the way you market and the way you send out your direct mail is very targeted and spearheaded. For our readers, why would you say that is even more important in nowadays world?


For one thing, I don’t want you out there wasting marketing dollars, for starters. When my business started, it came down to, like you’re saying, “Are we buying pizza or are we buying a roll of stamps?” That’s where it was back then. I learned early on not to waste marketing dollars. When you hone in on the highest quality seller, you are getting a huge response rate. That’s the other thing.


People say, “I only get like a half or 1%.” That’s because you’re doing it wrong. My typical response rates are 4%, 5%, 6%. The reason for that is because we’re using a targeted letter, a personal letter. We use the response mechanism. We use a high-quality targeted list of specific kinds of sellers. We hone it in even more to find the most highly qualified in that group. That’s what pushes those response rates way up there.


In the current economy, price is going up too. It still targets the correct audience. That’s one thing I haven’t heard with anybody that I’ve talked to, especially related to real estate, not at all.


Everybody does a generic thing.


It’s been pivoted, “We’re doing this or we’re changing to this direction,” but you hit the nail on the head right there. Even in this market, it costs me $95 to fill my truck, and it used to cost me $50. Your message is direct, and you are still getting qualified leads.


What you do has to be targeted. You’ve got to reach an audience that’s going to respond to you, and get these deals and get your deals done. I got one in the mail, and I get mad enough at some of these investors. I write them back, “You need to check out my website. Here are all the things you’re doing wrong.” I can’t stand it.


They’re blown away that you even hand-wrote them a letter.


This guy sends this giant postcard. It says, “I have an important message. I’m using a giant postcard.” He didn’t say anything. You have to reach a seller at whatever their comfort level is. You have to give them reasons to want to work with you. You have to let them figure out what it is the message that you’re trying to convey. I’m looking at this post, and there’s nothing there. If you want to sell your house, call me.


We give them bullets. We tell them exactly why we want to work with them. We tell them exactly how we do things and how long we’ve been in business. We give them specific questions about the property and about their situation, “Let us help you figure out if we can help you. Here’s the information I need.” If they take the time to fill out the information I need and send it back to me, you’re already 70% there.


To take something that’s ugly and nasty and turn it into something beautiful, that really knocks your socks off.v Click To Tweet


You provide them with so much information that it’s like, why wouldn’t they even want to call you? You’re answering everything before they can even ask the question. That’s important because saying, “Do you want to sell your house? Call me.” They’re like, “Who are you?” What makes all the difference is letting them know you, who you are, what your interest is, and answering all of those questions is already going to be like, “I want to call you.”


The other part of that is that 90% of the sellers I work with don’t call me. I don’t want them to call me. They’re going to waste my time. Ninety percent of the sellers I work with mail us, email us and fax us. If they call, I’m going to start recording the calls from the sellers, so I can bring them to training sessions with me. They’ll sit on the phone and answer everything that I’ve asked them within the body of the letter.


It’s cool because 90% of the sellers that I work with respond to us by mail, email and fax because there’s no other way for them to send all the information I want, and photographs too. Most of my sellers send me 6 to 8 photographs of the property. When they’re committed that far, I’m buying that property. Nobody does this but me.


From your personal experience, I’m asking this because I think about this a lot in my own life. You were coming up and had the kids and everything, but was there a pivotal point, moment or person that you could pinpoint when you knew, “My life’s going to be different, I’m making a change?”


One of the things that I know about myself is that if I open my big mouth and I commit to something, I’m going to do that so I don’t embarrass myself. After we did our first deal, I stood up in the middle of our real estate club meeting and said, “I’m doing ten more deals before the end of this year, and I’m going do it.” I stood up, and there were 100 people in the room. That’s what I committed to that particular night. I knew that I was going to make that goal happen. I’m going to not do that and be embarrassed by opening my big mouth and sticking my foot in it. We did fifteen deals in that first year. That was the button that was pushed.


I had a mentor, and that particular mentor was the person who also got me into teaching. He and I went back and forth. I’m like, “I’m not going to teach. I’m not training. Forget it.” He said, “If you did an event for me, this is how much you could make.” He sent me a fax, and that’s all it said. I looked at the fax. I called him back and said, “That’s one deal. There’s no motivation here for me.” He had already been my mentor, and he already knew what I was going to do.


You’re still negotiating with him.


He sent me another fax and he said, “You will have a product done, and you will teach at this event on whatever date it was.” I said, “I already told you, I don’t want to teach.” He said, “I know, but I’ve already advertised that you’re going to be there. I suggested you make it done.” He knew exactly what to push, and that’s how I got to teach.


I hear the passion when you speak. Let’s be real. Real estate is for some people, and real estate is not for others. What made you fall in love with doing what you do and being in real estate?


There are many reasons. It was helping families accomplish their goals, “I need to get out of this house. I need to get moved to wherever. I inherited this property. I have no idea what to do.” We have helped many families. We’ve also helped a ton of families buy their first homes. That’s an amazing journey by itself. To take something that’s ugly and nasty, and turn them into something beautiful, that still knocks my socks off. Sitting at a closing table with a buyer and having them, “This house was everything that I wanted, and it’s so beautiful. You guys did such an amazing job.” That makes my heart sing.


We had a lady that was pregnant. They pushed the closing date backward so we could get her closed before she had the baby. I didn’t know this at the time until she went into the closing room. She was like, “This home was everything that we’ve been dreaming about. This is going to be the place that we are going bring up our little baby.” I’m sitting there bawling. That has been a lot of it.


Fixing up neighborhoods, making neighborhoods better, and increasing values. We buy a lot of homes in subdivisions where there are homeowners associations, and we work closely with those homeowners associations. It is also a good way to get free leads. Once you’ve done a deal inside of a subdivision with a homeowners association, and you’ve increased values by selling that home at full retail, you’ve got a new friend. The homeowners associations will work with us and bring us leads regularly. That’s another source of good leads for you.


Somebody inspires and influences that alone, gives you a sense of accomplishment, and that’s a beautiful story that you’ve told in such a short period of time. Who wouldn’t want to be able to do that?


The thing is that the way that I do the direct mail, for example, a beginning investor doesn’t need to have a whole bunch of money to get started. We were only mailing a couple of hundred letters a month. Fifty letters a week is doable.


FWM 3 Kathy | Direct Mail Marketing
Direct Mail Marketing: You’re trying to get the seller to let you know what it is they’re thinking, feeling, and why they’re selling the home.


That’s how I started. It was 25 to 50 letters a week. We’ve got a deal. It was in a rough area. We ended up selling it. There were drive-bys. It was in a bad area. That was how we got it, and we bought it. We were like, “Okay.” It’s my first deal ever. It had a stripper pole in the living room, I swear.


Sellers are crazy people. The reasons that they sell generally have nothing to do with money. I had a seller that we worked with, and she was a 40-year-old gal. She was single. She said, “I reached my 40th birthday, and I’m going to India to find myself. I don’t want any things tied to me. I need to get rid of this house.” She deeded us the house for the balance of the mortgage. She rocked it, and she walked away.


Did she ever find herself in India?


No. She was camping. She got part-way across the country. She lost her wallet, and one thing led to another, and she ended up back where I live. She never finished her trek. She got back into town. My sister-in-law was a Regional Manager for Blockbuster video at the time. She called me on the phone, and she said, “Do you know your lady that was going to go on the trek and everything?” I said, “Yes.” She goes, “Apparently, she found herself with me. She’s working for me at Blockbuster videos.” The sellers are goofy people. Don’t ever second guess anything that you think your seller is thinking because you’ll never know.


When I’m at the kitchen table with the seller, and I’m trying to get the seller to let me know what it is they’re thinking and feeling why they’re selling the home. One of the tricks that I used is that I would say to them, “If I had this big pile of money and I put it in front of you now, what would you do?” They’ll start telling me about their goals, dreams, where they’re trying to go, and why they need to get this house sold. That’s one of the techniques that we have used through the years. That’s what got that lady to tell me all about this trek that she was getting ready to take. She deeded the house to me.


Do you use a lot of NLP and a lot of stuff that you do?


Sometimes, yes. We had another seller who sold us four homes. He had the home that he lived in, got a divorce, and left. That was our first deal with the $55,000. He sold us 3 more houses after that in over 5 years. He had a couple of rentals, and he said, “I’m done with this too.” He sold them to us. We’ve had lots of sellers sell us multiple properties.


You’ve built such a rapport where you’re at this point. You’re the go-to. You’re very personable. I’ve always loved Kathy.


We’ve had sellers where we bought houses, and never had the first conversation with the seller at all. I got a response from one of my mailings from a seller, and she was in Michigan. The seller said, “My uncle left me this house. I don’t know why he left me this house. Please take it off my hands. I’ve never been to Florida. I’ve never seen it.”


We went over to the home, and we took pictures of the house for her. We took a bunch of pictures of the house. I wrote a contract. I wrote a letter explaining to her why we were making that offer. I sent the letter, the photographs and the contract. I sent her a mini-credibility kit. It’s another tool that we use in our business. The mini-credibility kit had our business card, our real estate attorney’s business card, and the business card of our title company. She called all of them to check us out and to find out whether or not we could close on that property. That’s another tool that investors need to be using.


We mailed all of that to the seller, and about 5 or 6 days later, she sent back the signed contract. I called my lady at the title company and I said, “I’ve got another contract.” She goes, “You’re talking about Glenda.” I said, “How did you know?” She goes, “She called me. We’re all set. We’re waiting on you to send the contract over.” We closed on that deal. I didn’t have a whole conversation with that seller at all. That happens too. Here we’re buying houses and not ever having a conversation with the seller because I already got almost all the information I needed from them, and I got the response to my mailing. Nobody does this. It’s a system. Everything in our business is built on systems. The more you get out of your life, the more money you’re going to make.


I’m excited about your book. We’re going to give your book link away at


That’s Your Personal Path To Prosperity. It’s a book that I wrote that touches on all aspects of real estate investing, like how to find private lenders, how to put some deals together, how to acquire lists, and how to use other marketing techniques. It covers a lot. We’ve covered a little bit of a lot of stuff in that book to help people move forward. We talk about working with your spouse and time management. There’s a lot of good information in the book that they also want to get to. I’m glad you’re doing that for free. That’s excellent. I appreciate it.


We’re excited. I’m going to go order it. There’s also a training I understand that people could go to at


Everything in our business is built on systems. Click To Tweet


That’s my Marketing Magic system. In the Marketing Magic system, there are 12 specific direct mail campaigns that we talked about now, and 24 additional marketing techniques and samples of all of them. When they invest in my system and they use the coupon code, PODCAST, we’re going to give them an extra $100 off because of you guys in the show, and I appreciate being here.


They also get something super special. They also get a Consulting Certificate from me. They have a full year to email me any marketing question that they have, and I will answer that. It’s me that you work with. They need to grab their system quickly. We’re going to make that offer to a certain number of folks that order from you guys. That’s another special bonus that I wanted to do for you folks.


That’s awesome. That’s too good to be true.


You can’t miss this. Get the system and the book, and the system is Don’t forget. You want to get it.


The code is PODCAST.


That’s going to be $100 off the price on the website. We wanted to help them out a little bit with that. I love working with my students. I want to see people become successful, and that’s something I enjoy. That has become a sidekick for me besides doing deals. It’s always new and different when I’m out there teaching because I bring all the new deals that we’re working on. It changes all the time. Even for the training that I do all over the country, it’s always a little bit different because I’m bringing the new deals that we’re doing and new techniques that we’re working on.


I want to thank you for being on the show again.


I appreciate it so much.


I’m honored that you’ve been on as a guest. I’d love to have you on in the future again. We have great energy together. I love it.


It was a pleasure to meet you. I fell in love with your passion for what you do. If you don’t love what you do, it’s time to change what you’re doing. I could feel how passionate you are. I fell in love with that all by itself.


I burned out of Corporate America, and I was looking for something else. I call myself unemployable because, for one thing, I’m on the other side of the clock. For me to clock in at 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning at a job is not very good.


I will never go back to an office again.


I’ve had enough, and I wanted to do something that was me, where we were able to control our lives and control what we were doing and have the time where we had a freedom of choice to do the things we wanted to do. Life is short. This brought home to me. Back in 2013, I had a near-fatal incident occur. I was in intensive care for three days. I was in the hospital for 9 days, and I spent 6 months on an oxygen tank. Apparently, somebody is not done with me yet.


Thank God you’re okay.


FWM 3 Kathy | Direct Mail Marketing
Real Estate Principles: Your Personal Path To Prosperity


That brought it home. It’s time for you to make a change. It’s time for you to decide what you want to do with your life. Real estate investing can be a tool for you to move forward and do what you want in your life.


Thank you for sharing that. We’re honored that you were on the show. I can’t even express my excitement.


You’ve been around for a long time too. I’m excited to finally meet you.


I’ve been a behind-the-scenes girl for a long time, and now I’m coming out. I’m peeking out a little bit.


Gem, you too. I’ve heard your name thrown around a lot over the last few years. I appreciate it. Thank you so much for having me on the call. It was a lot of fun.


Thank you again. I hope you have a great day. It was such a pleasure speaking with you. I love your energy, and we can’t say thank you enough.


Thank you for everything that you do for all the investors out there. The fact that you do these shows and that you create valuable content for folks, that’s huge. You guys should be proud of what you’re doing.


That’s what our show is about. We want to show people that anything is possible, no matter what your background, and no matter where you come from, you can do or be anything you want to be.


No matter what chapter you’re in your life.


This is going to be an incredible one.


I appreciate it. Thank you so much.


Thank you.


Thanks to everybody that’s going to be reading the blog post.




Thank you. Bye.



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About Kathy Kennebrook

FWM 3 Kathy | Direct Mail MarketingKathy Kennebrook is the ultimate success story. She spent 12 years in the banking industry and another ten in sales logging thousands of miles each year in order to make a living before discovering the world of real estate. After attending some real estate seminars and club meetings this 4 foot 11 mother of two got really excited and turned on and before you know it she had bought and sold hundreds of houses using none of her own money or credit.


Kathy holds a degree in accounting and co-authored the book Walking With the Wise Real Estate Investor which also includes real experts Donald Trump, Suze Orman and Ron LeGrand. She developed a direct mail system that drives in motivated sellers by the herds begging her to buy their properties. She is the nations leading expert at finding motivated sellers using many types of direct mail marketing. She is known throughout the United States and Canada as the Marketing Magic Lady. She has put together a simple step-by- step system that anyone can follow to duplicate her success.


Kathy will show you how she generates an upper six figure income by mailing a handful of letters throughout the year to highly selected targets by knowing exactly what to send them, who to send them to and exactly how to deliver it.


The secrets that she is discovered will increase your business several fold if you implement them and make it easier for you to find the highest number of motivated sellers with the least amount of work. The philosophy The Less I Do, The More I Make is incorporated into her life and into the system you will be hearing about.

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