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Sales Arbitrage With Ann Sieg

FWM 34 | Sales Arbitrage

To succeed at Amazon, you have to play by their rules. At the end of the day, it is their sandbox. The best way forward is to get behind their mission and be like them. Picking up from the previous conversation, Ann Sieg of E-Commerce Business School is back to dive deep into finding eCommerce success through sales arbitrage. She breaks down why this method is the lowest risk, most dependable, and most reliable, making it perfect for those new to the game. Find out how you can leverage this method. Learn the tips and tricks to play in the Amazon sandbox. Let Ann show you how education can help you further your success.

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Sales Arbitrage With Ann Sieg

I have a new addition to the team, our cohost, Matt Palmquist.


How are you?


I’m good. It is great to be here.


Ann, how are you doing?


We do have a rainy off and on. That is what I’m seeing. I haven’t been outside, but it is warmed up from the ice.


That is great to hear.


We are still having lots of rain down here.


Ann, it is great to have you back. Why don’t we pick up where we left off and start there? You are passionate about eCommerce. Our tag is


It is a big wide space. The first call together was giving that big broad overview of why we recommend people start on Amazon. It is because they have the traffic. The reason is they have the most rabid buying customers on the planet and Prime shoppers. Amazon gives a lot of ways to generate income. One is their third-party seller platform. There is a 58% chance every time you shop on Amazon that you are buying from a third-party seller. Are you two Prime shoppers?


Yes, I contribute to Jeff Bezos’s pocket.


He has the Fuller Wallet. This is one of the biggest wallets in the world.


We get Amazon packages all the time.


It hit home when I was talking to a gal who was looking to come into our mentorship program, and she said, “I used to scroll on Facebook every night, but now I scroll through Amazon every night.” I thought, “That is interesting. From scrolling on Facebook, looking through the feed, what is the latest little buzz to what do I want to buy?” There is a healthy addiction to Prime for all of us Prime shoppers, which grew by 100 million during COVID March 2020.


It is talking about getting on the other side of the cash register as a third-party seller and making money that here all three of us, as Prime shoppers, are constantly buying. Someone on the other end has a 58% chance that it is a third party seller. The question becomes, in this big wide world, selling on Amazon, where to begin? I can give a big-picture view of what that looks like and where the confusion starts to roll in. I have to admit, I have lost track of what I repeated in the other one, but I will want to get down to the nitty-gritty.


Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, Ann. Let’s do it.


Let’s give people how it works. Within Amazon as a third-party seller, you have the option to be an FBA seller or a merchant-fulfilled. You want to be FBA or have a merchant-fulfilled in your arsenal as a method. Let me explain the difference. FBA means Fulfillment By Amazon. That means that it’s being fulfilled from one of their warehouses such that they can give the guarantee of two days shipping. This is what we, as Prime shoppers, look for in those Prime products. We do not have to pay the shipping separately among Prime.


That means if you want to sell to those Prime shoppers who drive about 2/3 of the revenue, you want to be having your products in the Amazon warehouse. You would be an FBA seller, meaning you have got to get your products into the Amazon warehouse. I want to make that distinction. The other model is merchant-fulfilled, which means you, as the merchant, have to fulfill and ship it out to the customer. We, as Prime, like it. We know it is going to arrive fast. It might even arrive on the same day.


That is who we want as Prime. If you want to make money off those Prime shoppers, you want to be doing FBA. There are times strategically you are going to want to have merchant-fulfilled, which could be during the hot selling season like Christmas. The products are flowing into Amazon’s warehouse at such a furious pace because of Q4. They will limit what you can set in at a certain point that can happen. This is a physical warehouse. You are like, “No problem. I will do merchant-fulfilled.” You can ship it out. Once you know the system well, you can play every strategy to your advantage. I wanted to break that piece out.

If you want to make money off those Prime shoppers, you want to be doing FBA.

Let me ask you a question. You said there are two types. There is the FBA, which is in the warehouse, and there is the other option that you fulfill it yourself and send it out from your office, home, or wherever you are located. Prime will charge you a premium, because I have seen it, to get it delivered the same day or the next day. Are they doing that because they know that you are an FBA and it is in the warehouse?


They wouldn’t offer it unless they knew they could fulfill it. What drives everything on Amazon is the customer experience. If they know they can deliver that within that timeframe, it will be offered. If not, they don’t. We have individual Amazon drivers and regular civilian cars. We occasionally have Amazon vehicles. More often than not, it is runners. My youngest son used to drive for Amazon. They are strong about whatever they say they are going to do. They are going to fulfill it. That is why we keep maintaining our subscription to Prime.

FWM 34 | Sales Arbitrage

Sales Arbitrage: What drives everything on Amazon is the customer experience. If they know they can deliver that within that timeframe, it will be offered. If not, they don’t.

How long have you been in this space? Give a little bit about your background briefly if they didn’t read the first episode. How long have you been in this space?


I have been online training for several years. First, we taught online marketing. We taught people how to build sales funnels. It was for a specific audience known as direct sales, network marketing, etc. We taught them how to generate their own leads. We had a training platform for it. I was reintroduced back into eCommerce. My son did eBay when they were young, in junior high and high school. I was introduced back by one of my teammates in our company. He said, “You should check this out.”


I had my husband tested, and he started making money right away. I’m like, “This is going to be a little bit faster for our people who are trying to earn a living online while learning online marketing, which is a very advanced skillset.” He was like, “Let’s shift them over to Amazon and eBay.” We don’t no longer pay much attention to eBay. It’s mostly Amazon. They started making money immediately. I was like, “We are going to shift our entire training company over into the eCommerce base.” That was the fall of 2013.


No way to look back because this is deep for all the ancillary services that are provided to eCommerce sellers. It is not going away. It is getting bigger and better. It is a move that we made strategically as a company to shift away from one type of online training into the eCommerce training space. The success rate here is so much higher than in teaching people how to do online marketing. It has been wonderful.


Maybe I need to switch because I’m in online marketing and PR. You got me wanting to drop everything. I’m calling you. I got your email, Ann. I got your cellphone number two right here. I’m calling you right now.


Honestly, I saw this question asked in a Facebook thread, “If you had someone who was new online, what would you recommend for them?” I thought, “I’m going to sit back and watch.” One savvy marketer I know said, “They should start with Amazon because they are the sales funnel. It is done.” I’m not saying it is all a flop. I will get down to the next layer of what you have to do as a seller and all the global views of it.


It can be a landmine, especially when you start to show an interest in it and the ads start showing up. You have no frame or context to know, “Am I in the deep end of the pool right now where I shouldn’t be? Is there a safer shallow end of the pool where my success would be more likely?” Trust me. There is. Anything I wanted to do a good service to the people reading is how to help avoid landmines.


It seemed like it could be overwhelming.


We are talking about the risk of not even all the skillsets that you will have to develop but your money and your cash outlay into products. It is a buyer-beware or seller-wanna-be beware. I like it to a swimming pool. There is the shallow end, and that is going to be the safest place to start. Most are risk-free, certain, reliable, and dependable. That is where we start our members.


I’m going to swing all the way to the other end of the swimming pool. You are in the deep end. In this one, you would even be climbing up onto a diving board, as you see at the Olympics. They do a handstand thingy and a triple twist down, except you wouldn’t be doing a triple twist. You would be doing a belly flop. All the water would spray up on top of the people, and they go, “That is no Olympian.” You would be like, “Yeah.”


I’m sure people can get discouraged if they don’t have someone like yourself that has the years of experience and the knowledge to avoid pitfalls. They see, “Amazon is blowing up. I want to catch this wave. Let me jump into it. I’m smart enough. I will figure it out as I go along.” They realize they are about to do a belly flop off a 10-meter platform. The discouragement can be real.

How many newbies do you see getting into it? What is the percentage? Is it 50/50 that they will be out of here in three months because they don’t have any idea of what they are doing? Is it 80%? What is usually the percentage of who fails and who succeeds if they don’t have someone like you?


I go by what is known statistically in the online industry. The success rate of people who even complete the course online is 8% that even complete the course, let alone execute it. I don’t doubt it. It is online marketing. You got great marketers who are bringing you into, “This is going to work. It is going to be the magic.” I’m not saying there are no disciplined people out there, but you got to be prepared to make the shift to accommodate that learning process. Are they ready to make that shift?


We have mentoring as part of our program because Amazon is highly nuanced. You will get an email from Amazon and think it is the end of the world if you don’t have a context where someone is saying, No, we’ve got you covered on that. That is common. Here is what you need to do.” When you are a newbie, you can be terrified quickly. Things can happen with Amazon. They run a tight ship.


You better follow their terms of service, or that door is going to hit you in the fanny pretty hard. You don’t do any black hat stuff. Don’t even try any single black hat technique. I know they are being done, and some are doing it successfully, but you never want to risk losing your account. You are probably going to have to get an attorney by that point. It is complicated.


A big takeaway is that it is their sandbox. You are going to play by the rules of the Amazon sandbox. If you are undisciplined to read those terms of service, you are jumping wild and thinking you can do anything. For example, you can’t ship products with peanuts. They don’t want that. They have algorithms that rate you as a seller.


That rating can impact your ability to show up in the Amazon buy box if you keep being a naughty boy or girl seller. For example, you have to answer an email within 24 hours to a customer. Why? It is the Amazon standard. They got a reputation to maintain. They don’t want frou-frou seller activities going on. They are diminishing their brand. People are not coming back because they had a bad experience.


Amazon is vigilant. You have to know the mission of Amazon and get behind it. As a seller, you need to be like Amazon. It is all customer-centric. You got to know their rules. I will tell you the worst-case scenarios. In the deep end of the pool, we are going to do the one-hit-wonder. That is what we call it. We are going to source from China, and you are going to blow it up. We are going to help you find out that.

Amazon is vigilant. You have to know the mission of Amazon and get behind it. As a seller, you need to be like Amazon.

I was going to ask you about dropshipping but go ahead.


That isn’t necessarily dropshipping, either. That is a whole other discussion. Dropshipping is prohibited on Amazon. There are people selling courses that teach people how to dropship. If you are the seller of record, you can “dropship” like in print on demand, but you can do the whole dropshipping model with Shopify and others, but not on Amazon. Yet, people are selling those training courses.


These people wash up on our shores. They were like, “I got my account suspended.” I’m like, “You are doing a method that Amazon does not allow. It caught up with you. It is going to be tough to get your account back because you are doing a method you shouldn’t have.” The moral of the story is it is not like the Wild West. You get to jump in there and kick the tires on this thing. You don’t kick the tires by being an Amazon seller. You better be prepared to be a true professional seller. That is the status. They call it a professional seller. That is their name.


These are unbelievable nuggets. I am blown away. Our readers can find out more at to get in touch with you. I’m giving you a shout-out right there. How many students or clients do you take on average on a monthly or annual basis? I don’t know how you keep track. How many people wash up on your shores?


We have had 9,000 since we opened up. It was New Year’s Eve day of 2013. We have had over 9,000 students. In the last several years, we have had it as a mentorship program. We are now developing another layer where people can come in at a lower-tier mentorship. We are never going to let go of the mentoring part. You need it if you are like, “I need information.” No, you do need experts who are there when you go, “I’m stuck.” You are not going to make it on your own. It is nuanced. That is why.


Ann, I come from a sports background. I was 6’10”. I played basketball. The greatest players in sports, whether Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, LeBron, or Michael Jordan were great on their own, but they all had coaches. A need for coach or a mentor is a must.


I’m from a coaching background as well, in gymnastics. Simone Biles, some of the names sound familiar. She has done many things. She has a very impressive background.

I heard that little nugget about the need for a mentor and a coach. I want to put it in perspective that even the greats need coaching throughout their entire career.


I still coach some mentors. I have been in for several years. That is how you reach excellence. It is because there is a lot of specificity with Amazon. The deep end of the pool is the one-hit wonder from China. You will see done-for-your offers. They will run from $30,000 to $60,000. Buyer beware, they will probably own and control the assets. I want to spell out the landmine.


When you start searching, this is what will happen. You won’t own the Amazon store. This is typical. I have never heard it where you have control. That is because they will give you the profit portion. You don’t see the inner workings because it is done for you. $30,000 to 60,000 is buyer beware because you are in a full-blown business partnership, and do you know this person? There is a high level of people paying for these. The person is gone.


That is the story I heard repeated over. I don’t know of one that I can name to say legitimately because I haven’t scoped them out thoroughly. Know that you will not know the inner workings of your so-called business. Someone is running up for you. They were like, “Here are your profits.” You are funding all the products. You made the cash outlay.


I have heard one gal I talked to. I was working for her, but she said, “I’m coming to you because I want to learn how my business works.” I’m on the board because we are an eCommerce business school. We are an education company. That other model wouldn’t work for us anyways because our philosophy is to empower people to be entrepreneurs. The other is more like you are throwing money into an investment.


There is a lack of transparency. If you don’t know whom you are getting into business with or into bed with, you are giving, “We sold your product. Here is a check. Keep making the products, and we will keep selling them.” This is my assumption. You don’t know how much you are selling. You don’t know there is a lack of transparency. You are taking what you are given. They walk away, disappear at some point in time, and you are left.


Whatever it looks like, I’m sure the contract varies from operator to operator, but I would say, “Read the fine print on that one.” I would avoid it like the plague. I get it. I don’t have time to learn it. I will throw money at it, but you won’t be in control. If you are comfortable with that, that is all good. The next would be wholesale. Wholesaling is when you can buy in a larger volume and ship it in.


For the two methods that I described, you are going to have to know one is hands-off. I missed the private label in between because that is what you do when you are handing it off. You are probably going to do a private label. With a private label, I got this on my phone, OtterBox. That is a private label on a phone case cover. You might have your private label brand on a phone case cover and a whole myriad of types. You might be targeting teenagers. You have some brands. That is a private label.


That is going to require knowing how to set up listings, do the descriptions and the photos, and run sponsored ads. You have to do a product launch. It would be extremely difficult to do that as a one-man show. If anyone knows online marketing and sales funnels, I have a whole team that works with me to do that. If you attempt to do that on your own, it is a tall order to get them the positive row or the sponsored ads. Are you even in profitability? You are at breakeven or lost to try to get to the front page of Amazon. That is the whole fight. You got to get to where the organic eyeballs are.


Wholesale is you don’t have a brand, but you find some wholesale products. Let’s say this is an eyeglass case. You are going to wholesale this and sell that. You don’t have a private label brand. That is still going to require setting up the listing, buying the advertising, trying to get eyeballs, and hoping you break even. Eventually, you get into profitability.


When you say buy the advertising, given my background with online marketing, you pay for the ad space, but if you got an eyeglass case company, you have wholesale, and I have one. We are bidding on the same space. I’m trying to outbid, and the only person that wins is Amazon because they are getting paid for multiple ways on the same product.


You are right. You could have five people with the same, trying to get the pay for the eyeballs to land here so I can sell this thing. When you are going to do a private wholesaler label, you got to do a lot of research, and more than the next method that I’m going to talk about, the one where we start our members with.


You got to do your research, and part of the problem is Amazon moves fast. It is a fast-moving marketplace. If you take an example of sourcing from China by private label products, you are looking at a long play of 8 to 9 months. If you are lucky, you will be getting it into the Amazon warehouse, but what can transpire in 8 to 9 months? A lot.


Maybe someone came up with the same clever dog idea you had. They beat you to market because they were on the hunt, and they came up with some creative. It is close and similar to yours. It is the competition. That is a long place. That is risky. I’m not saying it doesn’t work. There are people making millions. For a beginner without a team, systems, and automation, you are jumping into the deep end of the pool, where you do the belly flop and you empty all the water in the pool.

FWM 34 | Sales Arbitrage

Sales Arbitrage: For a beginner without a team, systems, and automation, you are jumping into the deep end of the pool, where you do the belly flop and empty all the water.

That is my belly after the pandemic. My belly has gotten a little bit bigger. All the water in the pool would be gone. This is unbelievable. Amazon sets the ad price for the space. I say this because if I was to do an ad campaign for an attorney and mesothelioma is huge now. Mesothelioma, in the Google Ads space, is one of the priciest keywords on the market. If Amazon is controlling the ad, they set the price for the most popular items. They say, “Eyeglass is trendy now? We are going to set it at $20 a keyword.” Am I correct in my assumption?


It is bidding. It is as you bid, and who can outbid? Who can outbid is the one who is got more cash and they got a bigger “backend” to further monetize. They can afford this ad spend. A newbie doesn’t know what they are doing. They don’t have the deeper pockets to be able to know how to balance that all. It is the long tail keyword. There are plenty of keyword search tools to help you with that, but nonetheless, you are competing against others trying to outbid you.


Like on Google, Facebook, and anywhere else, the way you win the game is with who is ever got the biggest backend. The monetization model is able to buy more ad spend upfront than their competitor. That is how it works. The same thing is true in terms of Amazon as well. I can afford to take a hit and have a negative row of ads in my products that I’m ex[ectingh return on ad spend. I will perform these other guys who are bidding low because they can’t afford it. It is that same paid advertising dynamic. The best method that we always start with people, and the least competitive is arbitrage.


Do tell it. I’m excited now, Ann. Go ahead.


Arbitrage is when you have the Amazon seller app on your phone. They give you the app to do this method. This would be for what is called local reach retail arbitrage.


I don’t want you to give away the recipe. I want people to go to and sign up. We can get you some clients but do not give away the recipe. Treat it like KFC right now. Don’t give us the eleven herbs and the spices. Give us a little bit. This arbitrage method is what you are saying is the best method.


It is the lowest risk, most dependable, and most reliable.

FWM 34 | Sales Arbitrage

Sales Arbitrage: The arbitrage method is the lowest risk, most dependable, and most reliable.

People, sign up now.


There is a way you can scale. I interviewed a couple. They are doing $5 million a year through retail arbitrage with their family. It is a whole big family operation. It is a whole massive operation. They got their own warehouse. The dad was a warehouse manager. It is fast cash. You can get into finding your products quickly, turning them around, and bringing them home. There are two different forms. There are local and online. This is where we started. We have taught wholesale and private labels.


We have done trips to China. My son lives in China. He is a sourcing agent. We have done print on demand, but you also want to be fair to the new person. The new person should not be starting with a private label unless they already have got a brand and deep pockets. They have been selling in a brick-and-mortar. It needs to line up properly. The metrics, the skills, and the team.


A brand new person who is coming online first time ever, especially those who have never done business before. The belly-flop method is, “Let’s go to China,” and don’t do Alibaba. They were like, “I was watching a video about Alibaba.” Please don’t do Alibaba. With arbitrage, it is generally sourced from stores here in the US that have the products already here in the US. They did the hard work of getting it over here from China.


What you are saying is you need to go to


I remember what I wanted to say. I appreciate you helping me with that.


What you are also saying is, “No matter what, you need a coach and a mentor.” That is where you come in, and that is where your education model comes into play because you can teach them all the forms of the game. You are the teacher. That is unreal. I didn’t wake up this morning thinking I was going to learn this.


Sometimes you have to pinch yourself because it is incredible. I could send my husband a Dollar General, and this one is about five minutes away. He could come home with a bunch of products. We will flip and sell on Amazon because we have done it for years. It was like, “We are going to go on a vacation.” I was like, “Let’s crunch the numbers. How much should we send to Amazon to get that vacation paid for?” It is pretty much cash on demand. You do have to buy the products, but you are going to buy them low to flip and sell high on Amazon.


You are going to have the data points. Every critical data point will be there. I’m not going to share what they are. You want to look for leverage in the business. You want to look for risk mitigation. In other words, put me in the bucket where I have the greatest likelihood of success, me as an individual, a brand new person, and the lowest possibility of a failure rate. I’m telling you, don’t come to the deep end pole and do private label or source from China. You have an easier method available, for crying out loud. We also teach how to create scale by having systems and teams help run those systems for you. It can become a big operation.


Can I ask you before we wrap it up here? I want to invite you back for another episode. What is the percentage of success rate for your students that you have seen going through your mentorship or courses?


My first group came through mentorship, but the scale system was 70% to 72%. What it has predicated on is if they do what we tell them to do, raise their hand, and ask for help, I will go this way, “Do us a favor, ask the coaches because that is what we are here for.” They can’t help but succeed, especially in local retail arbitrage.


Can I say 100% success rate? No, and I will tell you why. Even when people are in our high-level mentorship program, do you want to know what can happen sometimes? They don’t even show up. In the college system, if you want to make a comparison because we are an eCommerce business school, that is who we are. We teach business. By the fifth week, the attendance had gone down to 40% already in college systems. They are paying $30,000. It is insane.


How can we circumvent that? We track, call and email them. We would send a card if someone were sick. Getting people to show up is the hardest part. I will say, “We are done in the ball field. We are ready to run with you to the end zone, but you are going to have to get off the bleachers and come down.” All I’m trying to say there in this conversation is it is easy to dream. It is another thing to do.

It is easy to dream. It is another thing to do.

It is all predicated on their work ethic. You can sign up. You can give Ann your money, dream, and vision. Ann can say, “I have seen that happen.” It is about pointing, “That is the goal line over there.” They would be like, “Okay.” Are you going to put in the work to get down the field or to cross that finishing line to run that race or that marathon?


It is predicated on the inner desire, the work ethic, and the fuel. How much do you want to be successful? How badly do you want to be successful? I probably asked the wrong question, and you are right because it is not based on your methodology or your teachings. It is about what is in that person’s inner soul and how bad did they want it.


Programs differ. We are dedicated. Our achievement and outcome are creating successful entrepreneurs such that we affect the family economy and help them to become more independent. That is my whole history and story. I homeschool for several years. My husband and I are in multiple businesses. We were an economic powerhouse. We had a business in our home. We homeschooled in our home. Two of my sons work with me full-time.


You still are an economic powerhouse.


What I’m doing is duplicating that. Colonel Sanders is all over the country. That is what I’m doing. When you drive down your street, one of my students might be in one of those homes. As you are driving through your neighborhood, that is one of my students, and they are independent. They are generating their income from home. They get to achieve the goals they want for their family. That is the highest achievement, especially when they bring their kids in.


That’s a blessing. If you want to be a blessing in Colonel Ann’s system, you got to go to Miss Ann, thank you so much. I kid, and I say, “Colonel Ann.” I was in reference to the Colonel Sanders’ thing. No one should give away the recipe. You were such a blessing, and I am delighted to have joined Melanie to be asked because you made my day. I can’t say enough. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day and schooling us a little bit on what exactly you do.


Thank you. I love talking about it because we have freed many families. The college system is a business. They have a business. That is a lot of money. You can have a long professional career in the eCommerce space as a seller. I will tell a little closing story. Dr. Josie Shepherd was in my first training company wanting to learn online marketing. I made my shift, and I had a webinar where I was inviting people on. She came in and said, “Hi, Ann. This is Dr. Josie. I have been doing Amazon for a few years.”


She got on Amazon when she was 70. Within several years, she created three automated eCommerce businesses. She has built numerous prep and ship centers. Her son in Thailand runs her businesses for her overseas in Southern California. She lives up in Oregon. That started at age 70. By age 75, she had three automated businesses. When it comes to income, think big.


Let’s leave them with the nugget. How much does it cost for someone? Let’s say for example my wife was looking to make a career change and I showed her this show, I was like, “You got to meet Colonel Ann?” If I send her to you, what is the initial startup cost for your school and programs? What are customers looking at to get in that space with you to learn?


For the mentorship to get your first shipment out and somewhat of a weekly cadence, it is anywhere from $6,0000 to $10,000 in part to pay. You get one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and peak performance mentoring. The other part is you need money to buy your products. You need to have your initial investment, which we are going to tell you to start small. Why? It is because you are new. We don’t want you cutting your teeth on big what-if cash.


Once you see the money start coming in, you start throwing in more money. You want to get into a weekly cadence. We have a profit projection calculator. You said, “If she wants to replace an income.” They are going to need to have a fair amount of inventory. I interviewed a gal. It is $850 for inventory. She has made $20,000, not huge profits, but she said, “This is what is going to get my husband homing on.” He is the dean of students out of middle school. I’m confident, she loves her business. She’s getting the profits, and she parlayed them in.


I had a nurse. She did $42,000 in her first 90 days. She didn’t get to $42,000 in sales without putting in a fair amount of product. You need professional training and mentorship. You also do need the funds to do that. I will give you a case. We have a husband and wife with their daughter. She does the shipping. She is eighteen. They are in a mobile home traveling the country. It is a mobile business for them. He is at $20,000 a month now, and he is putting in $2,000 worth of inventory every week. That is a lot, but he moved towards that over about an eight-month period. It is at a full-time income. You staircase it. You were like, “I will put in $200 a week. Now that it is the profits, I’m going to do $300.”


You are coach guides you through how you work it up. You are growing this, and your dollar will move through the system roughly six times per year, pulling back a 20% profit. You can leave it in the bank, and you get less than 1% at the end of the year if you are lucky, or you make that dollar work hard for you as it rolls through the Amazon sales system. Six times per year is the average turn rate. That is what we call it.


Pulling back 20% profit, we have a discount stacking method where you increase your profit quite substantially. Our top seller makes upwards of 50% profit as she gets her products nearly for free because the discount is stacking. The profits are much bigger when her products sell. There is a lot to learn there, but it is a science. It is all run by numbers. It is not a crapshoot. You are not going to Vegas. This is a skill of being a professional seller.


My wife might call you. I’m going to say, “Tess, you need to call Colonel Ann.” Nonetheless, this has been an amazing conversation. Thank you so much for your time, Ann. We are blessed to have you on the show. I don’t want to speak for Melanie. I will let her do her sign-off. Thank you so much for your time and your nuggets of knowledge. It has been an honor to talk to you.


You are welcome. It is my privilege.


It has been great. I love talking with you, and we will have to do it again.


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About Ann Sieg

FWM 34 | Sales ArbitrageCoach, Author & Online Business Mentor


Ann Sieg is the author of three widely acclaimed books on how to attract customers online and generated over 4.2 million in sales from her first e-book over 13 years ago.


This all as a result of Ann and her husband losing their auto glass business almost overnight due to a new state law. Ann took her little “side-hustle” business and doubled-down…taking her sales from 2K per month to 90K per month in three months’ time. It was more than enough to bring her husband home.


She went on to build an online empire… network marketing, info marketing, affiliate marketing, creating and selling her own products… Ann did it all… to the tune of $20 million+ in sales.


Ann’s training has impacted hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to achieve online success all while working from home. But nothing has matched the rapid success of her e-commerce students. It’s not uncommon for them to see cash flow in the first few days or weeks of starting their businesses. And others have achieved 6, 7, and even 8 figure incomes – many through her free training alone.


Ann is passionate to help 1000 people make $10,000 a month and build their own family economy working from home.

FWM 34 | Sales Arbitrage