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Shut Up and Listen…..With Ron LeGrand

FWM 6 | Real Estate Investing


If there’s one thing you need to know as a new investor in real estate, it’s to shut up and listen. That’s advice from a seasoned expert in the field, Ron LeGrand. Ron has gone through 6 cycles of the market and come out on the other end victorious and without guaranteeing debt. What’s his secret to decades worth of maintained success? Tune into his chat with hosts Julie Houston & Gem Rinehart as he shares some of his best pieces of advice for real estate investors. Plus, get to listen to a call demonstration where he shows the script he uses close deals with quality leads. There is so much insight to gain from this episode, so don’t miss out!

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Shut Up and Listen…..With Ron LeGrand

We are super excited to have our guest, Ron LeGrand, on our show. As many know, he has been an expert and investor for decades. He has written and published eight books. Am I incorrect on that, Ron?

I think so. I lost track.

We are excited to have you here. Our show is focused on a lot of entrepreneurials and new investors, and even seasoned investors. We are excited to have you here. Would you mind giving just a little brief background about when you started your entrepreneurship or started out on your own?

First of all, that was a long time ago now. I was running a service station in 1982 when I got started and many years prior to that. I was the mechanic, I was the Manager, I was the gas pumper, and everything else that was involved in running the business. I had help but was always interrupted. I learned a good lesson there, and that was the art of focus and getting other people to do what you do.

I learned very quickly there is nothing you do that other people cannot do but that took an awful lot of years for me to learn. I came home one day, and my wife wanted me to buy her a new washing machine because that one broke. I told her no, and I went to bed mad, and we argued. I do remember this like it was yesterday. I could not sleep at night because I was thinking, “What a loser you are.” We had already been married seventeen years. We have been married even longer now.

If Beverly wants a washing machine today, she does not have to ask me. She still washes her own clothes. I will not let her. She won’t let me get anybody to do all this work for. She will just go do it. I knew I did not want to do what I was doing because I could not afford to get a new washing machine. We had to go to the grocery store twice a week because we could not afford to go for one week. People can understand that. Back then, I could buy a whole bag full of groceries for $10.

I cannot even get fresh chicken breasts here in Texas, where I live.

It is like that everywhere. I just came from the West, and gas is over $5.50 a gallon in Vegas. I live in Jacksonville, Florida. That is about to hit $5 here. It is ridiculous. Back then, I went to a seminar and looked for something to do and came out of that and went to another seminar. The next thing you know, I did my first deal and then got me $3,000. I kept on doing them. Pretty soon, I gave up my job, kept on doing real estate, and did it for an awful lot of years.

I learned many valuable lessons but I learned how to do it the right way. I see all these people on YouTube giving all these videos about doing real estate investing. I want to stick my head in a bag somewhere because most of it is absolute garbage advice. It gets people in so much trouble. I think to myself, “I wish I could reach everybody to tell them this is a load of crap,” but I cannot. I spent a lot of years learning. I spent a lot of years teaching it. I have been teaching it now for so many years. I still do.

I see a lot of your events, and they are very successful. A lot of people still want to learn. It is hard to find reputable people, especially since the pandemic, everybody is an expert. You do one deal, and all of a sudden, they have a course.

That is the big lesson right there, Julie. Be very careful to whom you listen because broke people cannot help you get rich but they all got an opinion. Some of them want to charge money for that opinion but they are not qualified to render that advice yet. You cannot get qualified without time going by. One deal does not make one an expert. Ten deals do not make one an expert. You have to have the time element in there because you do not have time to learn the lessons that you learned along the way as you are doing. Some people think, “I am going to come in and do the business. I do not have to get any training at all. I can learn it all on YouTube.”

I know you have been through up and down markets. With decades of investing, you have gone to six markets. In our market, what do you feel is the most successful investing method that you are using and focused on?

I will tell you that, regardless of the market, there is plenty of money in real estate. There always has been and always will be. People always have to have a place to live. That is not going to stop regardless of what the economy is like. When we do another downturn, and most certainly will, that’s a good thing for investors. The seller is way more motivated, and it makes the buyers harder to get in going through banks. In my world, I do not deal with banks. We do not guarantee a debt. We do not take risks. Therefore, we can operate.

We adapt to the time, and the cycles are not going to put us down. I always tell everybody that the biggest mistake you can make is guaranteeing the debt. If you are relying on going down to the bank and borrowing money and guaranteeing that debt, all you are doing is setting yourself up for bankruptcy court, most likely. It is going to take you a long time to get out of that. Borrowed money is not profit. It is not your money. You actually have to pay it back. You are just using it for a while.

If the debt goes on for a long time, you spend it almost as fast as you get it. What happens when that property wants that money back? That is one of the big problems with this BRRRR thing that I see everybody preaching. I am anti-BRRRR all the way for many reasons. The biggest one is you have got to go guarantee debt. On Planet Ron, you come on to my Earth guaranteeing your debt days are over because I will send some big ugly dude named Guido after you to harm you if I catch you applying for any kind of loan that requires you to guarantee a debt. You buy all the houses you want without guaranteeing debt. Why would you want to, to begin with?

Regardless of the market, there’s plenty of money in real estate, always has been and always will be. Click To Tweet

A lot of people do not know how to do that. They do not even think it is an option.

That is why they come to me. My favorite part of the real estate business for a lot of years now has been the terms business, which means we buy on terms and we sell on terms but I do not sell. I put lease option tenant-buyers in that, without guaranteeing debt, without borrowing money from banks, without going to private lenders, and usually without even doing any work or rehab. I get out real fast, big multithousand-dollar deposits. In Texas, there would be down payments because you cannot do the lease option thing in Texas but you can sell with owner financing, which one of my students is doing.

Even a $250,000 house with $20,000, $25,000 down is all nonrefundable. That is money you get on the front end. Now you get this great big cashflow and get the debt paid down and get appreciation, which is huge. A lot of people got rich in real estate because they owned it. They are not even sure why. They wake up one day, and it is worth a bunch of money.

You get the depreciation. You don’t if you sell it with owner financing but you get all the benefits of owning real estate. You keep the golden goose alive. You do not just go wholesale house, get a check or rehab and retail house and get a check, pay maximum taxes on it. You keep on doing it. That is the biggest problem. You have got to keep on doing it.

When I put somebody in a house, I get multiple streams of income for years and years to come. I did the job once and kept getting paid. I had a tenant move out on. She has been in the house for twelve years and is a tenant-buyer. She gave me several thousand dollars to get in. I cannot even remember how much. I have done no repairs on the house in twelve years. She paid her rent on time, and now she decided to move. That is a tenant-buyer. That is a big difference between that and a tenant. She had thousands of dollars at risk, which is why she paid her rent. No rent, move parts to the deposit.

My tenant buyers are responsible for all the repairs. Even in Texas, when you sell a house, you are not going to repair it for them. They are going to do their own repair. That takes a lot of the burden off of landlording. It drives a lot of money to the bottom line. I like a business where I can do the job once and keep getting residual income. Wholesaling and rehabbing is not part of that but are part of our industry. I teach them both. I have done a lot of both but I prefer the terms business because of the wealth that comes along with it. Not just a paycheck. I got to go out and keep learning.

You do not have to go out and do another house after house.

You give half over to the IRS.

I have a question. If you could go back to Ron, pre-where you are at, what do you think is the advice you would give yourself?

Do I get to know what I know?

You get to know what you know. What would you have done differently?

The answer is one thing I did not do right, as I was very reluctant to ask for help because I did not think I needed it. Another thing that I did wrong was I tried to do everything myself, and nobody is going to succeed in doing everything themselves. Everybody needs help. It took me a lot of years to learn that there is nothing I can do that somebody else cannot do for a very small amount of money and, most of the time, better than me.

When we get lost in the minutia, we lose sight of focusing on the revenue, spend all our time focusing on cost control, and we do not get anything of any consequence accomplished. Most people are guilty of that. Anybody going out and buying a brick and mortar business, for example, sucks up their life with little or no money.

I have had six restaurants that I do not want anymore. Compare real estate to your restaurant, for example, or any other brick and mortar business; it costs me a lot of money investing in getting it up and running. I have to hire the help, deal with the help, deal with the food, and all the other things that come along with a restaurant.

FWM 6 | Real Estate Investing
Real Estate Investing: Be very careful to whom you listen because broke people cannot help you get rich, but they all got an opinion.


When I operate it, and I am lucky even if I do not make some money. It is not big money, that is for sure. There are a few people that make a lot of money in restaurants. There are a few things that are reasons for that. Most restaurants do not have those reasons. These people are working for nothing. It sucks up their life.

Compare that to real estate. I do not have to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to get my real estate business open. My overhead is very small. People that I teach can run a successful real estate operation for less than I paid for the utility bills to keep my restaurant open. Forget about the labor and the food, which by themselves sucked up 65% of every dollar that came in. I was not able to figure out how to sell a steak dinner and make $25,000 on it. We had a small overhead and this high transaction value, which creates a very good environment for a business.

We have a product that is never going to go out of style. They are never going to reinvent something to replace housing. As long as we live, people always have to have a place to live, and it works everywhere. Wherever there are houses, there are people who want to buy them, and other people want to sell them. It has been that way longer than I have been around. It is going to be that way long after you and I are gone. It is a very stable business. We just adapt to the market. None of us has ever seen a crazy market like this.

However, look at the opportunity on the selling side. Just wait a month. Here in Jacksonville, Florida, where I live, the values of houses went up 25% in one year. I can name you decades or the whole decade that they did not go up 25% all over the country. Look what has happened in this crazy market. As a buyer, it is the time to buy and hold on for dear life, especially when you are buying without risk. That means you are buying without guaranteeing debt, and that is what I teach.

We buy it without using a loan with no money and without guaranteeing debt, and equally as important, it does not take much time because a lot of people are getting into this industry. They spend their whole day in their business. The next thing you know, 50 or 60 hours go by, and not much of any great consequence has been accomplished because of the time-consuming minutia in business.

Real estate can be as well but not in my world because we have got all the systemization and implementation in place where there is not much for you to do except make decisions on who you want to buy from and who you want to sell to. It took me a long time to figure that one out, for the record. First of all, the last thing a man wants to do is take instructions because we do not do that.

If the wheel is round, we are going to make it rounder. If it is working perfectly, we have to fix it. It is hard for me to learn to listen. The older I got, the more I learned. The less I know and I better rely on other people who have been there and done that to help me avoid all the hurdles that cost me so much money and time.

I have known you for quite a few years now. The best advice I ever learned from you was to keep my mouth shut and listen if I didn’t understand or know what was going on and listen to somebody who has been there and has done it before. That was the best advice that you ever gave me. We were in a private room, an intimate mastermind. It was the best thing you have ever said to me.

I will give you another one. This will be the second-best thing. If you get out here in the world, you got to deal with people. You are not going to buy houses unless you deal with sellers. You are not going to sell houses unless you deal with buyers. That requires an actual human relationship. We do not do this on text. It is a learned art to learn how to deal with it. It is nothing more than learning communications. The key to communication is to ask questions, not teach and preach, and answer questions with questions. The art of getting more of what you want is to shut up, ask questions, and add to them briefly with questions. For example, you want to go through the script we use for the sellers. Do you want to be my seller?

Let’s do it.

You got a house for sale. You are asking me $350,000 for the house. My virtual assistant has called you because you ran an ad on something saying that you want to sell the house and fill out a property information sheet. We have VAs to do that. They call about 60,000 a month so that our students do not have to cause that is a lot of work chasing people. I get that sheet. I am calling you back and doing what I call the closing call. The closing call has got a simple script to get to the point.

One of the questions that you told my VA is that you might be interested in letting me make your monthly payment for you until we can pay you off in full. You answered yes because you said, “I do not have to have all the money out of the house the day I sell,” or you do not really have any money coming this week, either way, you said yes. Now I am calling you back. Are you ready?

I am ready. I hope.

The phone is ringing.

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“Hi, Julie.  This is Ron. You talked to my assistant yesterday about the house you had for sale. Have you got a minute?”

“I do. I did talk to her.”

“I got all the information here, so we do not need to go through that again. I see that you indicated that you might be okay if I make your payments for you until we get you cashed out in the future. Apparently, you answered yes to that. Is that correct?”

“I did.”

“I only have three questions for you to determine whether I need to come out and take a look at whether I can buy your house or not.”


“You said you were asking $350,000 for it. Is that the best you can do, Julie?”

“I am separating from my husband and going through a divorce, so that is where we are but I am willing to be somewhat flexible because we need to finalize this.”

“Tell me, what is the least you could take if we can come to terms on the rest of it?”

“The absolute bottom line I could do would be $320,000.”

“Second question is we usually buy with nothing down.”

“How does that work then?”

“That means that I buy your house. I pay all the closing costs. We have the attorney close it and get all the paperwork done, and then I just start making your payments until I get you paid off in the future. You do not own the house anymore. You have no more words on it. It is all on me, and I close it whenever you are ready.”

FWM 6 | Real Estate Investing
Real Estate Investing: The biggest mistake you can make is guaranteeing debt.


“That is it? How much do I have to pay out of my pocket?”

“Not one single dime, Julie, and you know what else? You do not have to be out the day we close. If you need a little time, that is all right with me. If you do not want to clean all your furniture out, leave whatever you want, take whatever you want. I do not care, which is not something that an owner-occupant moving in behind you would care about. I am very flexible.”

“Thank you.”

“Lastly, your payment is $1,838 a month. Is that correct?”

“That is correct.”

“You are okay if I keep paying that until it is paid off?”

“Really? This is going to happen?”

“Yes. In fact, it can happen next week if you are ready.”

“I actually am.”

“I need to come out and take a look at the house. When would you like that to happen?”

“I am available this weekend.”

“It is only Wednesday. I would like to get out there quicker now if I can.”

“I could do it tomorrow night when I get home from work.”


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“That is perfect.”

“You said you were getting a divorce. Do you and your husband own this house jointly?”

“We do.”

“Does he know you are selling?”

“He does know I am going to sell the home.”

“Do you need his permission to sell?”

“I do not.”

“You can sell without him?”

“I can.”

“Do you know he has to sign a deed?


“Am I going to have trouble with him?”

“He should not. He has been very cooperative about it. He has already left.”

“Do you think I need to have him at this meeting?”

FWM 6 | Real Estate Investing
Real Estate Investing: Nobody’s going to succeed doing everything ourselves. Everybody needs help.


“I do not think so. He will sign.”

“You do know he needs to sign an agreement. Another question, if I come out to your house and we agree on everything, it looks like we are going to. Are you ready to get some paperwork done and sell the house now?”

“I am.”

“I will see you tomorrow night at 6:00.”

“I cannot wait. I look forward to meeting you.”

“One more thing. Could you have all the paperwork ready that you got when you bought the house so I can go through it and see whatever I need out of it?”

“I already have it out for the lawyers and the divorce. I have everything already ready.”

“I will see you tomorrow at 6:00.”

“Sounds good. Thank you.”

I just made an appointment. Julie, think about this. Who made whom the offer?

You did.

No, I did not.

I did?

“What is the least you will take?” You gave me the answer. I usually buy with nothing down. You said, okay. “Your payment is $1,838. Are you okay with me making that?” You said yes. You made me the offer. I just asked you the questions that led you to answers to make me the offer. I answer your questions with questions.

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I am so nervous about the role play off the cuff.

If you said, “I do not want terms.” I have another script that explains all the reasons why you might want to take them. After I have pre-screened you very clearly and said, “Julie, if you have to have all the money on the day you sell the house, then I cannot work with you on terms.” My next question would be, “If I were to pay you all cash now, what is the least you could take? If you get that number down there, I might be willing to pay you all cash.” I will get a private lender and borrow the money and pay you all cash but I would have to have a bigger discount than the one you gave me. I am either going to get a term deal or turned into a cash deal. By the way, if I had a license and cannot do either, we will turn it into a listing.

You have multiple options. That makes sense.

Do you have another question or are you still thinking about whether you want to sell or not?

I think we are good with the house thing. I wasn’t ready to be off the cuff. That was good. I love that. From my understanding, I know our readers are going to be able to see a free training on everything we reviewed at www.RonLeGrand.com/FreeTerms.

We have a podcast called TheMentorPodcast.com, in which I interview people on a regular basis, and sometimes they interview me. That is RonLeGrand.com/FreeTerms. That is an hour and a half of training on exactly how we do this buy and sell on terms business, which by the way, is 95% of the deals I do on all kinds of price ranges. That can go up to $2 million or $3 million houses. I do not care. The higher price, the better because we do not go down and borrow money and go and guarantee debt.

We do not have anything to lose regardless. That is an hour and a half of me teaching that, going through it step by step, taking questions, answering the questions, and so forth. People clearly understand how that works because one of the big hurdles is, “I cannot buy a property without going down to the bank and borrowing money and putting up a down payment.” Nothing could be further from the truth but they must be convinced of that. This is my chance to show them how that works.

Readers, please go check out his podcast.

TheMentorPodcast.com. We have a whole bunch of them posted up on the archives. You got to register, and every Wednesday, you get a reminder but there is a whole bunch of good podcasts posted up with some smart people.

I am so excited to even still be on with you. Last thing, before we close out, what would be your three best tips or advice for anyone new or even seasoned in real estate?

Those are two different sets of advice. For anybody, you better be careful to whom you listen. I am telling you that because if you listen to the wrong people, you are going to get bad advice. It could not lead you to not only mediocrity but even financial troubles and maybe even legal troubles because there is a lot of illegal crap being promoted on the internet. It is totally illegal, and the people promoting it probably do not even know it.

Number two, better get systemized and learn the art of delegation. I do not care how much training you do. I do not care how many seminars you go to. I do not care how many groups you belong to or many podcasts you watch. All of that is just training worthless without implementation. Nothing happens until you take what you learn and start implementing it a little bit at a time until you get better and better. You look back and say, “I got so smart and quick.” They will all think you are a genius. You start making money, and they will all be jealous. That is exactly what you want to do. You want to piss off all your elders.

I want to know the real number. This might be a crazy question but what is the real number we could be like, “Screw you. I am done working with everybody else or working for other people,” and walk away. I always wonder, what is that real freedom number? Kiyosaki said years ago. It was having all your debt paid off. What was it, a million in the bank at the time?

It is different for everybody, Julie. I know people that have a million in the bank, thinking they are very broke and not even close to enough. Most people with a million in the bank think they are rich. When you start making more money, guess what else you are going to want to start doing? Spending more money, which is okay. I am an advocate of that.

FWM 6 | Real Estate Investing
Real Estate Investing: The art of getting more of what you want is to shut up, ask questions, answer them briefly with questions.


The more you spend, the more you want to make. Besides, if you are a true entrepreneur, the more you make, the more you are going to want to make anyway because we go through life. I am 75 years old, and I do not have to work. I do not do much work. I spend more time on my classic cars out in my back workshop than I do working in a company running without me.

We have got a great team and a company that operates mostly well. I show up and talk like I am doing now but then what is the big problem when you get to the point where you do not have to show up for work? What are you going to do? Everybody needs something to look forward to. Everyone does. A lot of people live their whole lives and do not realize that something is getting up and going to work every day.

I love what I do. I cannot imagine not doing what I do.

Even if I am working from home, I got to have something to do. I just cannot sit around and do nothing. I have to create things to do. I can only do that if I am willing to let other people do what they do best, get the heck out of their way, and let them do it for a very small amount of money so that I can focus on that big picture, a 30,000-foot view. You got to learn systemization, and without it, frankly, you are going to die a slow death of minutia. You are never really going to get where you want to go. If you take a look back, it is minutia that kept you back. You spend all your time focusing on cost control and the pennies, and do not worry about the dollars.

This real estate thing is a business where we can make the dollars come in big. I left lunch with one of my students, who made $123,000 on one lousy house. One deal, $123,000 based on what I taught him. What would that do to most people’s lives that are swapping hours for dollars every day? I got students doing ten houses a month. I know people doing 200 to 300 houses a year but that is not where you start. You got to get systemized or you are never going to get to that point. You asked me the question of what three things.

One is to be careful to whom you listen. The second one is to start taking advice from others that are qualified and get systemized to the point where you ask yourself all the time, regularly, “Should I be doing this?” The answer is almost always no. “Who can I delegate it to?” You look for people who you can delegate it to. You can outsource most of the stuff that you want to do. That is a very hard habit for people to get into because they just refuse to turn loose or never learn. “I can do this.” You can but at what price? I have a plane. I can fly my own plane. You won’t be flying that plane. I can learn how to fly it.

I meet you and your team sometimes at certain locations. They are like, “We are going to leave. We are getting on Ron’s plane.” I am like, “I am lucky I have extra leg room on the flight home.”

I made a mistake in taking the commercial jet to Vegas. Now I know why I got a plane. It took me fourteen hours to get home from Vegas. Five hours later than I anticipated being here. It was horrible. I will not do it again. The third thing before you and I both forget. People coming to me, I got to change your thinking and tell them right up front, “If I cannot change your thinking, I am not going to change your financial situation either.” They come with all these illusions, this myth, and this crap that they learned on the internet. All these things are going to go wrong. They talk themselves right out of it.

I got to fix the real perception of real estate and where the money is being made but even more importantly, I got to fix their opinion of themselves and how much money they think they can make. Most people will not allow themselves to believe that they are qualified and worthy of making high 6 or 7 figures when they spend all their life swapping hours for dollars on a job.

That is my husband. My husband is the cheapest man in the universe. We buy houses locally here. He works on the houses and I am like, “Let’s hire a painter. Let’s hire this,” because it is all about time and getting ready to ready to put it on the market. He is like, “I am going to do it myself because we are going to save so much money.” He has that poor man mentality.

You got to have to train it out of him or replace him, Julie. I was saying.

Let’s pray he does not hear this one interview.

I hope he does hear this interview. You should make it clear to him, “I am going to replace you in twenty minutes, so you better get on the ball here.” It is a bad habit to get out of, isn’t it?

My husband is a lot older than me too. I retired my husband a few years ago.

FWM 6 | Real Estate Investing
Real Estate Investing: It’s all in the script.


It is true now, to his defense. He is looking for something to do. What if we spent that time actually looking for better deals and focusing on getting the deals? He is not going to save that much by not letting somebody else do it. He will save some but what is the cost?

Your time is valuable too. You know how it is. I can go out and find a house. I want to do an outdoor kitchen, so I am going to go find a house that we are going to find. We are going to owner finance, and that is how I am going to build the outdoor kitchen.

He is not going to get out of that habit unless he has something else to do to replace what he is doing. Remember what I just said? He is not renovating that house to save money. He is renovating that house because he has to have something to do because that is what he is accustomed to doing. I understand that completely. It might not be a bad thing as long as you are generating the deals.

Maybe you do not have to change his thinking. Maybe you just have to give him more houses to think about fixing. How about that? Pretty soon, he will get to the point where he knows he has got to get help and replace himself anyway or you can get to the point where he does not want to do it anymore. If you are just doing rehabs, you have got to get into a terms business.

I am not doing rehabs. He is fixing out one. We are doing one rental because it is a prime location in the downtown area next to the major highway. We are going to keep it long-term.

You are in Texas. You do not have any choice if you want to keep it.

We would have to put a tenant in it. We also have another home. I have a renter in but I bought it for my son. My son has a house after he graduates from college. I am out in the country too. I am in a very rural area.

That does not matter. There are a lot of people looking for that.

It is booming out here.

Here is what you might want to do. Put a tenant in there, get a higher rent, which by the way, you should let the tenant name, not you. “What is the most you can pay if I put you in this house?” Let them bid on the rent. You are in a market where rents are ridiculous. Let them tell you and give it a little time. The highest bidder wins. You can tell them, “You can live in this house. You rent it. You pay your rent on time. You take care of it. If you want to, you can pay me an additional amount every month toward your down payment.”

You can work with your attorney on this because you guys can do that there. Do not call it a lease option because you are renting it or, “You can just pay rent for a year, and after the year is over, as soon as you can come up with 25% down, I will owner finance it for you.” You work with your attorney on how you can collect that 25% down to comply with the law because you can.

That gives you a good reason to raise the rent, and then you can silently suggest to them that, “If I rent this house to you, I expect you to do the repairs with your own money. Do not call me.” You cannot enforce that but if you give them an incentive on the other side, you do not need to enforce it. They will do it anyway. If I do something to it for a tenant-buyer because they cannot afford it, I raise the price of the house by 125% of what it costs me to do that thing. They do not ever buy anyway. It is in your best interest to do it anyway to protect the property.

There is a lot of valuable information, Ron. It is such an honor and pleasure to have you on our show.

I am just a fountain of information. See that gray hair? Believe it or not, it used to be dark.

FWM 6 | Real Estate Investing
Real Estate Investing: Nothing happens until you take what you learn and you start implementing.


I have been naturally gray since I was seventeen years old and had to spray paint the gray before we got on.

Why? Be proud of it.

I am thinking, “Just let it go wild and go gray.”

I earned it. I am keeping it.

Thank you again, Ron, for being on our show. If you guys can go to www.RonLeGrand.com/FreeTerms, you will get all the information about what we discussed on terms earlier with Ron. We really appreciate you.

My pleasure, ladies, where else would I be?


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