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Will Facebook Bomb Or The Verge Explode?

There have been great changes across the different social media platforms, like the rise of Meta, TikTok changes, and the transformation of Twitter into X. How do these changes affect the digital marketing space? In this episode, Brian Davidson, the Co-Founder of Matchnode, explains the changing social media advertising ecosystem across the different emerging platforms. He also mentions how digital marketing in Twitter/X is a complete disaster compared to Meta, which is leading the way. Although the lead campaigns are technically evolving, Brian sees this as an opportunity to become creative in reaching audiences. So what should you look forward to in the future of digital marketing? Tune in to this episode to find out more.

Team Solo Cast Part 1

In this special episode, Fuller Wallet’s Director of Sales Melanie Davidson is put on the hot seat. She shares her responsibility in bringing in business and guiding clients through their services. She discusses why sales is all about helping people identify their problems and find solutions instead of simply closing deals to earn a profit. Melanie also talks about her career transition to sales and the benefits of working in a hybrid workplace setup.

Benefits Of Having Your Website As Functional As Possible With Todd Heitner

Curious on how to make a professional-looking and fully functional website? Then this is the episode for you! Julie Houston sits down with Todd Heitner of Apartment Investor Pro to talk about how having a well-designed, attractive, and easy-to-navigate website is not only richly beneficial. He explains why this is also crucial to build credibility and offer consumer value in this new technological age. If you need help figuring out where to start with your website design, tune in now! Learn how to present your single or multifamily business in the best way possible!

Branding Your Business Online And PLAN For 2023 With Connor Steinbrook

In this digital age, physical flyers and postcards don’t mean anything against digital content. Combining audio and visual materials gains the most engagement nowadays, making YouTube marketing a crucial factor in brand building today. Julie Houston and Gem Rinehart explore this strategy with Connor Steinbrook, who built his real estate business around YouTube. Connor explains how to establish credibility and get the attention of your target audience through well-crafted video content. He also discusses the power of repetition in personal development, creating healthy habits that ultimately lead to a successful mindset.