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The Revolutionary AI Chat Bot With Oscar Garcia

Year after year, we are only seeing technology move at a rapid pace, getting better than ever. The latest revolutionary product we’re seeing that is taking everyone by storm is the AI chat bot, ChatGPT. While AI has been around for a while, this latest craze is only showing us a glimpse of the future of technology. Here to dive deep into this topic is Oscar Garcia, a consultant, coach, speaker, and host of The OMG! Show. Before that, he shares with us his career journey specializing in online marketing and the lessons he learned along the way. Oscar then talks about the implications of using ChatGPT for speeding up processes in business. He breaks down how it’s going to affect SEO, copywriting, and doing paid ads. We have a game-changer in our midst, and we can leverage it. Join Oscar in this conversation as he takes us into the many possibilities this tool can help open for our business.