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The Revolutionary AI Chat Bot With Oscar Garcia

FWM 39 | AI Chat Bot

Year after year, we are only seeing technology move at a rapid pace, getting better than ever. The latest revolutionary product we’re seeing that is taking everyone by storm is the AI chat bot, ChatGPT. While AI has been around for a while, this latest craze is only showing us a glimpse of the future of technology. Here to dive deep into this topic is Oscar Garcia, a consultant, coach, speaker, and host of The OMG! Show. Before that, he shares with us his career journey specializing in online marketing and the lessons he learned along the way. Oscar then talks about the implications of using ChatGPT for speeding up processes in business. He breaks down how it’s going to affect SEO, copywriting, and doing paid ads. We have a game-changer in our midst, and we can leverage it. Join Oscar in this conversation as he takes us into the many possibilities this tool can help open for our business.

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The Revolutionary AI Chat Bot With Oscar Garcia


Our guest is Oscar Garcia. He is back for another chat regarding ChatGPT.


It’s not just Oscar Garcia though. Give them your initials, Oscar. What is it?


It’s OMG. One of the many things my parents got.


You were branding it. Everyone is branding it for you. OMG. They are sending down text messages and you are talking about Oscar Garcia. That’s awesome.


Thanks. I appreciate it. I looked out for that but thank you. I’m happy to be back here and talk about anything online marketing. ChatGPT is one of those things that I will be more than happy to dive into. We are looking here to providing some value to your audience once again.


ChatGPT is a hot-button word. It’s the latest craze. What did they sign up for? What was it? One hundred million users in February 2023 or something like that? It was nuts.


It was November 30th of 2022 when they launched and they received 1 million signups within 24 hours, which is the fastest, at least to my knowledge, to do that. It’s pretty much been a game changer and for good reason. There are some implications with using ChatGPT but in terms of the benefits that you can leverage for speeding up processes in your business, it’s pretty unmatched. It’s crazy that we are living in this time and I have been having a lot of fun with it.


For those that maybe didn’t hear your first episode, ladies and gentlemen, go back and read what Oscar provided in that content on that show. Don’t forget. He’s got the referral link of He’s going to tell you about some offers here in a little bit. For those of you who didn’t read the first episode, tell them what exactly you do. Do you have your agency? How do you provide value? Is it individuals? Is it businesses? Talk about that quickly.


I have been doing online marketing and sales pretty much for the past years and within those years, I have done a lot of different things from having my agency to launching virtual summits, eBooks, workshops and challenges. Pretty much anything under the sun when it comes to online marketing, I have had play into it.


Some of them have been very successful. Others have not. I’m in a position where I have realized who exactly I want to help and that’s someone who pretty much was me years ago, which is someone who’s trying to leverage their knowledge for income. These are professionals or even fitness people and experts. Let’s say you are in real estate and you have all this knowledge about how to buy houses or flip houses.


The thing is that you can only level up your business or scale your business so far as a one-person team or even if you have a team, you can take your business much farther if you leverage that knowledge. I’m the guy that does that with paid ads. I know how to package up your knowledge, sell it and use ads behind it to sell that automatically. That way, you are not out there creating tons of content only being seen by the same friends and family that I have always been there since day one.


That was my problem for a long time. My mom is my biggest fan. Shout-out to mom. Did you change careers? What were you doing prior? Did you have your Jerry Maguire moment and say, “I’m going to start my thing?” What was that moment in time about?


I didn’t write a memo and send it out to everybody overnight. That’s not what I did. I was very fortunate that right out of school, I went to USF down in Tampa. I graduated with a degree and a job in hand working for a Fortune 500 company. I was part of their two-year rotational program where they rotated me between different business departments.


In between that year, they do your evaluation and you go into negotiation in terms of a raise. I was looking at all the effort that I had done and what they were coming back to me with. They were telling me that I was only going to get a 2% raise at the end of my salary. I’m like, “That’s nice.” At the time, I thought I had made it because I was used to making $7.25 an hour working minimum wage. Having a nice salary, I was like, “I should be grateful.”


I’m then thinking long-term like, “One day I want to have a family. I want to have my kids,” but I’m only down. I want to support my mom and dad. I want to be able to buy them a house and do things for them. I’m like, “At this rate, I’m not going to be able to do that financially.” The only way for me to move up at the company is to move to, for example, Cincinnati. No hate for Cincinnati but as someone who grew up in Florida, Cincinnati doesn’t seem like home.


You don’t strike me as a Reds fan. You are more like a Tampa Bay Rays fan.


I’m all about that salt life. I was two and a half years after I worked in that corporate gig and I knew that I wanted out but you have all the security. I had 401(k). I had all these different things and I was like, “I need to get out of here.” I was thankful that at the time I had a mentor whom I got while I was at school. We still stayed in touch and he’s like, “You got to burn the boats.” He gave me this metaphor of like, “You are Mexican.” I’m like, “100%.” He’s like, “Do you know what happened to Cortez when he came over with Mexico?” I was like, “What happened?” He told this man, “Burn the boats.” Lo and behold, there was no turning back.

FWM 39 | AI Chat Bot
AI Chat Bot: Burn the boats, and lo and behold, there was no turning back.


It’s a metaphor that hit home and I was like, “That makes complete sense.” That’s when I gave a one-month notice and was like, “I’m out.” December 1st of 2015 was my last day there. Thankfully at the university too, I’m a big believer in networking. I had met someone who had this business idea and needed someone to help implement it.


I was like, “My lease is up. Can I move in with you and then let’s work on your business?” I moved in with him. I packaged all my stuff in storage and pretty much pulled out my 401(k). I was like, “I have three months off my 401(k) to live. Let’s figure it out.” After three months, my 401(k) ran it out. He was throwing me some money on the side there so I had to manage my bills.


Over 8 months from the moment that we started, we had hit our first $10,000 a month so our first 5-figure month. After that, we then hit 6 figures and then by the end of the 2nd year, we were already $500,000. From there, that became the catalyst for the rest of my career and online marketing entrepreneurship.


That is an amazing story. You burned the boats. I have heard that analogy before but to hear it and someone live it is different.


It’s pretty scary. I didn’t have a family at the time. I meet a lot of people that hear my story but I’m very different. I have family and kids because it’s not someone that can do that right off. I’m also very appreciative of the fact that I was in that position to be able to do that and the fact that I had people around me that wanted to help me build me up but also thought that they saw value in me to give me that shot. I’m here speaking to you and super appreciative of that.


You bring a ton of value. Don’t sell yourself short. You start this with your friend and then that was years ago. Are you still in business with him?




Was it a coaching consulting type business then or were you all trying to sign clients and market them? You said you do consulting and coaching now.


Back then, that’s when I was asking myself, “Someone saw the value in me.” Here I am, two years out of college with a Marketing degree but have no marketing experience. This guy that I met at school had this idea for a soccer training company. He wanted to do P90X but for soccer players and deliver it online so people didn’t have to wait for DVDs or anything. It was like you buy, get instant access and start training right away but he didn’t have the website. He didn’t have the funnel and the sales systems in place. That’s where I re-educated myself on what marketing is.


Even though I got a degree and loved my time at the university, my Marketing degree taught me nothing when it came to sales. None of that. How do you get a marketing degree without being able to scale a business or something like that? I had to relearn. I pretty much forget what I have learned and relearn what it is to sell and implement those systems.


Over the course of those 8 months, that’s when we ended up building that 6-figure business and it was all based on soccer training. We created a 30-day at-home soccer training program. We went out to a soccer field. We shot ten videos and then built a framework that a player could follow by themselves. We called it a push plan training system and they could do over 30 days. We started selling that for $27 online. We started something at $19. Our first sale was with a gentleman named Steve. That was the best $19 I had ever made because it was the first time that I had been able to generate a sale online. The crux of that story is that for the next month and a half, we didn’t get any sales.


That’s why you remember Steve’s name. He was wanted for three months.


We didn’t get any sales because the funnel wasn’t converting. That’s when you start honing on your craft and figuring out the science and the magic behind conversion rate optimization and split testing, looking at copy angles and interviewing your customers to find out what are the exact pain points to put into the copy and all this stuff.


Eventually, we get it to a point where we would put in $100 and then get $1,000 out. Back then, it was the Wild West with Facebook ads so we were able to scale very rapidly. We used that low ticket to then build the list. As anyone knows who has an online business, it’s all about the email list. We would then launch other products within the list by asking them, “What other training programs do you want?” They give us feedback. We created it, sell it to them and then that’s how we started scaling. For me, the number one growth factor was always paid ads to a low-ticket offer to then build the list. If you get that to generate a profit, great. You are looking at breakeven but the power is on the list.

The number one growth factor was always paid ads to a low-ticket offer to then build the list. Click To Tweet

It sounds easy but I know firsthand that it is not easy whatsoever.


I will give you another story if you want.


Give it to us.


When most people look at online marketing, the first thing that comes to mind is a sales funnel. The way most people teach a sales funnel is like, “Here’s your lead magnet. This is what you are offering for free in exchange for an email.” You might have what some people call a tripwire offer, which is like a quick low-ticket offer to turn that lead into a customer.


With my first landing page, we are driving traffic to it. We are spending about $50 a day on ads. I remember for about a good while, we couldn’t get it to convert more than 3%. At least my expectation is a minimum but what you want is at least 30% conversion on your landing page. This is for a free PDF or workbook. Webinars are a little bit different. For a free lead magnet, 30% is what you want. We were at 3% and it took me about 98 different landing page variations to get it to at least 10%.


I was using lead pages at the time and I would always copy. I was keeping track of how many pages I was doing. It wasn’t until probably about the 99th or even the 100th time that I switched 1 word around and we went from a 10% conversion to a 45% conversion rate on the landing page. It was nuts. I was like, “What is going on here?” I couldn’t comprehend it. With that one change, it opened the floodgates, which then it’s all about numbers. The more people that went through the lead magnet, the more people saw the offer, the more people jumped on the offer and then the rest is history. It’s a numbers game.


Let’s call it the even 100 pages or 100 different variations of that landing page to get to that 45%. What was the time span? These 100 landing pages that you created, was it within 2 months or 2 days? What time span are we talking about that you dedicated to try and give different variations of the same landing page to up your percentages?


I want to say about 5 months because our 1st sale was to Steve in March. I don’t remember off the top of my head but I want to say August or September is when we finally opened the floodgates and then that’s when everybody started coming through. By November of the next year, that same timeframe, we hit $100,000 because of Black Friday. It’s those 100 different split tests within a 5-month period. I feel safe to say that.


This is prior to ChatGPT because we are going to get into that, what you are doing with it and how you feel about it.


This was back in 2016.


I’m sure AI was around back then but it wasn’t readily available to the mass public like it is now. Imagine how accelerated you could have taken that 5 months in those 100 variations of that landing page and how quickly you could have gone.


To give you a reference, I do have my community called Marketing & Mojitos where I do help other course creators figure out online marketing and stuff like that. I did a workshop on ChatGPT. I was showing them how they can write landing page copy using specific prompts and stuff like that. I’m big on implementation. I always feel like that is the difference maker. I don’t care about providing information. I want people to do it. My workshops are very focused on following me along.


Her name is Lynn and she wrote the landing page within ten minutes of using ChatGPT. She started running ads on it. Immediately, she got a 45% conversion rate on her landing page. She didn’t have to wait for the 5 to 6 months that I did back in 2016. She sat there and did a little quick workshop within an hour, overnight wrote a landing page and started building her list.


That’s very exciting and aggravating.


I wasn’t mad at all. I was like, “This is awesome.”


I would think it would be exciting but still a little bit annoyed.


Don’t get me wrong. If I were to look back, I will be like, “Did I even need to go to college?” I wish I had had some too back then. You could do that for a whole bunch of different things. I was super happy with the fact that she was able to run with the workshop implemented and get results immediately. A 45% conversion rate isn’t easy to come by for someone who’s experienced. Depending on your market and what you are doing, it can be very tiresome and can take you a long time to get to a point where it’s building your list profitably. The fact that she was able to get it done by using AI, this amazing tool that we have at our disposal for free, is even crazier.


Writing email copy and landing page content using that for ChatGPT. I play with it. I use it every day. It’s all about how you word the scripts. All three of us know. Let me ask you this. How do you think it’s going to affect SEO? How is Google going to combat this? People are writing content on websites. What are your thoughts on that?


I will preface this by saying that I am not an SEO expert. This is not my wheelhouse. Google is already coming out with its version of AI called Bard. What I think is going to happen is at some point, it’s going to realize what copy is written by ChatGPT versus what copy is written by Bard AI. They won’t say this publicly but they will probably start having a preference for a copy that’s written by Google Bard first.


Once everyone starts to get on the bandwagon, then they are going to be like, “No more AI copywriting,” or they are going to have some checkers in place to make sure there’s a good balance between AI and actual organic content. There are already tons of articles coming out about whether Google is going to start having some of the ways the letter is shaped, the code behind the scenes and all that stuff to check for this AI copy.


For me, because I don’t necessarily rely on organic traffic, I don’t pay too much attention because I’m mostly running ads. For me, it’s all about, “How can I generate ad copy and create it faster so I can test, implement and get results faster?” For those that are leveraging, for example, for SEO, they might want to start to pay more attention to that and make sure they are ahead of the curve.


My question was how do you think it’s going to affect me and you answered it. I know you run paid ads. More or less, you got the gurus that are running hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in paid ads. They are trying to build that list. What do you think is a healthy budget for somebody that’s starting like Lynn that wrote that landing page with ChatGPT and converted 45%? What do you think is a healthy budget for someone that’s starting to try to get their course going as far as SEM spend monthly? What’s a healthy budget?


This is always a loaded question because there are a lot of variables that go into it. The easiest way that I can answer this question is do you have a low-ticket offer? A low-ticket offer means something that is between $7 and $50 for me. What I would look at is, “How much are you willing to spend to acquire one customer?”


Some people might say, “If I’m spending $20, I only want to spend $10.” In my mind, I’m willing to spend $20 to acquire 20 customers. It doesn’t take into account if you have some recurring revenue. Let’s say the lifetime value of that customer is $100. Then maybe you could spend $50 to acquire that customer.


That’s a little bit more advanced but let’s keep it simple. A lot of these platforms like Facebook, Google and TikTok rely on pixels which is a cookie. Without getting too technical, what’s happening is that these huge platforms like Apple and Google are taking privacy policies pretty seriously and are removing cookie tracking.


What this means for the everyday people and the everyday business owner that’s using ads is that you are putting money into a system that’s meant to optimize on a pixel but yet the people that are in charge of the game are removing the ability of that pixel to track conversions. You need to start adopting an anti-pixel strategy. Long story short, you need to be able to get a certain amount of conversions over a specific period.

FWM 39 | AI Chat Bot
AI Chat Bot: The everyday business owner using ads are putting money into a system that’s meant to optimize on a pixel, but yet the people in charge of the game are removing the ability of that pixel to track conversions.


Facebook, for example, needs 50 conversions within a 7-day window. If you are trying to acquire a $10 customer, that means over 7 days, you need to get 50 customers. If you are willing to spend $10 to acquire that customer, you should be willing to spend $500 within that 7-day period. Theoretically, that’s how it should work.


What I would suggest in terms of figuring out your budget is reverse engineering your funnel. If you have your pricing, work backward. Look at your offer, what that price is and then figure out, “How much am I willing to spend to acquire a customer?” Ideally, it’s the price of that low-ticket offer. Multiply that by 50. That’s how much you need to spend within a seven-day window to acquire that customer. That’s how you can start. It’s not 100% foolproof but that will give you a good idea in terms of where you need to be.


That’s a jewel right there, ladies and gentlemen. That is a nugget of information. If you want more, it’s because Oscar is dropping knowledge. It is amazing. You were so knowledgeable. Talking to you inspired me. My blood is like, “I can do it.” I’m sure other people are thinking the same thing. What would your advice be to anybody that makes that transition and wants to start like, “I can’t live on this $7.25 an hour?” It’s more but they want to make that Jerry Maguire move. What would your advice be to someone like that?


The first thing they need to do is find people who have done it and then study how they did it. Everyone has an opinion in terms of how they should start their business or how someone should start a business. What I’m seeing more and more is that people are gravitating towards content creators who are saying, “How I did it,” versus, “How you should do it.”


How you should do it is like several years ago that was super relevant but with the level of accessibility being non-existent, if you want to learn how to build a $1 billion business, you can go on YouTube and find that answer. What separates those creators are the ones that show you how they did it. This is why Alex Hormozi has blown up within the past years because he shows you what he’s done to get to that level. As opposed to someone else like, “Here’s how you build a $1 billion company,” but doesn’t have any proof to show.


There are so many of them out there where it’s like, “I built this billion-dollar company or multi-million-dollar ad agency.” I get flooded with that content like, “I did a $10 million agency a month and then I sold it. I’m teaching people how to do it.” The guru. You are convinced. You get into their funnel and pay the money. I haven’t done this but I have had people do it and they still don’t tell you. It keeps on like, “Buy the next level. Level up.” They keep sucking you in.


It’s the classic sell-the-how thing but what’s happening is that it’s evolving more to tell the how to sell the implementation or the action plan kind of thing. People want to know how to get results but are willing to pay to get results even faster. That involves hiring someone to do it for them or someone to work with someone.

People want to know how to get results now, but then are willing to pay to get results even faster. Click To Tweet

That’s the first thing. Figure out the people that are doing it and follow them. Number two is to forget about content. You had to look at the world as a pay-to-play model. Everyone is pay-to-play, whether it’s Facebook, TikTok or Instagram. It doesn’t matter. They are all going to get to a point where you have to pay for you to be seen.


For me, I look at content, whether it’s a blog, a carousel post on Instagram or a TikTok. To me, that is an ad. You should be in a position or a place in your business where if you are thinking about creating content, you should be okay with putting at least $5 a day into promoting that content so that way you can be seen by more people that are outside of your friends or family, the people that are following you.


The biggest thing that I’m always hearing about when I’m doing consultation calls and things like that is, “I’m always being seen by the same people. Whenever I post on Facebook, it’s always the same people commenting. How do I get new people?” The thing is that you have to advertise. I love Facebook. It’s the number one platform that I recommend people first start when it comes to advertising.


The cool thing is you can get an amazing piece of content. Let’s say it’s a three-minute video. Put $5 a day behind it and you can reach thousands of people over the course of 7 days who then you can retarget to get onto your list. That’s a smart way of doing it. That way, you start building your audience as opposed to creating all this content, putting in all this time, energy and effort and seeing little returns in the short term.


If you want to get in front of Oscar and help you out with your business, OMG is here to save the day. It’s amazing. You are a phenomenal person to talk to. The knowledge that you dropped is outstanding. I can’t thank you enough for joining the show.


Thank you for having me. I love this stuff. We can all help each other out. If there’s something that I know how to do, I’d love to share that. If you have questions, I’d be more than happy to open up and answer you. Let’s all do it together.


There’s enough food at the table where everybody can eat. Are you taking new students? How does your business model work? Are you accepting new clients? If they go to, what can they expect when they get in touch with you?


There are too many focuses. Number one, I want to grow my podcast. You can look it up. It’s The OMG! Show. The other thing that I’m focusing on growing is my community, which is Marketing & Mojitos. For me, a mojito is a way I like to celebrate my success. It doesn’t mean that you have to drink to be a part of a group. None of that. It’s just fun. It’s a community that’s off of Facebook but that’s highly focused on making sure that you can build a long-term sustainable business.


I’m still working with the guy that we started with years ago. That’s a sustainable business. He was able to leave his job, travel the world, eat all this amazing food and spend more time with his family because he was no longer attached to his 9:00 to 5:00. That’s the community that I’m trying to build and create. If anyone’s interested in that. It’s beta. It’s free for the moment. You can head over to Fill out a quick little survey and then you will get access to the group. We will welcome you there with open arms and start building your business together.


I’m going to do it to support you because digital creators like yourself, myself and Melanie need to support each other. There’s something that we can do for you and vice versa, it’s a community. I will go over and join that group. I do drink mojitos so that will work out. Mel, do you drink mojitos?


Sometimes, not as often as I used to.


You are going to join the Mojito group with me and we are going to drink mojitos together. It will work out. Oscar, thank you so much for joining the show. Before we leave, is there something that you want to maybe offer the readers to go to /OMG?


If somebody wants a list of all the ChatGPT prompts that I use to build a funnel to essentially sell a course or build a list, for example, if you need some landing page copy, ad copy or maybe even a seven-day email sequence, I have all these prompts in a nice little document that you can head over to Sign up and then you will get that document right then and there. You can start plugging them away inside ChatGPT and start building the assets you need to build your list.


It will be forwarded. It’s not a problem. We will drive it over there. That is amazing. Ladies and gentlemen, Oscar Garcia OMG. He goes by OMG because he is dropping knowledge that will blow your mind. Thank you so much, Oscar, for joining us. You are an inspiration and a true man with many talents.


Thank you, Matt and Melanie. I appreciate you and all the readers. Thanks so much. I’m looking forward to doing this again sometime.


For sure. We are going to raise the mojito in success. Thanks so much, Oscar. Come back in the next episode. Join us for another special guest. I don’t know if he’s going to be dropping knowledge like Oscar but it’s going to be great. Take care.


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About Oscar Garcia

FWM 39 | AI Chat BotOscar Garcia is a sought-after consultant, coach, and speaker specializing in online marketing and host of the highly rated podcast, “The OMG! Show,”


After pulling out his 401K and diving head first into muddy waters, he quickly built a half-million dollar business in only eight months.


Over the past few years, he’s dedicated himself to helping course creators grow their business through profitable paid traffic funnels that produce conversion rates of 70%+ and ROI’s of 200% or more.


When he’s not focused on helping others leverage their knowledge for income, you can find him traveling the country or sipping on a nice refreshing mojito.

FWM 39 | AI Chat Bot