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Thinking Different With Tye Glover

FWM 22 | Thinking Different

Tye Glover can help you think differently and step outside of your space of knowledge. Listen to his journey into real estate and how everything was just crumbling around him. Find out how he started “Invest Out” so that he can help homeowners and investors partner up and structure the whole deal. Then learn more about his Neural Creative Programming methodology where he helps people get in touch with their creative side. Join Julie Houston and Gem Rinehart as they talk to the CEO of Invest Out and Think Different Nation, Tye Glover. Discover how Tye empowers the investor and homeowner by putting everything on the plate for them.



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Thinking Different With Tye Glover



We have a wonderful guest, Tye Glover. How are you?


I’m doing very well. Thank you for having me onboard.


We are so honored to have you.


Some of our audience might not be familiar with you, so if you could tell them how you got into this business and what you were doing. Tell them a little bit about yourself and your background.


I never wanted to be involved in real estate. It wasn’t something that was of great interest to me, although I used to be a huge Bob Vila of This Old House fan. I understand it. I have been living in old homes. I took you away, didn’t I?


I remember him. My father was always about Bob Vila.


I was additionally very interested in those types of shows because I’ve lived in old homes for much of my life. I have been here in the Philadelphia area. Back in 2000, my now ex and myself bought this incredible Victorian right in a great town, three doors down from my parents, which made it great for me and the kids. The problem didn’t come until it was time for the divorce to occur.


I have been entrepreneurial all my life. I’m a consultant by trade. I primarily work in the software and supply chain, but I have always had an interest and an eye for opportunities for ideas. When I went through that divorce, I would classify it as a level five divorce, and that’s when everything is involved and falling apart, and you have to hold on tight.


How recent is this, if you don’t mind me asking?


I don’t mind at all. This was back in 2011 at the beginning, and it didn’t stop until about 2016. It costs probably in the area close to $300,000 or $400,000. Literally, it was completely destructive for everything that I was involved in. When it came time, here I was in this incredible Victorian that needed a lot of work, as a lot of Victorians do. We had pulled out of the kitchen. It was a shell in the front where the kitchen space was. We had a sink in the living room where we could wash dishes, which probably was the contributing factor to the divorce in the first place.


When we went through that, her realtor’s appraiser is telling me that my property was only worth about $150,000. Meanwhile, the mortgage at that time was in the area of $200,000. I know, however, that I lived near everywhere. Everyone wants to live in this town if you are in a geographical area. The tagline is, “Everybody’s hometown.” You have the train that’s 1 block away, the trolley that’s 2 blocks away, the bus that’s 1 block away, and close to 20 different restaurants 3 blocks away. It is the perfect location to even raise kids.


When they told me that price of $150,000, I had to say, “You’ve got to be crazy.” I knew that I was being taken advantage of, but even more important than that, I recognized the fact that when you are in a situation where your world is falling apart, it seems like they came out to take advantage of you. That was my situation. I had no power. I had no control over anything.


When you're in a situation where your world is falling apart, it seems like everyone is out to take advantage of you. Click To Tweet


The funny thing is that right up the street, the same footprint, the same model home as myself was going through that same process. This one needed so much work that it was being condemned. The person had to move out. I’ve known her for a long time since she has been here. Another gentleman, a flipper, bought it. He put probably close to $150,000 into it. He paid in the area of $150,000 for it, and he sold it in the area of $579,000 to $600,000. The valuation on that property was right there.


I just recognize the fact that you are taking so much out of this, which is good for you, but you’ve got this homeowner that, after living here for close to 40 years, walked away with $150,000 and not a great deal of financial stability. She’s an elderly lady and she moves on. I started to recognize the fact that, “What if you didn’t have to buy the house?” You then are leaving so much profit on the table for the homeowner itself for you to be able to offer that homeowner more money when that homeowner sells the property. At the same time, you don’t have to be involved in that transfer of ownerships or you are not paying the closing on the property. You do not have to do it twice or rather go through the closings twice. You do not have to pay for the investment from the standpoint of the capital required to secure the property.


FWM 22 | Thinking Different
Partner Up: How To Fix And Flip Homes With No Banks, No Credit, And Less Cash


In talking with one of my good friends who is in investing, she’s a small investor, which means she has a problem getting the capital. Being able to secure the capital and do X number of properties per month, then that means you’ve had to have the capital up to be able to secure the property, purchase it, hold it, do the renovation, and then finally get rid of the property however long it takes. That’s a lot of capital you have to have available just for the ownership of the property when you really don’t even need to own the property to do the fix and flip.


Coming out of that, I started moving into a space where I originally wrote a book on the whole subject of the topic. I thought it was such an easy way to transfer that issue over, and remove the money out of the pockets of the banks, and put the money back in the pockets of those who needed the money, whether it was the homeowner itself, the investor or even the wholesaler takes part in that deal.


In working through that, I was able to put together the structure of the contracts because while it seems like it’s a simple thing, there’s logic associated with it, the contracts itself to secure the deal. The most difficult part was the financials, and how you put the numbers together to be able to see, “What’s in it for you? What’s in it for the homeowner? What’s in it for all these different players that may be involved, including the realtor?” Working for several months or a year, I put together that sheet that actually shows the investor putting in your ARV or how much you think that property will sell for.


FWM 22 | Thinking Different
Thinking Different: The most difficult part of structuring a contract is the financials. Putting the numbers together to see what’s in it for you? What’s in it for the homeowner? What’s in it for all these different players involved?



It propagates down through the homeowner’s sheet and the wholesaler’s possible sheet, and it will allow them to say, “This is what my before renovation value is, meaning this is what that property is worth now, and therefore, I will guarantee you this much for your property now. You will get incrementally more on top of this guarantee once I renovate the property and once you sell the property as the homeowner.” This means going into that spreadsheet allows them to put in the percentage of the increased value that they want out of that property as an investor, which means it also calculates that increased value for that homeowner.


You are seeing in the area of 10%, 15%, and 20% increased value depending on the property and how you structure the deal for both the homeowner and any investor by taking out all that extra cost that you don’t necessarily have to pay for when you are doing a fix and flip. That worked out so well that I structured the class to be able to help the investors to figure out every step of the process, whether it comes to what the whole model is like or the contracts that you are going to be presenting to the homeowners.


It talks about the introduction letters. I read one of your episodes where you were talking about your return on your yellow letters and so forth, and how you are able to get some effective hits on those introduction letters. We’ve structured it not around the fix and flip logic of a wholesaler, but the fix and flip logic of a partner-up deal so that they are seeing everything that’s on the plate for them.


As an investor, don't have the fix and flip logic of a wholesaler, have a fix and flip logic of a partner-up deal. Click To Tweet


They can make a more intelligent decision based on all the different variables that are in play for them, such as how quickly they have to move out of the property or who’s going to cover the closing or the mortgage until it continues for the closing itself. It was a decent way to package a product together that considers the homeowner and recognizes that we’ve got many people that are in difficult straits, especially nowadays, and deserve to make more money from their properties when they are able to.


You nicely put it together. You felt like you were getting kicked down in all directions whenever you were at your lowest point, and through that, you created this partner-up academy. Can you tell me, since the pandemic or our recession now, how that has affected you and how you’ve structured this?


The funny thing is that it goes into the power of a person’s ability to be able to influence you. I stepped away from the whole training class. I had developed close to a 150-page deck, literally spending months putting this deck together. One person put something in my head, and I walked away from it and worked on something else because that’s what I do, unfortunately. I had forgotten about this back in 2017 after committing all that energy in time. I literally walked away from the training class and left it out there. It wasn’t until a gentleman came along and bought it, unbeknownst to me, and then said, “You haven’t finished everything up,” that I recognized the money was in my account and that I needed to finish things off.


That’s what kicked me in high gear to make sure that I can put everything again in a clean way. The gentleman has been so great from the standpoint of assisting me in the areas that he wants to know more about. Helping him to be able to walk through the financials, which was a big area for him. Helping him to be able to walk through the actual introduction letters and what he should be saying to these homeowners with this new prospect or opportunity that he could present that other people weren’t presenting.


It took a long time to finally get the class launched, and it’s now officially launched. It has been a slow process. We do what we need to do. I positioned you guys, so I sent you a discount code. All of your students or anyone who’s interested will receive a very considerable 60% discount on everything that we have as far as the classes are concerned. You get the entire package that we have available to offer.


For everybody who’s reading, if you would like more information, go to


Julie, do you have any other questions?


I have some questions. Tye, these are some common questions I ask. Who were some of the most influential people in your life that have impacted the direction of where you are at and where you want to go now, or even overall impacted your life? How did they impact your life? What was it that made them so impactful?


You may have never heard this answered before. Either Marcus Aurelius or Carl Jung has transformed the way I think about things in general. Marcus Aurelius once said, “Although your path may be impeded, there can be no impeding your intentions or your disposition because you can adapt, you can accommodate.” He talked about the challenges that you face in life. Yet being able to take those challenges and literally spin those challenges, they become the opportunity that you follow. Marcus Aurelius, and even more so with Carl Jung and his philosophies, Gnostic studies, and so forth, helped me to get a better gauge as to how I want to live my life going forward. Unfortunately, I probably picked two people that a lot of people are not necessarily familiar with.


That’s okay. Maybe that’s something they can get familiar with. We are always trying to learn and grow, and we don’t know what we don’t know. Sometimes it’s nice to hear some different feedback.


There’s one other gentleman by the name of Manly P Hall. I’m into the esoteric stories, the ancient stories, because there’s a thread of, not necessarily truth per se, but a thread that impacts us from a standpoint of that fundamental secret that we’ve lost throughout all of the years since those times that once you lose it, you can’t get it back. Looking back at those different types of esoteric writings helped me to get more gauge of things as opposed to not having. It helped me in my transformation.


I’m definitely taking notes. I’m going to look into these people.


One last question. Do you have any big goals or plans for your business for 2023 since it’s right around the corner? It’s going to be here like this. We all know it. Once Thanksgiving is coming up and Halloween, it’s like boom.


I was in India back in August 2022 for a month, actually only about 4 or 5 days, but it feels like a month because I got sick on a 17-hour flight home, and every 5 minutes, I was throwing up. I had to be escorted off the plane by paramedics when I reached Philadelphia. It was that bad. Not great memories of that. I’m thinking of the fact that it was for work, and it was a hellacious moment in my life. I could die on that plane.


I would have jumped off the plane if I was that.


If I could have, I would have.


I’m like, “I’m done. Open the door. Push me out. I don’t even care.”


That was an incredible experience because it was such an old part of the world that I visited. I have a company called Think Different Nation. What I do is it’s basically retreating. I take people on a journey and understand again the power of creativity and how you think differently. There’s a methodology associated with thinking differently that I use. Are you familiar with Neuro-Linguistic Programming?




It’s the same five basic senses of how we interface with the world, but yet it looks at it from a different perspective. I call it Neuro Creative Programming because it actually looks at the way we gauge and take in all of our inputs to create our ideas from the experiences that we have.


FWM 22 | Thinking Different
Thinking Different: Neural creative programming is when you look at the way you gauge and take in inputs to create ideas from the experiences that you have.



Do you do it in India or do you do it in the state somewhere?


We are doing that right here. The big thing about that is that we leverage those universal principles of understanding how we experience the world, but we also leverage cannabis as that bridge between the conscious and the subconscious mind. That’s what I have been lifting over the last few years. It has been an area of great interest to me. I’m very excited about that, especially when you see what’s happening with cannabis nowadays and with the growth in the space itself. I’m very excited about that. That’s what fills the wind in my sales.


That sounds so interesting and intriguing, for sure.


Check out my site, It’s an interesting area. It’s understanding how we interface with the world because we know that we can only interface with those senses. There’s nothing else that we can engage in and understand the world’s work. If you start understanding the way you interface with those senses and how you use them, you can get a better idea as to how you direct your capture of information and store it more effectively, so you can recall it later more effectively. That’s the whole premise of the actual process itself.


I have a question. Our audience is filled with new upcoming and seasoned entrepreneurs. If there was one primary piece of advice that you could give to them, what would you say that is?


Step outside of your space of knowledge. You will only be able to think differently by learning different experiences completely different from where you are. Once you learn different experiences or observe different experiences, you will find ways to be able to connect and relate them to your current space. There’s a hermetic expression, “Nothing comes from nothing.” In other words, to be able to get something, you have to have some experience, and from those experiences, you can pull them together.


That’s the whole process I use called active imagination. That’s where cannabis can be effective in that. Once you can go and get those different experiences, you go through that process and can pull them in, and then you can create bigger ideas. They say, “It creates something bigger than the sum total of all those original and different experiences in themselves.” That would be the biggest idea I can deliver or give.


Everybody, if you want any more information on Tye, go to


I want to thank you for every piece of information that you have given us.


It’s such an honor to have you.


I appreciate you. Your guests are going to get a great program if they come to the actual site itself because you are getting a complete turnkey package for your partnering real estate program. Thank you very much for the opportunity to be able to present to your audience as well as yourselves.


Thank you so much.


Thank you. Cheers.



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About Tye Glover

FWM 22 | Thinking DifferentTye Glover is the founder and CEO of Invest Out, Invest Out is an online marketplace where homeowners can connect with multiple investors within a safe and anonymous environment, to negotiate the potential sales and/or renovation and sale of their homes. We enable this by presenting the typically complex financial information of the fix and flip profit scenarious, in an easily understable way, which empowers homeowners with the information and options necessary, to make better decisions regarding the sale of their homes – The Partnership Model.


FWM 22 | Thinking Different