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Vacant Land Investing: Limitless Opportunities For Income With Kathy Kennebrook

FWM 11 | Vacant Land Investing

Imagine if you can invest in real estate with limitless opportunities for income. That is exactly what vacant land investing can do. In this episode, Kathy Kennebrook, the Marketing Magic Lady, tells us about the benefits of investing in vacant land, from doubling your initial investment and opening unlimited business opportunities to very low tax rates. She also talks about stability and shares insights on how you can earn passive income from a piece of land. So if you want to diversify your real estate portfolio, this podcast is for you!

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Vacant Land Investing: Limitless Opportunities For Income With Kathy Kennebrook

We are welcoming back Kathy Kennebrook. Thank you so much for being here with us. How are you?

Wonderful down here in sunny Florida, not so sunny Florida at the moment, but awesome.

How have you been?

Excellent. We had closings on two pieces of vacant land.

Give us a little bit of information on that.

I got started in the vacant land business several years ago by accident. My husband and I kayak. We were spending a bunch of time going up to North Florida, Santa Fe, Withlacoochee, and Suwannee River kayaking. We were renting cabins, and we were doing it once a month. I was like, “This is getting stupid.” We found and bought a place and it had some vacant land next door. On the road, I speak a lot and do a lot of deals. Our intent was to drive down the drive, close the gates, and chill, but then you’re driving around because it’s a rural area, and all these pieces of land are going, “Buy me.” Vacant land and real estate investing is an addiction.

Vacant land became an offshoot and stream of income in addition to what we do with houses and everything else. We like it a lot. We do a ton of deals. It is a completely different animal than buying houses. The response rates from the sellers are huge. We’ll be talking about some of those numbers, but the numbers are a lot different than buying houses. It’s a market that hardly nobody is working in, so there are many pieces of land out there. It’s a good way to build additional income for your business.

I wanted to know. In the way that the market is now, how does investing in vacant land look like?

It changes nothing. It’s the same as it’s always been. A lot of the vacant land you’re going to be coming across is people that inherited. Probably 50% of what I buy, “I inherited this thing. I’ve never even been to Florida. I’ve never even seen it. I don’t even know where it is.” That’s about 50% of what we do. There’s a lot of buying vacant land from a state and probate stuff, older people who were meant to come down here and build a home or put their RV on it never did.

There are a lot of different reasons that people will sell their vacant land. We buy land from tax leads and tax certificates here in Florida as well. That’s people that a lot of the time when I use the list that we use from delinquent taxes, “I inherited this thing. I’m not paying taxes on it. Are you kidding me?” That’s a lot of what we get.

What is your strategy for buying land? Do you buy and hold it?

There are a lot of gurus out there who are touting, “Buy and flip land and get rich.” Yes, you can make a large profit, but once you sell a piece of land, it’s gone forever, and there is so much potential in buy and hold. We lease, owner finance, and lease option. One of the pieces that we sold was someone who leased from us for three years. It was a complete surprise to me. He said, “I want to buy it.” I was like, “Okay.” We did. That happens too. The whole buy-and-hold strategy is tremendous. Think about it, “No tenants and no toilets in Florida. I’m in the hurricane capital of the world. We lost another tree.” That’s why we like the vacant land business. We’ve done a ton of deals.

For the more experienced people, this might be a duh question, but I know right now houses themselves, and the price of houses has skyrocketed. Houses that used to cost only $100,000 are now $300,000. Would you say that’s the same for land?

Once you sell a piece of land, it's gone forever. Click To Tweet

Not at all. That’s what I’m saying. The market for vacant land deals has not changed. The value of the land has gone up. What we’re buying, the pennies, nickels, and dimes on the dollar, have not changed. In a lot of cases, we’re buying pieces of land for past due taxes. If I’m paying an acre of land and past due taxes for three years on a piece of land, for example, that’s worth $10,000 or $12,000. I may be paying past due taxes for the last three years of $700 or $800.

They’re so low on vacant land.

The price of vacant land only increases as utilities are added or as a home or something like that is added to the piece of vacant land. Vacant land by itself, the taxes are low. I’ve got pieces of vacant land that I have leased. My taxes are $100 a year, and they’re an acre and a half pieces.

Are you finding that deals are easy to still find and come across in the land where you’re at?

We use a couple of different methods. A direct mail is going to be in there. The response rate for the direct mail is insane. I’ll give you an example, and you don’t have to mail out a whole bunch of pieces to get an incredible response. This is pretty typical. We mailed out 157 pieces from this one particular list that I use. 157 pieces, 18 responses, and 7 pieces bought. We flipped 3 of them, and we kept 4 of them for lease. There are 13%, 14%, and 15% average response rates for vacant land. It’s a different animal.

It seems to be an untapped animal to not many people I speak to are even investing in land. They’re still focused on either commercial real estate, buy and hold, and terms that I think a lot of people are missing the boat with the land.

It’s amazing because I’ll go into a venue and speak or teach for half a day or a full day on vacant land. They walk away and are blown away. They invest in my system, and they start doing deals. While they’re doing deals, they’re getting support from me for a full year. I’m helping them along the way. All of a sudden, they start doing deals, and it’s like, “Why didn’t I do this several years ago?” It’s a good market, but it’s untapped. There aren’t many investors out there that are doing vacant land deals.

You can turn some big profits by doing vacant land.

We’re talking about the littler deals now, primarily because if I start talking about the big deals, we’re going to blow some people away, and I don’t want to do that. For example, we have a piece of land that I have a partner on who was the private lender who partnered with me on that deal. It’s 166 acres, and it’s a hunting camp. There’s so much diversity as to what you can do with your vacant land.

There’s one gentleman who wrote this whole article about me after we did an interview. It was titled something like how to make thousands of dollars with worms because I have a piece of land that’s leased to a gentleman who needed to expand a worm farm. My piece of vacant land was next door to his worm farm. The first we do when we buy a piece of vacant land is talk to the neighbors, “Does that makes sense?” That’s what we ended up doing.

I’ve learned more about agricultural worms in the last several years than I ever dreamed of because I’m thinking they go underground, and I’m like, “Why don’t you dig them out?” He’s like, “No, they have big tubs and tubes that connect the tubs. They move back and forth between those tubs through the tubes.” Not only are they raising agricultural worms, but when they’re done with that soil, the soil is sold as potting soil. He’s paying us a good amount of rent every month, and he’s not doing anything to our land but putting tubs and tubes. That’s it. There’s so much opportunity like that.

Part of when I do my leases, I have a tendency to move toward my hobbies. I love plants, planting, and all of that. We have an urban nursery and what they do is raise plants in pots. They’re not even going into the ground. It’s the room that they need for all the pots and the plants. I have another gentleman who’s leasing a piece of property, and they’re a landscape company. They need extra room to store big rocks, mulch, railroad ties, and things like that. I could go on all day.

FWM 11 | Vacant Land Investing
Vacant Land Investing: Vacant land is a market that hardly anybody is working in. There are so many pieces of land out there, and it’s a really good way to build additional income for your business.

That little piece of information opened your mind to the potential of what you can do when investing in vacant land.

The guy that ended up buying the piece of vacant land was old darn because he was paying a good amount in rent every month. What happened was I had a piece of land in a suburban area, but this area was zoned for semi-commercial. It’s on a paved road, and it’s right near main boat ramp. The guy owns a canoe outpost, and he needed somewhere that he could put a metal building so that they could store boats, jackets, all the extra paddles, and the equipment that they needed. After he had been paying me rent for several years, he finally came back to me and said, “This is ridiculous. I need to buy this.” He did.

That was completely unexpected. Kayaking is one of our main hobbies. Not only did he buy the piece of vacant land, and not only has he been paying me rent for three years, but we had unlimited use of pontoon boats and his shuttle so that we could shuttle back and forth with our kayaks. We had all that extra. We still do.

Does a lot of on the water or near the water called land too? Does that a curiosity?

It’s more rural. These pieces of land are on the rivers. That particular piece of land was close to the Suwannee River. We’re Northmiddle, Florida. I have a student in Texas who completely screwed up a piece of vacant land. He bought this piece of vacant land site unseen. When he ended up getting there to look at it, it was loaded with tires. There were tires everywhere. His reaction was, “Oh no.” We talked about it. We figured it all out. He worked on it from his end. What he ended up doing was he stacked all the tires. They brought dirt in and covered it. He turned it into an archery range. It ended up being perfect. He turned a bad deal into a good deal.

Wherever your imagination takes you, you can create it on your piece of land. I love that.

I have students that are doing glamping, camping, tiny homes, RV rentals, boat storage, and car storage. We have a little piece of vacant land that’s in town. We’re down here in Florida, the Pirates training campus here. There are a lot of practice ball games and stuff like that. We have this little piece of land that we use for nothing but parking. If we have the game, we keep it all moat and nice. It’s a small lot, but we use it for parking. We charge people to park there, and we use it as a big parking lot.

Part of this I’ve never even thought of. I’m like, “The worms and the parking.” You have to think outside the box. You’re still finding land at an affordable rate now too.

Absolutely. The thing that’s cool about vacant land is that a lot of people don’t understand it. Here’s a deal that’s not small. Acre and a quarter, mostly cleared, and it had a well and septic on it that was shared with a neighbor. My bad when I bought the property because I didn’t check and do my due diligence far enough.

We talked to the neighbor, and the neighbor was like, “We’ve been looking for a place for my daughter to put a mobile home so that she’s still close by and can help take care of the parents and all of that.” She ended up buying that piece of property from us. When we ended up buying that piece of property, we bought it for $1,700, acre and a quarter with past due taxes. She bought it, and it had well and septic, and it was mostly clear. That’s assets on a piece of vacant land. She ended up buying the piece of vacant land from us for $14,500. She put down $3,000 when she bought it, and she paid closing. She’s been paying us monthly ever since.

Think about that. I paid $1,700, and she put $3,000 down when she bought it. That’s completely paid for my piece of vacant land. That’s typical of the way. It happens with the guy with the canoe outpost. When he started leasing from us, after two and a half months, that property was paid back in full. All the rest has been clear profit, going national or whatever. The money comes back quickly. There’s no reason to flip them all the time.

Flipping land is great. We do that too. One of the ways that I flip vacant land, for example, I had another piece of land that we bought two acres, fenced, well, septic, power, and two concrete paths. It was four half-acre pieces that were attached. I bought it for past due taxes. We ended up having to do a quiet title on one of them.

When investing in vacant land, money comes back really quickly. So there's no reason to flip them all the time. Click To Tweet

When everything was said and done, I was in that thing for $4,500 total. We hooked up with a mobile home dealer in our area, which is part of what we do and what they do because they’re always looking for land for their homes to go on. They package the land and the home and put together the financing for the buyer. We get paid, and I turned that one for $25,000.

I’m speechless.

You’re giving so many nuggets. You could do it this way and that way. It’s limitless.

I’m not saying that buy any piece of vacant land out there because you can’t.

You got to do your due diligence. You might buy a land site unseen and it has a hole limit, or you can’t access it. I came across one, and I was like, “Where is it?” I was looking, and I was like, “You can’t even get to it.” It was behind a church. You’d have to deal with the church to get with the county to get a road.

If the land is landlocked and it’s behind that church, you can talk to the church about doing a deeded access. It’s doable. You have to be a little bit creative and know what you’re doing. You’re right about due diligence. You’ve got to do due diligence. You’ve got to have somebody to look at the property for you, or you can look at the property. What does this topography look like? I’m in the land of flat here in Florida, but we have flooding here.

In 2021, we had five pieces of land that we put up on the market for sale because I had a lot coming in at that particular moment. We had five on the market for sale. We went through a ton of flooding down here in Florida. The piece of land that my home is on, a half an acre of it, flooded for the first time ever in several years. We had a lot of flooding. All of our pieces were high and dry. They sold immediately because people were driving the area to find the drive ones, and all of them were soaked quickly.

You’ve got to check your topography. Is it rocky? Do you need to do a perk test to find out if you can do a well and septic? Do you have utilities available? What do the neighboring pieces of land look like? Is it splittable? Can you subdivide it because that’s a good way to make money too? By a larger piece of land, have an engineer come in, do the subdividing and sell the whole thing that way.

You’ll pay the engineer to do the plans for you, which is not terribly expensive in the scheme of the piece of land that you’re going to sell. I don’t want to develop land. That’s not what I’m in the game for. It’s not what I want to do. I will buy a piece of land, use an engineer, have them subdivided, and sell the piece of land already subdivided because that brought your value way up there.

Do you look at flats too as well?


You’re making my head spin right now. I’m like, “There’s so much you can do.”

FWM 11 | Vacant Land Investing
Vacant Land Investing: The price of vacant land increases as utilities or homes or something like that is added to it. But vacant land by itself, the taxes are very, very low.

People get in my classroom, and that’s what happens. You have to do your due diligence, and that’s part of the game. When I teach in the classroom, I teach the whole due diligence part of it because I don’t want to get out there and make somebody think, “This is super simple. Buy a piece of vacant land, and you’re ready.” I don’t want to create that.

We do some commercials but not a lot. There is a company out there. What they do is build small retail stores. If I told you what they were, you’d know exactly what I was talking about, but they build these prefab retail stores. They buy the land. They build the building, and they lease the whole thing. That’s what their business plan is. We met them by accident several ago. We work with them. If we find a piece of property that they like, they will go ahead and do that. We go ahead and do that. That’s one way we do sell vacant land. I’m not saying to lease everything.

The way we decide depends on how the deal comes to us, how many and what I’ve got going on, and where kind of things. There are a ton of different ways for people to fund vacant land. You can use your own money because I was explaining, “The money comes back to you quickly in most cases.” You can use a credit card or put them in your Roth IRA. We do a ton of properties in and out of our Roth IRAs. It’s a great way for us to be building the Roth IRA for retirement. Nothing else that we do. We’ve bought them in our 401(k). We have used private lenders. There are a ton of different ways to fund vacant land.

What would you ideally say to somebody beginning out on land? What are your top three suggestions you would recommend for anyone starting out?

Get started. Do it and get busy. The first thing to do would be to start using various lists, doing some direct mail, and taking some time to learn about vacant land. They could invest in a system like mine. I explain everything to them. Vacant pieces of land don’t have addresses, but they have the tax ID and property identification. I teach them and my system exactly how to read those, what the block, what the town, all of those pieces. All those numbers mean so they can find the piece of property, how to work with the property appraiser’s office, and how to work with planning and zoning to get things done.

One of the biggest ways to increase the value of vacant land is to simply change the zoning. We’ve done that a lot. A lot of the land where we live is agricultural. You can change from agricultural to residential or agricultural to soft commercial. We need a soft commercial for the landscape company and the urban nursery and things like that. That’s a soft commercial or less. If you can change your zoning, you can create more value in your piece of vacant land.

There are a lot of ways to create more value in a piece of vacant land. One is simply to clean it up a little bit. We’ll buy our piece of vacant land, and there’s brush underneath. We’ll have them come out. They mow. People are throwing stuff out their car windows. There are junk, garbage, cups, wrappers, and things like that. We clean all that up. Be thinking about that whole curb appeal. That’s another way. Have a survey done. If you can’t have a survey done, at least figure out where the markers are. When a person is looking at that piece of land, whether they’re going to lease it or buy it, they can see what they’re looking at. There are a lot of different ways that you can increase value.

I have a piece of vacant land that’s on the main road. It’s an acre and a half. We have the front acre of it cleared and mowed, and we use that one for temporary leases. For example, Christmas tree lot and veggie stand. At Super Bowl time, we had a guy there that had a booth. He was selling t-shirts and Buccaneer paraphernalia. There are a lot of different ways to do temporary leases as well, and we do a lot of that.

During political times when there are elections going on, these politicians will bring a tractor-trailer. The box part of the tractor-trailer has their whole ad all over it. They need a place to park it near the main road, so people see it when they’re driving by. There’s a ton of stuff you can do. On the 4th of July, we have a guy that does a firework stand. Temporary leases are fun too. They don’t need power, water, or utilities. They just need a place to put.

If they have a generator, they’re good to go.

Any question that anybody would have read the blog, you’ve answered it.

I think Kathy is one of the experts on land.

One of the biggest ways to increase the value of vacant land is to simply change the zoning. Click To Tweet

I am.

Did you initially start with land, or did you fall into land?

We’ve been buying and selling houses for several years. We started doing land several years ago when we built our home in Florida. Our whole idea was chill, but it didn’t turn out that way. We’re driving down the road and finding pieces of vacant land. Direct mail and tax deed sales are killer awesome. The signage is fantastic. If you’re in a rural area and you put signage on your vehicle that says, “I buy houses and land,” expect to be stopped every time you go somewhere. I’m floored.

I do live in a rural area.

Craigslist and Facebook ads, I do that. That’s where you’re going to see people outside that particular area. We’ll run ads in the local newspaper. A lot of the rural areas have these little weekly newspapers. Where we live, the paper comes out once a week on Thursday. We run ads even in our own local paper, both looking to buy and whatever we have for sale.

Do you do driving for dollars by any chance at all or not anymore, or occasionally?

With land or houses?

With land.

Not so much because you can’t tell what’s for sale or not. You’ll see the occasional for sale by the owner, but it’s not in a rural area like the land is far apart. It’s like a piece of land. You have that acreage. It’s not worth gas for my time to do that. It’s more by advertising and running ads. Direct mail is still the primary that we use. With the tax certificates here in Florida, there are other states that are tax certificate staked. Even if you don’t get the piece of land, you’re still earning the interest on the tax certificate. You’re going to get paid off anyway. Either way, you’re going to end up making money, but the tax deed sales are fun.

Tell us about the tax deed sales. How does that work in Florida?

You go to the tax deed sale. It’s a bidding thing. You’ll end up buying the piece for the tax deed. Sometimes on a piece of land that you want that you’re buying for a tax deed, nobody else will show up. It depends. We leave, and it’s still where you go. It’s not online. A lot of them throughout the country are online now.

You physically go there.

FWM 11 | Vacant Land Investing
Vacant Land Investing: There are different ways for people to fund vacant land too. You can use your own money because the money comes back to you really quickly in most cases.

Here in Florida and the counties that we are working in, you physically go there.

I like that because you can see the properties and have more information.

I live four hours away from where I’m buying land. One of the ways that we get feet on the ground, and that’s something else that I teach in my system, is how to get feet on the ground. You can use Google Earth to have somebody put feet on the ground. The way that I do that is I work with two different realtors in the area where we buy vacant land, and we let them sell a piece here and there. We’re giving them something. If I buy this one, you’re going to get the listing deal. They will go and look at it for us, even if we’re not there because I’m four hours away. They’ll send us photos and things like that. That’s another way to get feet on the ground.

You can talk to the property appraiser’s office or planning and zoning, and they’ll give you information on a piece of vacant land. Are there outstanding liens on that piece of vacant land? That’s stuff you want to know about that, too, because it’s possible. The other thing that I talk about in my system is mineral rights, which is a whole other ballgame. You own the piece of land from the ground up, but somebody else can own the same piece of land at the same time from the ground down. That’s the mineral rights. Something else that’s part of your due diligence is checking for mineral rights.

We buy pieces that have mineral rights contracts on them, but generally, as long as they’re more than twenty years old, they’re expired. For example, we bought a couple of pieces that had mineral rights contracts on them from 1975 to 1976. Those were expired. After twenty years, they expire as long as the person has never done anything to follow through like they never started digging on it or anything like that. As long as that’s what’s happened, they expire.

I didn’t know they expire.

Twenty years, as long as nothing has been followed through.

I had no idea.

You need my system. Other systems out there are not as deep and detailed.

I have been through some other systems. The systems I’ve been through, none of them have touched even remotely on some of the areas that you have touched on. Not even come close.

You’re extremely thorough. That’s what people need. They need all the details and you give all of that. That was another one of the questions that I was going to ask. Do you focus on looking at or purchasing vacant land in a specific area? Do you usually stay about four hours away?

I have students that buy close to them because they already live in a rural area. We live in a pretty suburban area where I live most of the time. Where we buy vacant land is where our other home is. You’ve got a lot of different options with it. There are many opportunities out there. Some of the pieces of vacant land aren’t huge paychecks, but if you’re buying something and leasing or buying something and selling it quickly, that’s cool. When they buy my system, my system comes with the contracts, the disclosures, letters of intent, and all that stuff.

If you're creative and do a little bit of homework, there's so much that you can do with vacant land. Click To Tweet

Look at the potential and opportunity she’s saying is endless. Anything that your imagination can think of to do with a piece of land like Kathy has communicated and let us know now. It doesn’t have to be 1,000 acres. It doesn’t even have to be a lot of acreages. It could be a small piece of land to start off. That’s your way to build up from there. You can turn it into whatever you want. That already has my little gears running. If you want to check out Kathy, this program, and get all of the information, go to FullerWalletMedia.com/VacantLand. Get all the details, guys. I know I want even more details. My little years are seriously turning because things you wouldn’t even imagine or think about, you pulled out now.

She has dialed in the processing system for her investing company, and I’ve never heard a negative review or anything that worked on Kathy’s training.

One of the other pieces that we sold was a half-acre piece of land. The gentleman is putting a tiny house on it, and it’s so cute. I saw the plan for it. It’s going to be cute.

Tiny houses are becoming more popular.

This is something else you want to check out in whatever rural area you’re working in. It doesn’t have to be rural. You can work in other areas too, but in one of the rural areas that we work for, a person can put a shed on their property and call it a house as long as it’s 250 square feet. We bought the shed and the piece of property from this lady. Her first name was Christmas. Her last name had to do with the holidays too, but I don’t want to give out her whole name. She had this 300-square-foot shed, a little window AC in there, and done a whole tiny house. It was amazing and cute. There’s a tiny little refrigerator and a little sink. She had a little corner and a bathroom. It was a house, but it was 300 square feet.

I find a lot of people, especially younger people, want smaller houses and less overhead, especially new couples because they want more experiences and time. They don’t want to have seven days a week to pay for some crazy house note to keep up with the Joneses.

I don’t know how it is around the rest of the country, but I want you guys to do your research. Take a look at what’s happening in your area. One of the things that are happening here in Florida is that we’re having a lot of folks coming in from other parts of the country that started with the pandemic because the governor here in Florida was a lot more free and open than things were going on in other parts of the country. People were coming here in droves.

We made money, guys. What they were doing was they were buying RVs, and they were looking for pieces of land to park them. What we ended up having to do was go to the county on some of our pieces of land and get exceptions because, normally, you can’t put on a half-acre piece of land. There’s a particular subdivision that we buy in that’s a mixture of primarily mobile homes and RVs, but you still have to go to the county and get a special exception to put the RV on the property. What we were doing was going to the county, filing for a special exception in the first place, and selling that piece of vacant land with the exception done.

If you’re creative, do a little bit of homework, and get your gears going, there’s so much you can do. When they invest in my system, they get me for a whole year like everything else that I do. I don’t pot them off on somebody else. I don’t leave them blown in the wind trying to figure out what to do next. They get me for a whole year. That’s worth way more than the system by itself.

It is, especially for your time, knowledge, and how long you’ve been doing it. That’s worth it.

A lot of the other gurus were like, “Your system is way too cheap.” I want people to get involved. I want them to have the opportunity to get out there and get some deals done. The normal price for the system is $1,497, and we’re doing $1,197 with the link that was created for you guys. We’re giving him a break. You and I can start to do more business together, and I like you.

It’s important that women see that they can do this.

FWM 11 | Vacant Land Investing
Vacant Land Investing: You have to do your due diligence. Have somebody look at the property for you, or you can look at the property.

They don’t think they could do this or be able to become successful like that. That’s not the case.

Women have that distinct advantage. Intelligence, we’re organized and empathetic. Working with sellers is an easier task for us. The direct mail pieces that we are doing for the vacant land, like the marketing magic that we talked about, the response mechanism is in the letter. You already have almost all the information that you need about that piece of land when it hits your desk. The deals are already pre-screened.

I built it the same way that I built my marketing magic system. That takes a whole obstacle out of the equation right from the top. I get letters from sellers. I’m going to put it into my presentation. It was like a little memo pad. It was about that big and front and back pages. She wrote me all about the piece of land and it belonged to her parents. They thought they were going to move here, and they didn’t. Now she’s stuck with it, and what is she going to do? That’s typical of the stuff we get. Vacant land is a different animal.

Let’s be honest, the way things are going now in the world, people need that side hustle and an extra way to make an income. Guys, here are all the resources. We’re giving them to you. Let’s get on the wagon. Let’s go.

What’s cool about vacant land as opposed to houses is that you have the opportunity to help someone. For example, the deal I told you about earlier, where the girl bought it from me, and she lives next door to her parents. She’s the manager at a fast food joint. She’s a young woman in her mid-twenties. Here we are. We’re helping this person to buy their first home and have their first place to live right next door to mom and dad, where she needs to be helping with that. When those types of things happen, it’s awesome because you still have that sense of doing for others. Taking a piece of vacant land off of someone’s hands when they inherited it or however they want it, and they don’t want it.

You’re cleaning it up, cleaning the neighborhood, and adding more people and value.

That increases job opportunities when more people are living in an area. More companies tend to migrate there. There are tons of benefits.

I have students working with home developers. When you’re working with mobile home developers or home developers, you are able to provide a piece of land so that person can put a home on it and finance the whole thing for a new home buyer. That’s amazing to me. Everything that we’ve ever done has been partly about doing a public service. We’re making life better for somebody else. Even with an additional stream of income, like vacant land, you are still helping other people do better.

It’s unfortunate that we don’t come across a lot of people that want to help people, knowing that this is a business opportunity where you can give back and help people that maybe never in their life would ever be able to buy a piece of land or own a home of their own. It’s life-changing.

These days, that is what we need. It is time for everybody to come together and help each other. I love that.

There’s not enough of that out there.

Kathy, coming away from this, what are some of the suggestions or feedback you would give our viewers in closing on vacant land and your program? This is a no-brainer for me, but what would your last words be to our readers?

Build your team around you. It makes things a lot simpler. Click To Tweet

Part of my last words would be, by following a few simple steps, you can find, fund, lease or sell vacant land for good income. For those of you who are real estate investors, this is a good additional stream of income for you. We all talk about additional streams of income all the time. When you do your due diligence, buying vacant land can be a profitable type of deal.

The home that I lived in when we bought our home originally, we bought a piece of land that had a mobile home on it. We stayed in that mobile home for two years, and we were planning on building a home, but we wanted more land. There was a piece of land next door to us. I wrote the guy a letter every month, “This property is next door to me. When you’re ready to sell, I’m ready to buy.”

He finally wrote me back and said, “The only way that I will sell this piece of property to you is if you give me $1,000 and $100 a month until it’s paid off.” He didn’t want to pay capital gains. That’s what he did. We ended up buying that piece of property. When we had those two pieces side by side, we unified them into one piece of vacant land, and I taught people how to do that, “If you buy this piece and you want to unify them into one bigger piece, you can do that. There are some steps.” We did that, and we built the home that we have now. We only have five acres up there. I pay a guy to mow and maintain.

That’s how my guy does it. He sends me before and after pictures of the property after he mows.

It’s all fence in. He’s got to clean fence lines and all of that. I pay for that every month. We only have five acres, and that’s enough for being vocational. We drive down the drive, close the gates, and chill sometimes.

In between deals, you’re a very busy woman.

It’s the same thing, even with the vacant land. I’m buying four hours away from us, and we have a dream team. We have realtors and a title company that works with us. I’m in the pocket. Planning and zoning and the property appraiser’s office know who I am. They have no problem with me calling and asking questions, and they’ll help with stuff all the time. We get up there, and we see them. We bring things like I do all the other vendors here, like cookies, good stuff, and everything. If you build your team around you, it makes it a lot simpler.

It’s putting that extra effort and all about relationships. I’m interested in the course myself. I’m not just saying that.

Everybody who’s reading, this is what you want to do. I would highly recommend that you check out Kathy and look further into what she has to offer, FullerWalletMedia.com/VacantLand. You don’t want to miss this opportunity, guys. This is great information for you. Kathy, we love speaking with you. We love you. Thank you again for speaking with us, and thank you all for reading. Bye, everyone.

I appreciate being here and having the opportunity to get the word out on a market that hasn’t existed for a lot of investors out there. It’s a good way for you to build an additional stream of income for your business. Thank you so much for having me.

Bye, everyone. Have a great day.

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